Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 80

Vitality, Repeatedly


After she had made the court ladies that were gathering all leave, Ria entered Carla’s room by herself.
It was a simple room. There were documents on top of a desk, but nothing else. There was nothing else to give a feeling that it was being lived in.
Carla laid within the canopied bed.
Her complexion was still white. A white that caused a sublimation of her unworldly beauty.
“Did I wake you?”
Carla tried to get out of the bed, but Ria prevented her.
“Does it still hurt?”
“No, though my endurance hasn’t recovered.”
Though she said that, her magical power probably hadn’t recovered either.

Ria took Carla’s right hand. The cut surfaces had reattached neatly.
“Can you move it yet?”
“It is still a little numb, but…”
Ria moved her hand, tracing the area, and touched her tongue against the area.
Diligently, Ria traced her way down Carla’s arm with her lips. Once she reached her fingers, Ria nipped the base of Carla’s pinky with her lips.
Carla let out a breath. Extending her arm, Ria went to take off Carla’s clothes.
“Please, show me your other scars.”
Saying that, Ria widened the lapel of Carla’s clothes.
Her scars had faded cleanly, but there were still tinges of red.
Ria touched Carla’s body with her fingers and lips.
“I’ll never… let other guys touch you again.”
Carla’s hand moved, embracing Ria close with her body.

If she saw her, Carla’s eyes were wet as well.
“Please… don’t leave me again.”
“Then never let go of my hands.”
As though demanding it of each other, their lips met.
When they parted, their tongues were intertwined.
Arms twined with arms, legs twined with legs, and like a single organism, they moved against each other seductively.

They sucked each other’s tongues many times. Their hands and legs transferring their passion.
Before long, an unbelievable heat was born from Ria’s lower abdomen.
“Ria, that’s… a man’s…”
Surprise appeared on Carla’s feverishly delirious and beautiful face.
“Valis said it. When demanding strongly to be with each other, it’ll naturally…”
It was true, Carla demanded Ria quite strongly.
Of course it was the same with Ria, she also demanded Carla quite strongly.

“Yes, Ria… please, come…”
Carla, lying on her back, moved so as to usher Ria in.
And so Ria offered herself into Carla.




That night, the two did it.
Many times.
They did it many, many times.

Ria released inside of Carla, changing positions many times, releasing continually.

Carla reacted due to Ria’s skill, climaxing many times.

Many, many times. Over. And over.
The two demanded each other. They gave themselves in many ways.

“I haven’t said it yet, have I? I love you, Carla.”
“Mm, me too, I love you.”
Despite it being so late, they confessed.




The morning light was strong. They had probably overslept a considerable amount.
“Ria, please wake up.”
How many years had it been since someone woke her up?
When the stark-naked Ria opened her eyes, Carla, who should have been in her arms, had already put on clothes and stood beside the bed as though nothing had changed.
The night before was dreamlike, but judging by the disaster that was their bed, it was no dream.
Ria’s body had returned to normal. Just like that, it would only appear when necessary.

“I’m going to work. The bed… could you do something about it?”
Carla spoke in a soft voice. She surely didn’t want to leave it to the maids.
“Understood… is your body alright?”
“I can still feel you inside me…”
Carla whispered, her cheeks dyed red.
Such a thing said, Ria couldn’t help but blush as well.
“Today, I will stick to light work… Ah…”
“What’s wrong?”
Nervously, Carla rubbed her thighs together.
“Your… from inside…”
Despite the two blushing, Carla forcibly switched her appearance to look firm.
“Then, see you later.”

Seeing Carla out of the room after she said that, Ria laid herself back against the bed.
“So cute…”
Carla changed her posture at Ria’s whims within her arms. Ria would also place her lips and fingers where Carla desired.
It could be said that they had become one.
“Ah, gotta clean, gotta clean.”
Even though she said that, Ria wound up rolling around in the sheets where Carla’s purity was relieved.
Whenever they did this again, she wanted to show Carla the sheets and see her reaction.

“Even so… I’m tired…”
She knew it was Carla’s first time, but she didn’t stop. It felt like something primordial forced its way out of her and couldn’t bring herself to get up now.
She couldn’t recall just how many times they did it. She’d wound up reaching the limits of her endurance, but now she was just worried about how Carla was doing since her injuries had just barely healed.
Her fingertips and lips had touched practically all of Carla’s body.
Ria hugged herself, not moving from the bed for just a little while longer.



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