Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 79



Ria was angry.
What she felt in this fight wasn’t an emotion akin to murderous intent towards her opponent.
It was more pure, a burning anger that desired nothing but to erase their existence from this world.
“I’ll gradually cut you into pieces, starting at your toes. You will beg for your death.”
Ria’s voice was rather calm as she said that.

She only healed the most severe of Carla’s wounds.
She came. Ria’s current anger was almost enough to erase that joy, however.
“This will be over soon.”
Saying that, Ria stood up.

She unsheathed Nagasone Kotetsu.
Ordo felt a sense of dread from her movements.
Fear caused by an overwhelming existence. A dragon, for instance. At that time, he was saved by the Demon King.
The only time he had ever felt something like this was when the Demon King was angry.
That meant… this woman standing before him… was the same as the Demon King?

That person—no, that man was the absolute existence.
Ordo bellowed.
It was a desperate roar in attempts to escape from his fear.
Contrasting that, Ria took the opportunity, swinging her katana with a speed that Ordo couldn’t even react against—

Then, it was stopped.

By a golden, orichalcum long sword.

Between Ria and Ordo—

—stood a man in a gold mask.




It was a sudden appearance.
However, that had nothing to do with Ria.
The one to protect her enemy was an enemy as well. That was her natural conclusion.
Therefore, she wouldn’t ask something like who this person was.
However, Ordo informed her.
“Your Majesty…”
(So this is the Demon King, huh?)
Ria understood. He had been able to stop her blow. If he couldn’t do that, he wouldn’t be suited to being the Demon King.
“Don’t stop me!”
He caught her diagonal slash with his sword. With their swords locked, she got a good look at his golden mask.
“I apologize, so could you sheathe your blade? I still don’t want to lose him.”
The Demon King spoke timidly.
Ria separated from him, speaking frankly.
The man was strong. Very possibly stronger than any enemy she had met before.
But the current Ria would kill anything.
“Please? There’s no mistaking that you are stronger than him. But I also want to protect him.”
That exclamation came from Ordo.
“I don’t want to be defended by you! I want to stand beside you! I won’t be protected forever!”
The Demon King’s shoulders seemed to droop a little. Then, facing Ria, he spoke.
“I won’t hinder you any further.”
Saying that, he withdrew.
The result was decided from the start.
Even so, Ordo’s pride was protected. Ordo was a man that put more importance in his pride than his own life. Even if that pride was a distorted one.

Once again, Ria swung her katana at Ordo.
His claws went to intercept. Both hands’ claws. However, he was too slow.
Splattering, it was severed.
His right arm was severed from just below the elbow.
While he was screaming, this time his left arm was severed from the elbow.

She was beyond angry.
With so much anger, she wasn’t able to stop herself from killing him gruesomely.
She slashed the man who had lost both of his hands diagonally from shoulder to waist.
Split in two, the man’s torso slid off.




No longer interested in him, Ria ran over to Carla.
She picked up her severed arm. She couldn’t use recovery magic for it, but Carla’s recuperative abilities should be able to reattach it.
“Don’t speak.”
She didn’t seem to have any problems with her respiratory organs. Her beautiful skin was torn in many places. It would need to be recovered slowly so that there wouldn’t be any traces left.
“I am fine… more importantly…”
Carla pointed her eyes towards something.
The Demon King held the pieces of Ordo’s body in his arms.
He turned towards them slowly. If it came to a fight, Ria might not might be able to win.
It was impossible for Carla to fight, and she would only drag Ria down by needing to be protected by her.
“I am sorry.”
The Demon King gave a small bow.
“And for giving him a warrior’s death, you have my gratitude.”
It seemed that behind that mask, the Demon King was truly sad.

Once Ria took his life with her katana, her anger started dispersing. However, not fighting the Demon King wasn’t an option.
Better put, she wanted to fight him.
“Is your name Ars?”
“That is one of my names.”
The Demon King easily confirmed it.
“On Earth, I was called Arisugawa Haruto.”
“Why are you saving humans?”
“I want to save everyone. However, that is beyond my power.”
His voice was quiet.
He could very possibly kill all of the humans in the area.
“I also wanted to save him.”
He spoke, looking at the remains of Ordo held in his arms.
He was grieving.
“However, he chose to fight with you rather than be defended by me.”
“Do you want to fight with me as well? Frankly, he injured my woman. My anger isn’t fully settled.”
“Let’s end it here. I won’t kill you before the Millennium and the Great Collapse.”
“Do you think that I’ll just let you leave?”
He nodded.
“I’ll tell you one thing.”
It was probably a bargaining chip.
“The Millennium is three years from now.”
A person hearing that would probably hear it as a horrible declaration.
“The layer of permafrost will thaw and the demon tribe’s invasion will begin. You should prepare for it.”
Why was he saying this?
The Demon King floated into the air. Ria, thinking that she wouldn’t allow him to leave, was weakly gripped by Carla.
Without Ria’s healing magic, there would be people who would die if left as they were. She couldn’t chase the Demon King.

“I want to survive the Millennium.”
The Demon King muttered. Firmly, so that she would hear it.
“And beyond that, the Great Collapse as well.”
He held an unshakable conviction for that.
“You all as well, please get stronger. To keep sacrifices to a minimum.”
He spoke with a voice mixed with what almost sounded like regret.
“Until we meet again.”
And so he flew away into the empty sky.

“Ria, Serge and the others—”
Only after she said that did Ria notice the disastrous scene surrounding her.
After concealing Carla’s naked body with a cloak, she hurried over to the fallen knights.
Serge did a good job. If she wasn’t contacted by his magic, she might not have made it in time.
It fortunately only ended with him receiving a brain concussion. However, he fell into depression due to his powerlessness.

None of the knights had any injuries that were too horrible either. Other than the first surprise attack, they were probably went easy on.
Those who could fight were left, those who couldn’t were killed. [1]
Ria just then noticed something abnormal.
“Great Collapse… what…?”




Haruto landed in a forest far away from Cornada.
He probably wouldn’t be seen here.
He cremated Ordo’s remains. What could he say to his wife and children? Haruto had a headache. He didn’t want to get used to doing this, but that had wound up happening.
Even so, he noticed a pursuer.
“You were the Demon King?”
He had been noticed. Having to leave the inn in such a rush was what probably gave him away.
“Did you deceive me?”
Pulling out her sword, she turned it towards Haruto.
He tried to think up various excuses. However, they were all just that: excuses.
“I am sorry.”
She had to fight him.
At least, that is what should have happened.
“I don’t want to fight…”
Ferna muttered, weakly.

Haruto removed his mask. His usual calm face was still there, the same as ever.
However, different from the usual, it also contained a somewhat troubled look.
“If you don’t want to fight me, you don’t need to. Because I want to make a world without fighting.”
“You are this world’s enemy!”
“You’re wrong. Not mankind’s enemy, not the world’s enemy… no.”
Haruto shook his head.
“True, I might be the world’s enemy. However, I am not going to allow the world to just meekly walk into the Millennium.”
Ferna understood the look that Haruto had in his eyes at that moment quite well.
They were tired of life, the eyes of an immortal.
But strength filled those eyes again after a moment.
“You approve of the Millennium? People and demons killing each other in order to cycle souls… You approve of this system, not thinking of anything new?”
His eyes were filled with so much conviction that Ferna was unintentionally overawed by them.
“I do not approve of it. I will fight it.”

Ah, so this was anger.
Anger towards the world’s unjustness.
Ferna had already forgotten it—nay, she had tried to.
“You are a dangerous person.”
While believing that, a thought sprung forth from the depths of her body.
If it’s this person.
Tolerating even such a horrific murderer, if it’s this person, would he tolerate the Millennium’s mass slaughter as well?
“But, if it’s you, you might be able to become our comrade!”
“The Black Cats? I split from them. Neither Azel nor Shana followed me.”
The brown-skinned young man and the scarlet-haired girl. Haruto recalled his comrades, they had confronted that Demon King’s cruelty together with him.
It wasn’t a wonder, it might even be natural. This way, the world will overcome the Millennium. To avoid the Great Collapse.
“Then I’ll go with you!”
Ferna spoke clearly.
Those were her true feelings. Haruto was surprised by her sincere eyes watching him.
This girl should have been raised by the Black Cats. This girl also knew what the Millennium meant.
Ferna nodded strongly.
“Please, let me go with you.”


  • I’m fairly sure this is saying that the werewolf only went out of the way to kill those who were simply too weak. Return



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