Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 78



There was a full moon out that night.
An atrocity was being committed under its profound brilliance.
With each swing of the sharpened blade, skin was torn and organs spilled out together with a tepid fragrance.
The leading actor in this tragedy was a single man.
A man clad in hide, wielding a sword. However, what he used to slice his victims apart… were his lengthy nails.
Ordo’s weapon was his body itself. His nails and fangs could even rip through mithril.
He sensed the presence of a strong person.
With the sign of an overwhelmingly strong person heading his way, Ordo immediately vanished.

The first to arrive on the scene of that appalling slaughter was Carla, leading an order of knights.
“This one’s still breathing!”
Those who could use recovery magic started healing the critically wounded.
“M… mother…”
In front of an injured boy laid a woman whose eyes had lost their light.
Circulating her magical power, Carla connected to the world’s laws, calling back the lost soul.
It didn’t succeed every time. However, sometimes, Carla’s magic was able to call souls back.
“It’s a miracle…”
The people worshiped Carla much like a goddess.

“Hah, amazing. You really are a saint.”
A fairly out-of-place voice shook the area.
Carla readied herself for battle. She hadn’t noticed the man’s existence until he had already closed in.
“Who are you?”
Perhaps, this was the person to cause this disaster.
Even so, Carla spoke with an icy voice.
“Ah, that name’s Ordo. Demon General Ordo. I’m not a general right now, though.”
With a vulgar face and an intense smile, Ordo introduced himself.
“Why, to do something like this…”
Seeing people still groaning here and there, anger sprang up within Carla.
This was no fight. It was a slaughter.
“Well, there’s a few reasons, but mainly you.”

Ordo wore a cruel, calculated smile.
“You can’t use much magic now, can you?”
Carla’s complexion changed. She had used too much of her magical power on revival magic.
Let along powerful offensive magic, she could hardly even use body strengthening magic.
“Carla-sama, we’re here too!”
The knights ran forward. However, with a single swing of Ordo’s sword, they were brought to their knees.

He had a large inherent magical power as well, but he was strong at melee combat.
The only one who could win against him right then was her. That’s what Carla concluded.
“Everyone, stand back. He is my opponent.”
Then, she pulled out her Dragon Destroying Sword, Ekudra.
No matter how much an opponent would strengthen themselves, it would likely pierce their defenses.
And so, the battle began.

Comparing sword skill alone, Carla’s was higher.
However, that didn’t mean much.
“It was worth waiting for a full moon.”
Saying that, Ordo’s muscles swelled right before her eyes, his upper body taking the form of a wolf’s.
A werewolf.
Among the demon tribe, it is said that they can show their maximum strength on nights with a full moon.
With strength easily surpassing a human’s limit, Carla’s fight became a defensive one.
However, time appeared to slow in her vision all of a sudden.
(Serge, thank you.)
The acceleration magic came from Serge. He had also used magical power to heal her.
Using her remaining magical power, she fought Ordo.

Her blade somehow made contact with Ordo’s body.
However, it was a shallow cut. It wasn’t that Carla was weak, it was due to the magical power shielding her opponents body, obstructing her blade.
Considering their endurance, the one to lose would, before long, be her.
Carla felt the need to take a risk.

She injected all of her magical power into her sword and temporarily deprived her opponent of his view with magical fog.
Using that chance, she struck with all her might.

Carla’s sword penetrated Ordo’s abdomen.
The next moment.
Carla’s right hand was cut off by Ordo’s claws.
Even the firm Carla couldn’t endure the intense pain.
“Hahaha, man, that was close. You would’ve hit my heart if you hit a bit higher.”
Even while saying that, Ordo slowly pulled the sword out of his abdomen.

Despite being tormented by pain, Carla used a small recovery magic. If she didn’t stop her right arm’s bleeding, she would bleed out.
As if waiting for that moment, Ordo took Carla’s remaining left arm and held her in the air.
“Uu… aaah—!”
He crushed her left arm at the wrist.
“You don’t have enough magical power right? I planned this fight after all.”
As though excited, Ordo spoke. It was true, she did not have enough magical power. If things kept on how they were, she wouldn’t be able to fight. She had to at least take a distance from him.
Did he realize her intent?
Ordo’s claws pierced through and stuck in Carla’s thighs.
Carla didn’t shout this time.
Despite sweating in pain, she glared at Ordo.
“Good, good, gooood!”

“Let go of Carla-sama!”
The knights surrounding them rushed at Ordo. However, Carla wasn’t even able to stop them.
If she so much as opened her mouth, she would likely scream from the violent pain.
Despite Ordo still holding Carla in the air by a single hand, the knights were all blown away like flies.
It was a stomp.

Right before her eyes, everything fell apart.
Her important allies were dying.
“Are you vexed? At being so… powerless?”
Saying that, Ordo brought a claw up to Carla’s collar, tearing it down.
Carla’s skin, more fair than white snow, was exposed to the moonlight.

He couldn’t stand by.
He’d long since hit his limit.
Dashing out from his cover, Serge released a Longinus that had been accelerated to the limit.
It traveled at a speed that couldn’t be dodged. But even so, his fur covered by fighting spirit repelled the attack.
“Hoh, a brat?”
Even so, not taking Serge lightly, Ordo cast Carla aside and exploded towards Serge at an alarming speed.

Serge had increased his speed to the limit through acceleration magic.
Nevertheless, Serge couldn’t deflect a single one of Ordo’s attacks and was blown back, straight into a wall.
If he weren’t reinforced, he would likely have died.
Still, many bones in his body had broken.
(Dammit… I’m so weak…)
Ashamed at his weakness, Serge lost consciousness.

“Now then, how about we continue? At any rate, I was told not to kill you.”
Still stretched out across the ground, Carla heard that statement.
Ordo took his claw and… pierced it through Carla’s chest.
“Understand? This is your heart. I can feel it shaking in fear.”
Ordo explained happily. Carla could do nothing but desperately endure the pain.
“Right, just keep on enduring that pain. That’s when you’re most beautiful.”
Ordo muttered in delight.
He then stabbed a claw into Carla’s navel.
“—… hah…”
“Your organs are warm… feels great. I can feel them move.”
Ordo moved his finger about inside Carla’s body.

He followed her organs one by one. The pain of her abdominal muscles being cut one by one had practically already paralyzed her.
“This bit here’s your womb huh. Not many people make it this far without dying, so let’s have some fun. You’re a virgin right? I can smell it.”
Even while sexually disgracing Carla’s insides, Ordo spoke as though innocent.
Like an innocent beast playing with its food, he tried breaking Carla’s spirit.
“I’ll put it in here. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you… Rather, it’ll probably feel great.”

Even so.
Even so, Carla didn’t despair.
She held on to something, even if her own spirit died, she would still hold on to it.
Serge was likely still alive. If he met Ria, this man would definitely be stopped.


—Just one more time.

—I want to see you…



In the next moment, Ordo was blasted away from an impact to his side.
She knew the cause of it due to the person standing before her.

Carla’s eyes caught sight of a girl.
A girl with black wings sprouting from her back.
She stood there, her back catching the silver moonlight.
The black-haired girl said nothing. She simply healed the unmoving Carla.
“You… f*cking… bastard…”
Ordo, having crashed into a wall, stood up from the debris. He hadn’t received any damage from the attack.
And as for Ria—

She shook.
So long as she had her katana, she would feel calm.
But right now, that was impossible.
She was too angry.
She couldn’t endure her quakes.
“You. Are. Dead.”
There was no emotion to it.
It was a unilateral declaration.



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