Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 77



“Alright, then let’s begin the 3,998th meeting of the People’s Army Supreme Council~!”
With the awfully careless scarlet-haired girl’s announcement complete, a giant clapped his hands.
“Eh~, then first, there was a magic that erased the imperial capital, but I only know that I don’t understand it at all!”
“Oi oi, what’re you sayin’?”
The giant unintentionally retorted, but the girl simply waved her hand.
“It wasn’t space-time magic or genesis, neither was it a fusion of fire and wind magic of course. In short, it’s a magic that doesn’t exist in this world!”
Her words held no concrete evidence to explain with, but they held a certain persuasiveness.
“What’re you sayin’?”
“Therefore, I don’t understand it! To begin with, magic didn’t exist in Thor’s world right?”
The giant warrior, Thor, scratched his head.
“I was more into sports, wasn’t too good with physics or chemistry…”
They didn’t understand the meaning of his words, but everyone understood what he was trying to say.
To put it simply, Thor was slow in the head.

“How about we change topics? It’s about the hero though.”
A young man with a huge staff spoke. There was a certain bitterness in his vague smile.
“By the grace of water dragon Rana’s power, he was deported to another world. Additionally, he was together with a high elf child.”
“A high elf!? Isn’t that Corfus’ successor!?”
“Isn’t that bad!?”
Matching the young girl, Ferna spoke up as well.
The young man holding the cane, Yamato, made a slight nod.
This Millennium, they would have to fight against the Demon King without a hero’s power.

From there, they spoke about various things; thing like the nations of Lemdria, Istria, and Labra. They also talked about various regions.
All of them were in the direction of stabilization. Towards being able to concentrate mankind’s power for the Millennium.
The primary nations that would fight against the Demon King’s forces appeared to be Istria, Lemdria, Casalia, and now Ogress.

Ferna gave her report regarding Ogress’ queen.
“To put it short, that girl is a frightening person.”
What did she mean? Everyone’s gazes seemed to be asking that.
“First of all, her Dragon Eyes. Most humans wouldn’t be able to oppose her.”
That was probably true. Even among abilities that held power in their gaze—referred to as magical eyes—they were in a considerably powerful group. If activated imprudently, it could end with the other party’s death with a simple glare.
And then there was her personal combat capabilities, those were also frightening. Even Ferna didn’t believe that she could win against her.
“I can’t be certain because of affinities, but the only person among us that might win against her would be Yamato-san.”
The leader of the secret society, Black Cat: Yamato.
As a matter of course, the executives knew his hidden ability.
Although she obviously knew the other executives’ hidden abilities, she still said that Ria was probably stronger than them.
“Being able to survive Thermonuclear Darkness Exploding Hell, as well as Destruction of Heaven and Earth, she’s a lively one isn’t she? Rather, she isn’t even a person at this point.”
“Even using Meteor Shower looks useless?”
Azelford asked. If that was also useless, she really wouldn’t be killable through magic.
“That is a tactical grade magic, so it would be best to avoid that as long as possible.”
The mages went silent. As for magic beyond that, there was the supreme magic of the space-time category, but no one there could use it.

“So then there’s no choice but for me to fight up close huh…”
Thor groaned. It was a certain victory for him as far as pure melee combat was concerned, most enemies would be silenced.
But even that assumed that his opponents could use magic.
“Her magical power exceeds Carla’s. If she used magic from afar, even Thor wouldn’t win.”
“The heck’s with that. Why’s there such a monster being a human!”
Thor spoke as though grieving, it was something that couldn’t be helped.
Everyone’s eyes fell on Yamato, yet he simply gave a simple sentence.”
“I have not decided on turning her into an enemy.”
It was a small possibility.

After that, everyone present talked about Ria’s capability in policy making and her military talent before adjourning.
It was only later that Ferna realized that she had forgot to speak of the thing concerning Haruto, but that was a story for later.




Fear assailed the city of Cornada.
A serial killer struck those who returned home late at night.
The street side prostitutes were sacrificed first.
Facing their tragic corpses, their intestines removed, Carla’s revival magic was powerless.

The serial killer turned towards burglary.
Shops with poor reputations and the like were occasionally broken into by citizens as well, but the way the person did it was cruel.
Not a single person was left alive, everyone was killed.
Once too much time passes after a death, Carla’s revival magic loses its effect.
Not having any witnesses, a scandal developed.

And then, noble residences were finally broken into.
There were nobles that stood against the current administration among them as well, but because they were fortunately able to discover some in time, Carla was able to revive several of the people.
They said that the one to attack them was a tall man.
From start to end, they were all killed before anyone realized what had happened.
The nobles were killed particularly deliberately. They weren’t able to be revived even with Carla’s magical power.




“Carla-san, is she alright…?”
Carla had been so exhausted the past few days that Serge unintentionally muttered that.
Her mental exhaustion was extreme as well, but she had simply used too much magical power on revival magic.
She made sure to take days off to recover under usual circumstances, but even if she was able to save many lives, she had overworked herself.
Carla wasn’t able to get the memories of seeing families mourn right in front of her out of her head.

In truth, this matter wouldn’t have much of an effect on their administration even if they left it alone.
The nobles that were killed belonged to the faction that opposed Ogress’ reign, so they should have been even somewhat thankful for it, but they couldn’t leave it alone. Not when it came to thinking about the public’s peace.
Above all, Carla would never leave these sorts of things alone.

“Still though, what in the world is his purpose here?”
That was Serge’s primary question. Seeing the officials that were being murdered, even if it was likely from a party that wished to see Cornada’s rule stabilize, he could never imaging doing such a thing.
If it was something like an act coming from the demon tribe, why would they go this far? At the very least, Asuka wouldn’t do something like this.




“And well, that’s what’s been happening.”
As for who Serge was blabbing into the sky to, it was Ria. It was a space-time magic called Far Speech.
It came with the disadvantage that the only person that could get in touch with Ria was Serge, but it still allowed him to report to her on a day’s events. It was simply an excellent magic.
“Thinking about it normally, it might just be chaotic human nature, but…”
It was difficult to imagine that that was the case at this point. Most of those who were being killed were ex-Cordovan nobles and their children.
“Well, please contact me immediately if you think of something. I’ll come back as soon as I get a chance, too. Don’t let Carla do too much!”
“Even if you say that… it’s Carla-san we’re talking about.”
“Carla-san… is it. You’ve gotten pretty close, have you?”
Her voice suddenly turning cold, Serge thought up an explanation in a panic.
“That’s, uh, she said since I call Nee-chan ‘Nee-chan’, I should call Carla-san that too!”

When Ria gave her tentative consent to it, a voice called out for Serge. He was in Cornada’s imperial court, inside a room that was given to him.
“Serge-sama! Another horrible murder occurred! Carla-sama has already left for it!”
Serge raised his hand to respond to the court lady, answering Ria.
“Since that’s how it is, I’ll do something one way or another. Cya.”

Who in the world would do something like that? It was possible in the case of the demon tribe, but that wasn’t how Rei or Asuka did things.
“Fio, I need to leave for a little.”
Saying that, Ria strode out of her office.


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