Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 62



What was a battle? It wasn’t something that started when orders were given.
Even though soldiers assemble into ranks after leaving their camp, it takes a considerable amount of time.
“Hold position and not engage, yeah?”
A general verified it. If they held back in their reinforced position, it would help give them quite the advantage as the battle progressed. It would also decrease the amount of casualties they suffer.
However, that wasn’t its fundamental reason.
“According to the plan, we will settle this with a battle.”
No one rebutted Ria’s commands as the generals scattered to command their respective units.

Ria wore a military uniform, preparing to give a speech. For battles like this, the supreme commander would always give encouragement to their troops.
Even Cordova’s generals were giving speeches to their soldiers. Holding back the impulse of wanting to launch fire magic into their groups was hard.
“Soldiers, what has happened to the nations that received Cordova’s aggression as they invaded thus far? I think you all know.”
By using amplification magic, her voice would reach all of her troops, but since Ria purposely stood at the forefront, she was taking into consideration the officers and troops of their allies’ forces.
“Defeated soldiers, forced and abused into slavery, the mines, or the farms. Most lose their lives before even three months pass!”
Despite whether or not this was true, there definitely were reports of it. She thoroughly fanned the flames of their horror.
“The nations ruled by them suffer heavy taxation and labor, unable to escape with the army’s eyes on them.”
Again and again, she stressed it.
“Why have we tolerated Cordova’s barbaric acts of brutality thus far? It isn’t because their nation is mighty.”
She slightly changed the subject of her speech.
“The reason? We weren’t able to unite as one. Cordova aims to attack weak nations.”
This was true as well. Isolating nations through diplomacy, then invading. This was one of Cordova’s underhanded practices.
“However! This time, things are different. To end Cordova’s aggression and tyranny, Manesh has stood up with the help of beastkin and ogre soldiers.”
Right, they were different from the previous nations that were defeated.
“Ogre soldiers, each superior to ten humans. We have three thousand!”
(Padding the numbers a little should be fine. It’ll be alright if we win.)
“Then, there is the latest armor and weapons you all have. Go and welcome our enemies with them!”
Their equipment was made by going to considerable lengths. It would be wasted if it wasn’t put to good use.
“In addition, we have the Dragonslayer Saint, Carla Raparb Uslan.”
Having defeated a dragon that had even destroyed a country, she was a hero for this world. With Ria’s words, Carla also made an appearance. Her fame, speaking frankly, was even greater than Ria’s. And now, she was their ally.
“We will win this. Then, we will be freed from the horror that is Cordova.”
(Ah, I forgot to talk about Casalia’s backing. I can’t really restart, though.)
“For all of our hometowns and our families’ futures! Victory!”
She drew her katana and held it towards the heavens. In addition, Carla also joined, drawing her sword and repeating—
Ria explained it to some of the soldiers with loud voices beforehand. To join in the chorus. It soon spread, shared by all soldiers.
Victory! Victory! Victory!
Their morale had risen.
(Now then, let’s start this war.)



When Ria’s group returned to their command tent, the allied forces located at the front started to advance.
Cordova’s infantry also advanced in response, both sides entering arrow range.
Since both sides’ soldiers held shields, it didn’t have much of an effect. However, those who were unlucky were still shot through the gaps between their shields.
Ria sighed in her heart.
She once again realized that she loved war.
Not only her enemies’ deaths, but even her allies’ deaths, she received it all with pleasure. She loved fighting that staked one’s life for it.
Ria wasn’t able to keep herself from smiling wryly in her heart that such a feeling was likely sinful for a human to feel.

The infantry continued their advance, their spears finally in contact.
Their spears’ lengths were longer. Ria made the spears with that purpose in mind. Despite them being mass produced products, it was painful to arrange that number.
Although it seemed they were pressured by the first clash, Cordova’s army gradually pushed back. Their individual skills were probably different. Cordova’s severe military training was famous.

Their cavalry attempted to encircle them from both sides.
Ria’s side only had about half of the amount of cavalry as the enemy. Therefore, Ria arranged for the cavalry to all be on the right flank.
The clash between the two cavalry groups were approximately equal. Better yet, if they managed to lure them into the arranged traps, they would even be at an advantage.
Though the left flank was comprised by Manesh infantry, by making use of their long spears and traps, they managed to somehow force the cavalry into detouring.

As for the troops they had in reserve, five thousand Manesh soldiers and two thousand ogres in all.
Since Cordova split its infantry into three groups, they calculated that it had kept around two-thirds, a total of twenty thousand infantry, as a reserve. [1]
If one considered the ogres’ fighting strength, they would probably win even if they just attacked head on if things kept going how they were. They weren’t that optimistic about that, though.
Although ogres had physical strength that could overwhelm humans, they had two things in common with them.
The first was magical power. Rather, it could even be said that humans were superior in that regard. The other thing was something very important on the battlefield.
Since ogres had huge bodies, they only had around as much stamina as a human. Although they had tremendous destructive power for an instant, they couldn’t continue to demonstrate that strength.
Therefore, the ogre’s war potential was best used for a final push.

“Serge, contact the 13th battalion. Move right one hundred paces.”
It was even more of a foul play than the ogres. That is, using Serge’s space-time magic to communicate between units.
The disciplined Cordovan soldiers moved organically at the battalion and platoon scales, but not to this degree. Manesh’s troops could receive commands from headquarters with no time lag.
Without getting overwhelmed, they held their ground and continued fighting. Supplemented by their high morale, their strength rose.
“Send in the 17th battalion. Alternate with the 9th battalion.”
Making sure to rotate troops in and out would help recover their endurance. That, and there was Carla’s magic.

The enemy’s mage troops were using offensive magic. Manesh also fought back, the allied forces holding a clear advantage. There was a certain mage with near infinite magical power named Carla, using her magical power to neutralize the enemy’s magic.
the Cordovan infantry that was normally able to gradually overwhelm their enemies was completely subdued and forced to hold their ground.
Manesh was alternating reserve troops in at a battalion scale, but even though they were pushing with fresh strength, they couldn’t move forward. It was a standoff.
“Contact the right flank cavalry, separate from the enemy’s battlefield.”
With the enemy hitting their left flank, there were gaps between the enemy’s cavalry and infantry.

As the enemy’s commander wasn’t incapable, he attempted to return his cavalry that was on the left flank. However, Manesh’s cavalry frantically obstructed them.
The enemy’s right flank cavalry overdid its detour as it tried to encircle them. The cavalry’s first charge was weak, so they were nothing but soldiers on horses now. However, they still fought against Manesh’s infantry that were equipped with long spears.
Starting the battle in the morning, the allied forces had gained the obvious advantage by midday.
Tired and injured soldiers were sent back, but with Carla’s extensive healing and recovery magic, they were able to return to the battlefield.
Carla didn’t use any offensive magic, but even if she couldn’t use it, she was going all out with her healing.
(With Carla and Serge, there isn’t any chance we can be defeated on a single battlefield. If there was a problem, it would be if there was more than one battlefield. I wouldn’t be able to overlook everything in that case.)
Ria’s Gift allowed her to overwatch a war, but she didn’t know just how large its range was. She’d have to try it out sooner or later.

The enemy’s reserve forces dwindled as they had to send their reserves out.
Manesh was able to keep their ogres at the ready while Cordova had nothing left.
Then, the enemy’s cavalry and infantry separated.
“Looks like it’s time.”
Ria decided, giving Serge an order.”
“Have the ogres attack the enemy from the left and right flanks.”

Battle cries roared through the skies.
After having to sit back the entire time until now, the ogres’ bloodthirst exploded out.
Their penetrating force couldn’t be compared to cavalry. They split into two groups and surrounded the enemy infantry from both flanks.
[Such good young warriors.]
With a clang, something happened inside Ria as she spontaneously spoke those words.
This was Ria’s fifth Gift. Even though Valis didn’t reference it, it was simply a Gift to continue fighting.
If it had to be named, it would be [Shura] or [Primal Instinct]. [2]

Half-encircled by the ogres that formed an iron wall around them, even though the ogres’ assault overran them, the Cordovan army still maintained its order.
Though since the non-commissioned officers were excellent at commanding their soldiers, Ria couldn’t help but to praise them.
“Well, one more push then?”
For the last push, she may as well do it herself.
“I’m heading out. Shizuna, follow me. Rudolph, let’s go!” [3]
People near Ria stopped in a panic as Ria rode Matsukaze. Among those were Carla and Serge.
“Ria, you’re being rash!”
Ria thought that this was the first time she’d heard Carla’s voice like that.
“What should I do with the reports?”
Meanwhile, Serge wasn’t particularly worried. This wasn’t the first time he’d seen Ria thrust into Cordova’s soldiers.
“Keep sending them to me. I’ll give you instructions each time.”
Ria spearheaded a sortie into the flustered officers.

One against a thousand.
A mighty warrior.
Ria, who was accompanied by Shizuna and Rudolph, advanced with her bodyguards as she cut between her allies, crashing into the enemy’s front.
With each swing of her cross spear, a person’s life ended.
“Her highness came! Stop slacking and show her what you can do!”
The commanders loudly scolded their soldiers. The soldiers that fought to their limits broke through them.
She heard similar voices rise up from the ogres that were at the two flanks. Hearing that Ria was fighting together with them, their fighting spirit couldn’t possibly rise any higher.

If Ria died or was captured here, it could turn into a situation of a complete reversal by Cordova.
However, Ria decided on showing herself only after reasoning that the enemy didn’t have enough reserve strength to do something like that.
In fact, Cordova’s army had collapsed.
Cordovan soldiers went through rigid and severe training so that they wouldn’t retreat without orders to do so. Those same soldiers were finally retreating.
Their front collapsed and the war of invasion had begun.



Ordered by the Demon King, a man came to this ground.
His name was Ordo.
Proud of his outstanding capabilities as the Demon King’s subordinate, he was famous while at the same time having many problem behaviors.
Why would the Demon King eternally hold such a man in high esteem? Honestly, Rei found it a problem and would only cooperate with him if ordered to.
“All things considered, she’s a beauty…”
Ordo’s eyesight was on another level from a human’s, he was even able to see into Manesh’s encampment.
“Especially her, that fine woman with silvery hair. I want to shove her down and violate her.”
This man spoke his desires freely and calmly in front of the woman. This was even unpleasant for Rei, who had great self-control.
“She’s the dragonslayer. Besides, even his majesty said to not lower the human’s war potential.”
“I know. I won’t act against his majesty’s orders.”
(Even so…)
Ordo thought.
(A human that could be defeated with just me, how could they help his majesty?)
Besides, if he had to kill, even if he would get some amusement from it, he would devote himself entirely to the battlefield.

He had time. For a while, he would be maneuvering behind the scenes in this northwest part of the continent.
Unlike dark elves that stood out and vampires that practically couldn’t move in the daytime at all, he could easily slip in and go among humans.
He would never go against the Demon King. However, that was just one aspect of it.
Imagining himself pressing down on that silver-haired saint, Ordo’s face distorted into a barbarous smile.



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