Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 54

A Red Flower Blooms

R18 Version


“So, you were trying to run?”
Sitting obediently in front of Ria on the bed in a seiza was Shizuna. [1]
“I caught her since she was being suspicious, did I do good?”
Asuka the Vampire, the other person in the room, asked.
“Yeah, you did. It’s been quite a day.”
Making use of the dark to slip away, she tried to secretly run away from the village, but was suddenly caught by Asuka.

“I see. Won’t you keep your promise?”
Hearing the circumstances, Asuka spoke with her arms folded in a posture that held the air of superiority.
“B-but we’re both women!”
Although she wasn’t really acquainted with her, since they were both women, she would understand just how abnormal Ria was being.
However, common sense didn’t apply to Asuka.
For Vampires, beings who lived nearly immortally, something like discriminating love based on gender wasn’t something they cared much about.
The Vampires’ low fertility rates were also probably related.
That, and there were things like BL and GL in demon tribe territory, too. This wasn’t only due to Demon King-sama, though. [2]
“Isn’t it fine? I also usually suck from girls.”
Suck, what did that mean?
“Besides, if it’s this child…”
Again, Asuka thoroughly looked Ria up and down.
There was no element of being lewd in the gaze, it was simply the admiration of her beauty.
“Un, I would sleep with this child.”
“That so? As for me… right, I wouldn’t sleep with you.”

It was impossible.
Shizuna’s parents were a married couple with good relations with each other.
With Shizuna being the eldest, there were three children.
A man, a woman, and children. That was the normal setup.
If, and only if, she herself were a man, she would probably fall in love with Ria. She would probably treat her as a goddess. There was no one else as beautiful as her.
If Ria were a man…
She, probably, no, definitely would…
But that was just a ‘just if’ story.



“… With that, my report on information regarding Cordova is concluded. Well, my reward?”
“Can’t be helped huh. Come here.”
In front of Shizuna, Ria took off her coat, exposing her white skin to Asuka.
“Hehe, itadakimasu.” [3]
Right in front of Shizuna.
Asuka applied her lips to the muscle on Ria’s shoulder.

As for what emotion she felt at that instant, Shizuka didn’t know.
But it was similar to anger.
“Phew, thanks for the treat.”
“W-what was that just now…”
“Eh, let’s see~, a kiss?”
She had to keep herself being a Vampire a secret for now.
The blood had already stopped flowing because she sucked from her skillfully and was just a little red.

“Now then, my turn.”
Relaxing her chest, Ria pulled Shizuna’s hand.
She was strong. Easily more so than a man.
Shizuna was thrown down onto the bed.
“It was a promise.”
“Eh, but…”
Her voice was weak. Being requested so strongly, how could she not reciprocate?
“If you’re a warrior, resolve yourself.”
Before she could say something to refuse, her lips were blocked.
It was a short kiss. But it was repeated many times. In the extremely small breaks between them, her breathing became strained.
“Oooh~, a technician~”
Asuka was watching with a broad grin, but her cheeks were also slightly flushed.
“Hey, how long are you going to stay here?”
“Eh? I can’t watch? But that child’s reactions are so cute and innocent.”
Weakly, Shizuna answered her.
“At least… first time… two people only…”
“Ah, right. Then I’m just a nuisance here.”
Asuka left the hut prepared for Ria’s exclusive use.
She left with the words ‘Devil Wings’, but no one saw it.



“Now, let’s continue.”
While kissing her deeply, Ria’s hands groped Shizuna’s body. Carefully, she stripped off her clothes piece by piece.
“This time, stick your tongue out some more for kissing.”
Sticking out her tongue as she was told, it was lightly nibbled. A sweet pain ran through her hips.
Tears fell.
Ria stopped moving.
“Why me, why would you like me?”

Filled by a sensation, Ria wanted to click her tongue.
She wanted to tease Shizuna, but that didn’t mean she wanted her to feel insecure.
Of course, she would let her go if she seriously didn’t like it.
However, she could currently feel her pulse throbbing through her palms. Wasn’t that in response to Ria’s movements?
“Although I don’t understand the meaning of something like true love… at least since my birth, this was the first time I’ve wanted to embrace someone from the bottom of my heart. Shizuna’s my first.”
“Really? What about Lulu?”
“She’s like family to me. I just massage her breasts.”
“This is also… umm.. Ria’s first time?”
“Just knowledge, but it’s wasted.”
“I-is that so…”

Shizuna’s stiffened body relaxed.
She softened under Ria’s hands.
“If that’s it, it’s alright.”
Shizuna wasn’t crying anymore.
“If it’s Ria, it’s alright.”

With a rustle, Ria took off her clothes.
“I’ll be gentle.”
Her white skin was exposed.
Shizuna’s arms wrapped around Ria’s neck.
Ria’s soft breasts touched Shizuna’s.
They were tender, and warm. Shizuna didn’t know it would feel so good with nothing stopping their skin from touching directly.
“Spread your legs a little.”
With her fingers, Ria spread open the area between Shizuna’s thighs.
Mixed into her fervent breathing was a seductive voice.
“It’s alright, I’ll definitely get you wet.”

Ria gently teased Shizuna’s sensitive part, going no farther than that.
With regular movements, as well as irregular movements. She would occasionally lightly flick it, stopping when Shizuna was about to cry.
Each time, Shizuna would dig her nails into Ria’s pain, it was a sweet pain.
“Ah, your fingers…”
“Don’t worry, I’ll put in a little at a time.”
Her middle finger moved systematically, with her thumb moving erratically. Her left hand was gentle as it massaged her tender breast, occasionally twisting her nipple.
And she kissed her again and again.

“Now, part two.”
Shizuna raised her voice from the sweet pain.
“Are you alright?”
“It’s painful and it feels good… it’s strange somehow…”
Shizuna also traces her lips along Ria’s shoulder.
“Is Ria also… wet?”
“It feels gooood.”
Towards her honest impression, Shizuna laughed for a moment.
“Hey, for a moment… this might hurt a bit, please endure it.”
Shizuna’s chastity was taken away by Ria’s finger.

It was scary.
It was Ria who was scared.
What she was afraid of was that she might have actually fallen in love with this person.
“Hey, can I ask for just one thing?”
“About today, please don’t talk about it.”
Ria moved nastily.
Moving close to Shizuna’s ear, Ria whispered.
“I won’t. I promise.”



Due to hearing the sound of a sword being swung, Shizuna woke up.
It wasn’t actually a sword, but it was a katana.

It was still dark in the hut. The only thing that would reveal Shizuna’s nakedness was just a dim light made from magic.
Thinking back to the previous night’s disaster, Shizuna felt a bit gloomy. If someone saw, it would have been obvious what was wrong.
She faintly called Ria through the window.
Swinging her katana, even calling her a beautiful person wouldn’t be enough.
Ria immediately noticed and headed back to the room. She saw a red stain on the bed and scratched her cheek.
“Isn’t it fine if we wash it?”
“But I’d die of shame if it were exposed!”
“Well, I’ll just use magic for now…”
Using washing and drying magic, the traces disappeared. But the sheet might have dried a bit too much.
“This should be enough. Is your body alright?”
Like always, Ria asked.
Shizuna’s response was different from usual.
“Un, I’ll get healing magic.”
“That’s unreasonable.”
Even though Ria was always being unreasonable.

Shizuna laughed. Her smile made her seem like a flower.
“Hey Ria, be my sword opponent.”
And so, the two shared sword blows to share their love.



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