Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 53

The Rogue Ojou of Hell


What Ria felt was unmistakably fear.
“Well, it might be possible if it’s you guys.”
Although the Ogre King said it easily, he know that it wouldn’t be that easy.
It might not be impossible to do. She was confident of that. However, in the one to one thousand chance, they might not be able to.
As a military person, as a woman.
Ria felt fear.



All of the ogre tribes were involved in Ria’s strategy for Cordova.
Although the Ogre King assured her many times, Ria was a human woman. There was no way that the various village heads would approve the idea of mobilizing all of the ogre warriors under her.
What should she do then? It was simple. Ogres valued strength. This person thought it would be fine to just show off her overwhelming might.
To do that, just defeating the Ogre King was insufficient. Yeah, that wasn’t enough.
Everyone had to consent. Then how would she make them?
She would fight the warriors. It’d be fine, probably. She hoped.
No weapons. Other than killing the opponent, the only thing prohibited was targeting the crotch. One-on-one, one hundred consecutive fights. No rest.
A fight against one hundred people.
That, and she shouldn’t perfectly control her body.

“Well, are there any demerits if you’re defeated?”
Shizuna said so.
Her other comrades were inwardly worried about there being one hundred opponents.
It wasn’t a certainty. Although she might not get all of the ogres’ cooperation, getting nothing wasn’t a negative.
Pay money? No, money didn’t mean much to ogres.
Influence? Would ogres be charmed by prestige and influence in human society?
“How about this magic sword I obtained in the labyrinth?”
Carlos volunteered. It was an attractive offer, but the weapon was too small for ogres.

“If anything, you should give us that Beauty-san there for a night.”
The ogre said, laughing to himself pleased.
Ria invoked her newly unleashed Gift, [Dragon Eyes]. Together with being able to cause low level opponents to shrink away, it was an excellent Gift that could use Identify.
The ogre that seemed to be dirty-minded was Level 90. However, it wasn’t an opponent she couldn’t win against bare-handed.
A chill ran up her spine. Like when she dressed up for a party, when the son of a marquis touched her rear.
Would she wager her chastity? To ogres? What kind of eroge was this?
“T-that’s fine.”
Her voice trembled.
“Aren’t you all wagering your bodies?”
If they all gave her their lives to risk, what else could be used to pay?
Right. Ria would do it! She would shoulder tens of thousands of ogre lives!

“Ah, I’m in too then.”
“Me too.”
“This guy too.”
“I’ll go for it.”
“I shall also.”
“I’ll accept your wager!”

… Handfuls of ogres raised their hands one after another. There were women voices mixed in, but it might have been her imagination.
She got one hundred lewd ogres.
Ria heard the sound of her blood pumping for the first time.
She hadn’t even felt it during her previous life—
More than fear, it was terror.



“I-if Ria’s betting her body, so will I!”
Lulu shouted. Her friendship almost had Ria in tears.
“If Lulu-san bets it, I will as well.”
(Carlos, you go and quiet down for a moment.)
Gig didn’t participate, he had prudence as expected.
Maal was teary-eyed, and Shizuna, whose words caused this situation, was greatly troubled.
Irina was puzzled, but she didn’t understand the meaning to begin with.
Serge was also thrown into a cold sweat due to Ria’s determination.
He believed it. To a man, there were two things that had to absolutely be avoided in life.
To go anal with a man, and to steal another’s woman.

Ria, who was a man in her previous life, declared that she liked women even now. That was the meaning of her betting her chastity.
(I get it… something like a man’s pride doesn’t mean much in front of woman’s chastity, huh.)
Ria seriously thought that.

In her previous life, it wasn’t that there weren’t any women martial artists that requested to fight her.
Ria had just defeated them all. If you paid attention to your crotch and being blinded by tricks, the difference in endurance was clear.
Although women that bit were dreadful, after that, women that continued to bite while having reckless sex were also recklessly stimulating.
Now, her position was quite the opposite.
“S-sorry. Saying something like…”
Shizuna stood in front of Ria, who was trying to proceed to the battlefield.
She was panicking. Although she had a grudge against Ria, it didn’t go to that extent.
Rather, now…
“Don’t worry about it. They’d be leaving their lives in my hands after all. Same with me, it would be unfair if I didn’t wager everything I had.”
Ria spoke with an awesome grin.
Her grin disappeared.
“After saying those unneeded words, as for not betting anything… isn’t that unfair?”
Shizuna could feel some murderous intent.
She almost wet herself. No, if you bladder hadn’t been empty, she would have shown an immodest appearance.
Ria whispered in her ear.
“My prize for if I win… I’m going to take you all night long. Prepare yourself.”
Her legs falling out from under her, Shizuna landed on her bottom.



Then, the fight started.
At the Ogre King’s Signal, the first man came out. It was that Level 90 ogre.
His upper body was naked. Throwing techniques and choking techniques almost couldn’t be used at all. [1]
Ria showed no mercy in her thrusting technique towards the man rushing at her with open hands. His nose broke.
However, he still clung to Ria with some power. Both her arms were sealed.
“Hehehe, you smell good~”
The ogre’s vulgar voice full of lust cause Ria’s back to fill with goosebumps.

Ria shook off the ogre with her arms.
Ogres had the Gift [Herculean Strength]. However, Ria recently unleashed the superior Gift to it, [Superhuman Strength].
She decided to head butt his broken nose. The ogre released her on reflex.
With her fist, she broke his rib this time.
The ogres went silent.
“That’s it. Next!”
The convulsing ogre was carried out, the next ogre stepping forward despite being confused.

Her long, long fight had began.



She pierced.
She fractured.
She smashed.

Ria finally took her upper body’s clothing off, fighting with what looked like a sports bra on.
Things like armor and clothing would just been used by her opponents to hold on to and were unimportant. Her hair had been tied up behind her head.
She was beautiful.
At the start, Serge had proposed supporting Ria secretly with acceleration magic, but she quickly refused him.
Something like that was inelegant. And foul play.
She was noble.
“Why, Nee-chan…”
When he looked at Ria’s fighting figure, tears appeared without him realizing.
Still, he continued to think it.

“Wouldn’t it have been easy with long range magic?”
Besides, no one would have realized.



Half of the ogres were defeated.
Despite being painted with sweat and spurts of blood, the girl was beautiful.
Rather, that’s why she was beautiful.
The ogres stepping up were growing more weary.
Then, a small ogre stepped forward.

“Ogres are the strongest.”
The small ogre muttered.
The ogre stood in front of Ria. He continued to speed. Ignoring that Ria’s endurance was recovering, he continued to speak.
“However, although they are strong, they focus on simply punching each other.”
In a derisive tone, the Ogre continued.
“You, you use grappling techniques yeah? Not just strength, but technique yeah?”
Right, the base of Ria’s empty-handed fighting style was Jujutsu. [2]
“I’ve wanted to fight against an opponent like that!”
The ogre shouted. It was a shout from his soul.
But his nether regions were already standing tall!

The ogre started to tackle her from a low posture.
If this were wrestling, it would have been easy to break the tackle. However, even though he’s small, her opponent is an ogre. There was a weight difference of almost two-fold.
If he slipped, he could be thrown. Therefore, Ria had one thing to do.
A merciless knee to the face!

It was a direct hit. However, the ogre moved his hands to Ria’s face after that.
He was able to easily lift Ria’s light weight. After that, he threw her to the ground.
If she were an ordinary person, her neck would likely have broken. Even Ria took some damage from it.
A concussion. Even Dragons couldn’t nullify brain damage.
She didn’t get back up. This was for pinning techniques.

However, there was no pursuit.
Ria stood up while shaking her head, seeing that the ogre had already fainted.
Even though he lost consciousness, he still threw Ria.
A frightening enemy.
Still fainted, he stood tall and hadn’t lost strength.
He really was a frightening enemy.



“Seriously, such a pathetic man.”
Standing in front of Ria was an ogre than in every respect looked like a woman.
“So proud every day, but look what happened when push came to shove.”
Though she was a woman, there was no mistaking her might. No, her spirit.
Ria faced her, still not recovered from the fall damage yet. Even the High Speed Recovery Gift seemed to be ineffectual for concussions.

The woman confronted Ria. Her eyes were filled with both lust fighting spirit.
“You have a beautiful face.”
“I think so too.”
“Such a beautiful face… I want to make it howl!”
The woman lightly closed her fists, taking up a half-body stance. [3]
When she realized it, there was a fist in front of her face.
When she realized it, her face had been hit.
Her Avoidance Skill and Mind’s Eye Skills weren’t working.
This was the first clean hit she’d taken so far.

It was a similar movement. Punching without any motion beforehand.
The basis of the straight right was different from Karate, coming from Wushu. [4]
But boxing had a definite weak point.
From a low posture, Ria went to tackle.
She had went to attack the lower half of her body. However, the ogre’s flexible leg intercepted her.
Like a whip, Ria was struck.
(Is it Muay Thai?) [5]
She took a distance away. The woman’s fighting technique wasn’t normal.
“What do you want to do? Acknowledge your defeat?”
She licked her lips. So as expected, this woman’s purpose was also Ria’s body?
Would she acknowledge defeat? Definitely not.
Though Muay Thai was an amazing fighting style, she could deal with it.

Ria slowly closed the distance.
Her legs moved as they should, she’d recovered.
Outside of her consciousness, Ria closed the distance.
Her slow movement was because of exhaustion.
In reality, it was quite the opposite. She used her muscles for a burst of speed.
Not noticing Ria begin her attack, she was at her.

Ria tackled her waist, lifting the ogre up before dropping her back to the ground with an overhead throw.
From there she went into a stranglehold. She was a woman ogre and was properly wearing clothing. Her carotid artery tightened, she fainted.
“That’s it!”

Ria stood up.
“The Ladykiller Valka couldn’t…”
“Even Valka was no good…?”
(So this woman ogre has the same alias as me huh?)
Ria bowed to the still-fainted ogre woman before regaining her stance.
“Now, come at me!”



Seventy-seven people were defeated.
The seventy-eighth didn’t step up.
Right, everyone had already recognized her.
The girl in front of them had become a goddess to the ogres.
The Ogre King declared.
“With this, the hundred person fight has come to an end!”
Kneeling in place, the Ogre King shouted.
“We recognize you as the Ogre Queen! The lives of our ogre warriors are all for you!”
Every last one of the ogres knelt, as though worshiping a god.

This was the birth of the Ogre Queen Ryuke Riana Crystal Casalia Ogruss.



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