Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 52

Secret Society [Black Cat]


The society was called [Black Cat].
Their main business was transporting luggage quickly, like a black cat. Weaving their way through cracks, they earned faith in being able to deliver cargo between countries.
Though they should be called a company rather than an association, they were called an association because there were a lot of mysteries regarding its leadership.
Although the contents of their business were wholesome, the company director very rarely appeared in public. Its executive staffs’ whereabouts were also uncertain.
Above all, with their intelligence gathering and movement in the continent, they were really suspicious.



Six top managers like that were currently in the capital city of Lemdria, a major power in the southwest part of the continent.
“Yes, then the 3496th top summit meeting! Begi~n!”
A girl with scarlet hair extending to her waist shouted that brightly with an excited feeling.
“I’ll start from the beginning. We do not know the magic used to cause the Imperial Capital to disappear. This is still being studied. And, that idiot Zeke was protected! The end!”
“Zekefed was? The hero was a man this time right? Why would that woman lover protect him?”
The person with a large build reclined against the wall as they asked.
“Under investigation. However, their group seemed to be heading toward the Istria area.”
“Then, I’m next I guess. Looks like Istria is finally settling down the the prince faction’s victory. However, since the elder princess was held as a hostage, it doesn’t look like the single push was enough.”
The one to say that was a mage with ordinary features. Having a common elderly atmosphere, they used a large and complicated walking cane.
The one in charge of the Istria region turned their gaze towards a dark skinned youth.
“The demon tribe area is peaceful, still no signs of invasion. However, I think they are building up more and more strength.”

Everyone let out a sigh. Then, the person with a large build raised their hand and spoke.
“The southwestern region is already useless. Labra is in a precarious state.”
It was picked up in their last conference. Now that the empire had disappeared, the only lineage of power left was in Labra.
Because the country had luckily gained its strength rapidly, their policy for the region was to leave it alone to go as it would. It was fine to support them from the shadows.
“As for the northwest, Cordova is still moving to establish its supremacy. Although the dragonslayer was invited, we were bluntly turned down.”
A girl dressed as a man reported that in an incredibly serious tone.
Then, the five’s gazed were directed at a man sitting at the round table.
The secret society, Black Cat’s, leader.
He opened his serious mouth.

“King Hollyn suspended his invasion to the east, advancing toward’s the continent’s center.”
Lemdria’s king, Ryuke Hollyn. A great man who expanded Lemdria’s monarchy into a superpower.
With his desire for territory, even though he’d been aiming for the seven-city alliance to the east for years, he did a major shift in his policy.
The Imperial Capital vanished, the empire. His plan was to cut away some territory. Or perhaps it would be better to say he aspired to.
As the humans lost their anchor for the Millennium, another existence to play the leading role was necessary.
Everyone recognized Lemdria’s King Hollyn as being capable, there was no doubting that.
There was just one problem. He had aged, and who his successor would be afterwards was the problem.
The crown prince was already participating in stately affairs, his ability was being displayed. He was considered to even more capable than his father whose abilities in practical affairs were heroic.

The problem was the youngest prince.
It was too soon to say whether or not he would be incompetent or cruel.
The problem was that he might be even more capable.
Even his father hadn’t drawn out of the seven-city alliance for many years after the area was invaded.
When the panicked union begged for a peace conference, the king agreed to it. There was a problem with logistics and he judged that it was impossible to completely conquer the union.
The capable crown prince and the capable prince. Although the two of them had excellent relations with each other, what would happen when King Hollyn died? Just thinking about it was troubling.
“For Lemdria, continue to observe.”
The company director continued.
It was like his soul had worn out, his voice was weak despite being young.

Believing that the conference had ended with that, the girl in male attire used the timing to raise her hand.
“The person who cleared the Dark Labyrinth left, should we investigate?”
She was young. Among their members, she was the youngest. To be precise, hers was the only appearance that matched her age.
Therefore, her curiosity was easily drawn. As for greeting the dragonslayer, that was her own decision.
Be that as it may, Black Cat wanted to bring in those talents that stood out, so it could be said she did well.
“It’s not really necessary. If the person is related to Cordova, it will be necessary to investigate their movements though.”
The director judged so. However, the difference in his sensitivity to information was the deciding difference between him and the Demon King.

The conference ended. Not a single serving of tea had been prepared during the conference, but that was how it usually was.
“So, with that.”
The youth with brown skin, the Great Sage Azelford, disappeared.
“Next time then.”
It was the same with the common-appearing mage as well, they calmly used a teleportation magic unseen on this continent.
“Troublesome… Well, see ya.”
The scarlet-haired girl also left by way of teleportation magic.
“Then director, take care of yourself.”
The too-serious girl dressed in male clothing bowed her head, also vanishing.

The remaining people were large-built man and the director, who placed his elbows in the table while covering his mouth with his hands.
“Hey, Yamato.”
The large man called out to the director.
“That posture, won’t you stop it?”
“Why? Shouldn’t you be saying that a posture like this fits a great man like me?”
Right, he said that about himself.
It was foolish. It was simply youthful passion.
“Well then, I’ll head out too.”
“You were able to learn the teleportation magic?”
“Nah. I took a look at it and passed.”
Waving, the man walked out the door.
The Black Cats’ director, Yamato, was left alone.
He stood up, grumbling to himself like an old man in the process.
In truth, he was old. Not physically, but his spirit. It was nearing its limit. However, he couldn’t abandon his duty.
He looked up into the sky from the glass window. Out of the corner, one could see the appearance of a gigantic imperial castle.



A warhammer and a katana exchanged blows.
With extreme intensity, their offense and defense held hints of elegance.
Together with a particularly intense collision, they both flew away.
Setting down his warhammer with a dull thud, the Ogre King groaned.
“You’re stronger than before. But, how do I say it… your technique isn’t beautiful.”
It was a difficult thing to explain. However, it felt something like that.
Facing him, Ria also felt that was enough. She had also sensed it.

Ria’s group, who had left Labyrinth City, were now at the ogre village.
By calling the Ogre King out, all of the ogre village chiefs were to assemble. They were waiting for them now.
Using that time, Ria trained with the Ogre King. Though Irina was also a good opponent if they fought with ordinary weapons, when it came to freely using techniques in a fight, she was obviously lacking in skill.
“It might be troublesome, but I’d like for you to continue being my opponent.”
“Well, I have no problems with it.”
The ogres were a race that liked to fight.
The others in her party also spent their free time training.
While waiting for the ogres, as well as waiting to be contacted by the demon tribe.



That night—
The demon tribe’s grand manager Asuka also abruptly appeared in front of Ria’s group.
Before she said something unnecessary, Rei shut her up her with a choke hold. Only the people who knew the circumstances in detail talked.
That is, Ria, Serge, Rei, and Asuka.
“Before anything, Asuka-san.”
Serge looked up and asked.
“I permit you to speak, boy.”
“Thank you. By some chance, were your and Rei-san’s names decided by Demon King-sama?”
“You’re well informed.”
“It’s just, Demon King-sama used characters from my original world.”
“Right! That’s right!”
Asuka suddenly became familiar with him right then and there.

To say nothing of the demon tribe’s printing technology, it even had manga.
Hearing that, Serge quite seriously thought about moving to the demon tribe territory, but only jokingly.
… Demon King-sama, be moderate in your cultural pollution.

“In other words, you’re here to give information on Cordova?”
Asuke nodded grandly towards Ria’s question. Though she saw through the meaning of her question, she still nodded.
The reason was simple, an enemy’s enemy was an ally.
For the demon tribe, although human society was their enemy, individual humans weren’t. There were even humans in demon tribe territory after all.
As for those who made the demon tribe their enemy, they denied members of the demon tribe, expulsing them.
Specifically speaking, Cordova was a country of human supremacists.

If Ria’s group were hostile to Cordova, they wouldn’t mind assisting them.
“With my magic, it’s easy to talk over long distances.”
Since Asuka was excessively talking about her abilities, Rei frequently kept her from talking.
Isn’t this girl a bit simple?
Although it was disrespectful, Serge thought so.



“We came to talk with you but…”
Their discussion quickly halted.
Asuka looked at Ria with feverish eyes and spoke.
“Your blood, can I suck it?”
“Refused, sorry.”
“Don’t say something like that. Even a bit’s fine. Just the tips would go in.”
In this case, she just meant that she would pierce her with her fangs for a moment.
“I’m good at sucking. Everyone even says I’m great at it.”
“When it comes to sucking, don’t you have servants for that?”
“Ah, it’s alright, it’s alright. Those people don’t have charm resistance or disease resistance. Besides, it’s fine even if I don’t suck any.”
“If that’s how it is… as a reward then?”
If the information she brought turned into being to their benefit, their talk was settled in the direction of her giving some blood.

Hearing their conversation, Rei was troubled.
Serge was dying from the moe.



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