Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 49

A Name to be Called


Breaking the eggshell, Ria’s entire body was exposed.
Unlike last time, she wasn’t nude. That was because the Cyclops’ gastric juices had melted her clothes that time.
Nevertheless, Serge shouted.
Her leather armor torn, Ria’s breasts were exposed.
“I-its somehow painful…”
Ria groaned, but it was no wonder.
“R-Ria-chan, didn’t you somehow grow amazingly?”
Her limbs were longer. Her clothes were obviously short.
Her chest was in pain. It was absurdly painful.
“How’d this happen…”
She stood up. Her perspective had changed. Estimating from Serge and Maal…
“Around half a head’s worth of growth?”
This had happened before, but it was more obvious this time.
Above anything else, her chest hurt.
Ria sighed. A big chest was obstructive for fighting.
“Seriously… nuisances…”
Ria’s chest bounced as she took off her clothes.
Though Valis looked at her with somewhat reproachful eyes, she didn’t seem particularly timid.
She produced new clothes and armor with genesis magic. Adjusting the size was troublesome.

“Boobs! Boobs!”
Serge repeatedly called out ‘boobs’ while waving his hands.
She didn’t particularly mind, this was a Service Scene after all.
“Hmm, it hurts when I tighten it.”
“How about making something elastic like a sports bra?”
“Right… Why are you so well informed about women’s underwear?”
Setting aside Serge, who was now dodging the question by looking towards the day after tomorrow, Ria arranged her appearance and made a body-length mirror.
She was around one hundred and seventy centimeters tall. Her hair went nearly to her waist.
Her eyelashes fluttered with her almond eyes. The color of her eyes were a mix of black and gold depending on the light.
Overall, she held the atmosphere of an adult. Despite all that, she hadn’t lost the feeling of a maiden.
Ria looked admiringly at herself in the mirror for a while.

“Why am I such a beautiful woman…”
Though Ria was having an incredibly mortifying experience, there was nothing that could be done about it.



While she was vexed, Valis could somewhat grant her wish.
Though she had seen the beautiful katana Nagasone Kotetsu in her previous life, she was relieved since it went back to the hands of those who cherished it.
“So then, will you take this child?”
With a brazen attitude, Valis faced Ria. Her feelings of respect towards the god had already disappeared.
Defeat me if you can, it was that kind of defiant attitude.
“Umu, I can become your power.”
When Ria turned around, there was a beautiful girl.

The young girl was a Dragon until just a moment ago. ‘Could a Dragon be taken to the village?’, saying that view was natural, Valis simply changed her appearance.
She looked in the middle of her teens. As for her exact age, Valis didn’t seem to know. Since ten or twenty years was nothing for their race, it couldn’t be helped.
She had curly golden hair and pale green eyes. Her wide open eyes were adorable.
And to defend herself, she had plate armor made of orichalcum.
Right, orichalcum. Produced by a mother worried over her child, it was an armor at the level of being a sacred treasure.
And on her back was a sword that looked like it’d even be a bit hard for an Ogre to wield. It was also made of orichalcum.
Restrain yourself, God Dragon-sama.

“So, this child’s name is?”
With a sigh, Ria acknowledged taking her along. Well, she probably wouldn’t be a nuisance.
“Yeah, I can’t decide. She’ll be standing in as your older sister so you decide it.”
She was serious here.

To begin with, Ria had no naming sense.
Matsukaze and Rudolph were things she brought as knowledge from her previous life.
It’d probably be fine to name her after a woman from her previous life, but it was difficult.
A name that was originally Japanese wouldn’t suit her, and no way would she name a woman Kiyomaro or Muramasa.
Though she thought of a European soldier’s name like Joan, she rejected it since that person had a tragic end.
She had thought of naming her after a famous female warrior from the history of this world, but she gave up after being unable to come up with a suitable one for a Dragon.
And so, that’s why she turned towards Serge.
“Eh, me?”
Though he said that, Serge was stumped. At any rate, naming a dragon was a lot harder than a game character. Dragon-sans could easily live for millennia, so he couldn’t pick a bad name.
In truth, he had come up with many names, but Ria rejected them one after another. She wanted one that stuck.

After who knows how many, seeing her appearance of being covered in plate armor, a certain name came to mind.
“How about… Irina?”
“Hmm, not bad. Where’s the name from?”
“It’s the name of a female soldier that wielded a huge sword with plate armor.”
“Ah, that’s good.”
Thus, her name was decided.
“How about a temporary last name? Irina Crystal. My younger sister.”
“Congratulations, Irina.”
“Congratulations, Irina.”
“Thank you.”

“A, umm, Nee-chan, I have a request about names.”
‘I want a name’, Serge started to say.
In truth, Serge got his name from the Edo period of his previous life. It was a name that felt like Yosaku or Hachibee.
“If I gave my full name to royalty, it would be hard to name myself impressively.”
“Well, I don’t particularly mind… Serge wants to have a different name from here on? Troublesome.”
Ria waved her hand towards Serge, who was nodding with vigor, and thought about it.
“Serge… Serge… how about Sergess? It feels more aristocratic.”
“Don’t want it! It feels like a perverted hero’s name!”
Since he rejected it so strongly, Ria was involuntarily overwhelmed.

“If that’s so… Serge… Sagi… ttarius. So, how about that? Long distance attacks are your strong point, so isn’t that good?”
“Sagittarius… the archer… I can use meteor attacks, that’s spot on!”
Serge shouted ecstatically.
Not the superman, not the leading role with a superpower, but able to rescue at a hair’s breath. It wasn’t a bad name at all.
“If you like, how about last name too? Sagittarius Crystal.”
“Eh! Is that okay!?”
“Yeah, Crystal was originally a commoner’s family name after all. It’s fine even if you introduce yourself in Casalia.”
Serge was excited. He brushed back his bangs with his hand a bit.
“I am Sagittarius Crystal. My close friends call me Serge.”
It seemed like it got a bit complicated.



“So Irina, take care of yourself.”
“Un, Valis-chan. I’m off.”
Smiling fondly at the girl’s lively response, Valis used teleportation magic.

Silence returned.

Valis exhaled. The next moment, a gigantic figure filled the room.
Valis thought them to be a fun group of people. Thinking about the humans that had come, they were the first since Anaia.
Though she wouldn’t live long, she wouldn’t forget them to the last minute. For Valis, remembering was love.
Valis’ precognition informed her. Other than Irina, she would definitely meet Ria again.
And at that time, she would very likely fight to her utmost at that time.
The vision wasn’t complete. Just like she wasn’t able to completely see Clarice’s disappearance, she couldn’t grasp all of Ria and Irina’s future.
If that sort of future arrived, she would leave the cave herself. And perhaps, the other three God Dragons as well.
Maybe she could meet those humans she missed? If she could, that would be good.
(Is Shifaka still alive? Kuo obviously…)
While recalling their faces, Valis entered a shallow slumber.



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