Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 47

The One Who Fights Against God


The one who moved, the only one who could move, was Maal.
She pointed the already-loaded crossbow from her waist at Valis. Right, at a god.
She could kill her with just her gaze. Everyone believed that. However, Valis was tolerant.
An arrow was let loose. It struck Valis’ clothing before falling down in place.



“Don’t panic, little one.”
Of course, Valis looked gentle as she expressed a smile.
A vast amount of magical power arose from Ria’s collapsed body, obscuring it.
Maal could see the phenomenon.
Among them, only Maal and Serge were aware of what was happening.
Magical power was materializing, covering Ria’s body. It took the shape of an egg with a black luster.
So that she could gain new power, she went into a chrysalis stage.
It was Labyrinth City all over again.

“Now then, I’ll give my blessings to all of you as well.”
Valis waved her hand. At that moment, everyone felt an explosive surge in their power.
According to Serge’s Identify, everyone was granted various Skills and ten levels in one go.
“Too much power would bring destruction after all. Just this much should be fine.”
‘Just this much’ she said. Like it was trifling.
All Resistance, Ability Value Enhancement, Healing and Recovery Rate Increase。 Abilities like that.

As expected of a god.
Compared to this, Labyrinth’s strength was just a tiny insect.
“Umm, I’m sorry.”
Maal bowed. She was flexible to the point that her forehead touched her knees.
Though she was reflecting on it, she had shot an arrow at a being equal to a god.
“Don’t mind it.”
Valis returned to her seat. Though she was the same as a god, the gods from Greek mythology couldn’t be compared to her generosity.
“Well, what will you do? I could return you to the surface if you have no further desires.”
The group looked at each other. They all looked puzzled.
In front of a god, what would you request?
Any kind of wish could be granted, but now that it came to it, they couldn’t think of anything.

“Excuse me.”
Timidly, Lulu raised her hand up.
“By some chance, could… Valis-sama revive someone from the dead?”
“I can.”
Valis’ tone made it feel like it would be no trouble to her at all.
“Though if it isn’t meaningful, the compensation is great. It depends on the conditions.”
“My grandfather died four years ago, can you revive him?”
“I can. Something like that isn’t difficult.”
“T-the price?”
“Come here.”
Valis beckoned for the timid Lulu to approach.
The fingertips that touched her forehead were cool.
“Your grandfather has already reincarnated. From here, tearing out his soul, replanting his scattered memories, regenerating his body, all are necessary to revive him. Do you wish for that?”

What Lulu wanted was nothing like that.
But she wanted to see him again. To meet him, and thank him for everything.
Souls reincarnated.
Even civilians believed that, and Valis said it was true.
To bring back her grandfather from his new life for her own selfish reasons was something she wouldn’t do.

Pushed forward by his neighbors’ elbows, Gates stood up.
“My wife is sick, her condition has gotten back, so… could you… heal her?”
“I can. Come here.”
She said the same thing.
After returning, Gates would find that rather than recovering, his wife was even returned to her youth, but that was a story for another time.

In a similar fashion, everyone had their humble wishes granted.
Or they would be told what to do for them to come true.
Even things like immortality and perpetual youth would be trifling with Valis’ power.
But sooner or later, those who asked for it would also come to beg for death.
So what they wished for was for wounds that wouldn’t heal to be healed, or for their health to be restored.
No one sought money or fame. For these utilitarians, they thought it would be a waste.

Only Serge desired nothing.
No, his desire would be after this.



“Then, I will send you all back to the surface.”
“Umm, could you send us to the town at the base of the mountain?”
Valis generously accepted Vargas’ request.
“Umm, Ria-chan is…”
“For now, she will remain here. When she hatches, I will send my child to deliver her.”
“Is it no good for me to wait here?”
Maal wanted to wait for her. Serge persuaded her last time so she returned by herself. This time she had to stay near her.
“That’s fine.”
“Then I’ll stay too. You’ll need food and water.”
Serge gave a good reason, but there was something he still wanted to ask.

The still slightly dazed group of people were teleported out of the area.
“I might… be a little hungry.”
Maal started eating the bread Serge took out. Valis began to gently caress the horn of her child, who had snuggled up to her.
Thinking about it, since it was her genuine child, she would be as charming as her mother. Though the God Dragon’s emotions could clearly be called cute, that much was expected from the love towards her child.
“Now then, young human.”
Still looking at her own child, her voice was directed at Serge.
“You still have business with me?”
He was seen through. That much was a matter of course. Or maybe she could read peoples’ minds? No, maybe it was natural to see through his thoughts?
“Yes, but I have a question first.”
He wasn’t as afraid as he was before. He was getting used to her, but that may have been due to him gaining resistances regarding abnormalities that influenced the mind.
“By some chance, are you a reincarnated person?”
“What is reincarnation, young human?”
Continuing, Valis spoke calmly.
“It could be called a robust soul transferring between frail bodies and minds many times over. Us Dragons remain in the same body until our souls wear down.”
[Then, why can you speak Japanese?]
Maal was startled by the sudden language she didn’t understand coming from Serge’s mouth. But it was no matter, he wanted to ask this question.
[I have connected to that world many times. It isn’t hard to remember the language.]
Valis replied, also using Japanese.

Serge was confused.
When he spoke with Labyrinth, he was told he couldn’t return to his original world. He was plainly denied it.
And now, she said that she had done it many times.
Labyrinth had lived for one thousand years.
Her quantity of information was likely different than the Dark Dragon, who had lived for at least three thousand years.
[Actually, how long have you lived?]
[I don’t know. However, a short time after this planet’s birth, I gained self-awareness and just was.]
That was several billion years, or maybe even dozens of billions? When he compared it to Earth’s history, he felt it was about that many years.
She wasn’t a biological creature. Not even a god. An existence. She simply was.



Serge sighed.
When he realized he would reincarnate into another world, he was excited. Though it wasn’t like he didn’t have any attachments to his previous life, when he was told he was being given a new life, he was definitely glad.
The same as manga and novel protagonists, he dreamed of being peerless in magic. In reality, when he was about to be killed by an Orc, he was saved by Ria.
If this world were like a story, the protagonist would be Ria. Perhaps, if he didn’t meet Ria, he might have been someone called a hero.
He wanted to play an excellent supporting role with them.
Then if things went well, find a beautiful wife!
… He had dreams like that.

Serge was practical, an ordinary human.
Even if he got natural talents in magic, his state of mind was different from the start.
And to some extent, the strength of his soul. Ria had somehow received 1012 Points, he understood why she could reincarnate into this world.
He first thought she was a cheat, but when he saw her fight with the Ogre King, and again against the Cyclops, he realized he was mistaken.
Even if Ria had nothing, she would be strong. There was no doubt.
While that may be true, he didn’t want to abandon his own potential.
He didn’t want to give up his own strength.
[Umm, Valis-sama.]
Although he dreamed of being a great mage going on risky adventures, he hadn’t done it.
[Please give me a Skill.]

His wish was granted.



“Now, then next—”
Serge and Maal had returned to their seats and were watching the egg.
“I kept you waiting, come in.”
The two people turned towards the voice.
There was nothing.
No, they saw it.
“Spirit magic…”
Serge heard Maal’s murmur. Twinkling, a figure appeared.
The hooded shape wore a sand-colored mantle.
An explorer. However, it was just one person.
Not even Ria would have been able to make it here alone. Even Ria had to rest.

The figure lowered their hood. Seeing its face, the two put themselves on guard without thinking.
Its beauty was like a sculpture. Brown skin, long silver hair. Long, thin ears.
“Dark elf.”
The one to murmur this time was Serge.
Dark elves were members of the demon tribe. They were known for having the most magical power among the demon tribe.

And… she had huge boobs.

Unlike elves, dark elves had huge boobs. It was actually common sense in this world.
The garments she wore under the mantle she took off were basically white, but her bulging breasts stood out.
“Pleasure to meet you, Dark Dragon Valis-sama.”
The dark elf knelt on the spot, sonorously calling out Valis’ name.
“I am His Majesty, the Demon King’s, retainer, one of the Demon Generals. I am called Rei Bradford.”
The instant he saw her, Serge used Identify.

Level 40.

Though Serge was no warrior, he could somewhat grasp the opponent’s strength with the combat experience he’d gained so far.
However, Identify was telling him that the dark elf right before him was Level 40.
Her ability values weren’t very high either. As for her Skills, they were scout-type Skills.
However, the being in front of him was at least stronger than Shizuna. It was something about her atmosphere. To begin with, it would be impossible to travel through the labyrinth with a level like that.
Accordingly, Serge used a higher ranked Identify from the grimoire he’d received from Labyrinth.

It was ineffective on the adult Dragons, but the magic could see Ria’s abilities.
At the time, he was surprised at her low level and disproportionate attribute values.

Divine Fathoming.
Though it still required a large portion of his magical power, Serge didn’t hesitate to use it.
Then, he understood. The demon tribe was disguising her abilities.

Dark Elf-san was Level 138.
Rather than a scout, it was more like an assassin. No, judging from how she concealed herself, she didn’t seem the type to fight head on.
But she was strong. There was no doubting that she was strong.

“So, do you have some business with me?”
Valis called out. She didn’t have any emotion in particular in her voice. It was a member of the demon tribe, moreover one of the leadership.
“By the order of my lord, I am to investigate the human called Ria. But if you—”
The dark elf’s voice blurred into being desperate.
“In the nearing Millennium, my lord wants to give his assistance.”
“It’s no use. Rather, that’s impossible.”
Valis’ words were merciless.
“To start, I don’t know what your lord is planning. Something like an ex-hero Demon King, there’s only one in my memory.”


“W-waiwaiwaiwaiwaiwait up a sec! Sorry for cutting in, but please hold up!”
Serge unintentionally plunged into the conversation. He was panicking. And surprised.
“Eh? As in the Demon King, king of the demon tribe? The one a hero is born or summoned from another world to defeat right? The heck’s an ex-hero Demon King!?”
Right, it was a tale that even kids in the country knew about.
In the Millennium, a hero would defeat the Demon King. They would defend humanity from the demon tribe’s invasion.
Born after receiving the gods’ blessings, or summoned by magic left behind by gods.
They would generally marry a princess in the end, spending their time in happiness.
There should be a hero. The Demon King should be defeated.
“One thousand years ago, a hero was summoned.”
In spite of her conversation being obstructed, Valis wasn’t particularly offended.
“After defeating the Demon king together with Anaia, he became the next Demon King”

Saying just that much as though that was all, there was no doubting Valis’ tone.


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