Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 43

The Pursuer


The labyrinth conquering began.
They advanced through it at a furious pace.
Though their previous invasions were fast enough that it was impossible for them to be followed, this was even faster.
The reason was obvious.
Ria stopped restraining herself.

Left behind them were their previous enemies they had somehow or another cut down and defeated.
Although they were only careful around traps, although enemies used magic, although they spat venom at them, although acid soared through the air, although curses were placed on them, everything was nullified and disabled.

Groups of Iron Golems had their legs severed with a stroke of her katana, and with another to their chests they collected their magic stones.
The same with Basilisks’ petrification gaze, it had no effect at all. They were cut down the same as ordinary Monitor Lizards.
Swarms of Ghosts were extinguished with blasts of magical power.
Insect-type demons were burned by fire magic.
Same for Giant Slimes.
When they were attacked from all sides by Giant Bats, with a flourish of her katana, all that remained were ruined bats with their heads flying through the air.
Even demons that had fur of steel, they were killed through their steel.
“The blade’s nicks… none, good, good.”
In just a single day, the group had went up to the tenth floor.



“Nee-chan, aren’t you really overworking yourself?”
Serge whispered to her when they prepared camp.
Since he could understand the other member’s conditions with Identify, they could take a break even if they themselves said they could keep going. Though since Identify doesn’t work on Ria, he asked her quietly.
“Ah, I’m fine. More importantly, are you alright Serge? This is a pretty extreme speed.”
Among them, Serge and Lulu had no endurance. Particularly with Serge’s age, his numerical endurance and stamina were the lowest.
“I can get on Rudolph so…”
Though she thought that Rudolph the Hellhound would have to be pushed on at the start, he was an indispensable existence now.
He had a pretty high fighting strength, but in this labyrinth it didn’t amount to much. He was amazing as a means of transportation though.
Even with Serge and Lulu on his back, he didn’t sway even a little. It was obvious that he could pull a wagon, but he also had high output strength and durability.
Moreover, his senses exceeded the beastkin Shar and Maal’s, informing them of assailants.
If he wasn’t there, they probably wouldn’t be moving at even half their current rate.
“But do we have to hurry there? It’s not a problem of capability, but mental health.”
The same thing she spoke to Vargas about had also been told to Serge.
“I’m not in any particular hurry, does it look that way?”
Looking at it, it was dangerous either way. Impatience and openings went hand in hand.
“Though Nee-chan doesn’t look like she’s in a rush, aren’t the other people a bit maxed out?”
“I see. Maybe I’ll drop the pace a little?”
Making preparations while saying so, everyone began to eat.

Ria just maintained her katana.
She confirmed that there were no problems with the blade. However, it felt like there was a slight sense of incompatibility in her hands.
After creating Nagasone Kotetsu, a huge amount of demons had been cut down. Even though it was strengthened through magic, it had phenomenal stamina. As expected of a Japanese sword said to be the strongest in her previous world, it could only be classified as a first-rate sword.
Incidentally, though the blade was completely fine, the guard and handle was remade with her genesis magic. Certainly, the original held a magnificent art value, but since there was a problem in its strength, it was now a boorish metal hilt wrapped in mithril fibers.
“Are the rivets on the hilt worn out…?”
It felt a little out of place. She took out a spare hilt and replaced it.
“Hey, that curved blade.”
Shizuna asked while chewing on hardtack. It didn’t look elegant at all.
“Without being a magical item, can it still cut well? Is there a trick to it?”
“A secret… secret huh? Well, it’s not something like a secret.”
It was a long story. However, she didn’t want to talk about the details. It was a dilemma.
“A long time ago, in the out skirting islands to the east, there was a country named Japan.”
Though it might still be there, it’s not in this world.
Serge’s laughter could be heard in the background.
“Then, they developed this curved blade called a katana. It didn’t break, it didn’t bend, and it could cut very well. It was the ultimate Japanese sword.”
“Oooh, so dwarves made it after all?”
As a warrior, she was interested in weapons. Shuzina threw in another question.
Common sense in this world said that good weapons were made by dwarves. Things excelling that could only be sacred treasures.
“No, they were humans. This katana in particular was made by a skilled artisan named Kotetsu. I got this in Labyrinth City.”
She didn’t tell a lie.
“Aah, can I see it for a moment?”
When Shizuna said that, Serge’s and Lulu’s faces stiffened.
They knew just how much Ria was attached to katanas.
Even if that wasn’t the case, warriors didn’t let others touch their weapons that often.
“Don’t touch the blade directly. Also, try to not breath on it as much as possible too!”
That’s why Ria’s actions were unexpected.
When she unwrapped the cloth covering the blade, she handed the hilt part to Shizuna.
“It’s unexpectedly solid, and delicate.”
“There’s no magic in it after all. Since it can rust, maintenance is needed.”
“Heeeh… pretty…”
“It’s beautiful right? Though since it’s this beautiful, it can also be decorated not as a weapon, but for appreciation as well. It’s a shame.”
In that area, this world had the same circumstances. Although since this world had actual combat, most things were made for practicality.
“Hmm, I wonder if I could use it a bit too?”
Though Shizuna’s weapon was a long sword, her curiosity gushes forth when it comes to cutting things.
“In that case, I’ll teach you. Already, you should pay attention to your waist.”
“Ah— stop it!”
Shizuna retreated.



It was quiet.
There was just the sound of the fire crackling, though it filled the cave.
You couldn’t hear the sound of everyone’s breathing after having fallen asleep.
There were three people on lookout, Ria, Cell, and Lulu.
Added on to that was Rudolph’s beastly senses. It was likely impossible for any kind of demon to launch a surprise attack on them.

At that time, even though Ria felt it, there was no presence.
A gaze.
Even if it concealed its hostility, murderous intent, and presence, that wouldn’t erase the feeling of being watched.
Katana in hand, she stood up.
Using light magic at the tip of her finger, she drifted it towards the passage.
“What’s wrong? An enemy?”
Cell asked her, but Ria didn’t even know.
Since Rudolph was sound asleep, there shouldn’t be any danger. However, something felt off.
“It feels like… there’s a person.”
Ria went towards the passage as though she was gliding. Further ahead, though the ball of light continued to shine, there wasn’t the shape of a person.
“Other explorers?”
Ria didn’t answer Lulu’s inquiry.
When explorers met in the Dark Labyrinth, they would keep away from each other as much as possible. That was standard protocol in the Dark Labyrinth.
“… It disappeared.”
Returning to where she was, Ria sat down.
She didn’t know if it was her imagination. She didn’t know exactly what it was.
However, there was an uncomfortable feeling of death in the labyrinth.

“There might have been something there, but I don’t feel it now.”
“The spirits aren’t warning me of anything in particular.”
In a sense, Cell’s detection capability was higher than Rudolph’s. Detection through spirit magic. Even that hadn’t reported anything.
However, there was a fatal hole in Cell’s detection.
In the case where the enemy far exceeded him in using spirits, detection through magic would be ineffectual.



She had erased her figure, her smell, her sound, and her heat.
Even so, somehow, that girl sensed her.
Her skin was too white from the aesthetic sense of a dark elf, and she perceived her with an ability that went beyond the five senses.
(In the end, there’s nothing that can be done but to meekly follow her then?)
That was her original purpose in the first place.

Boasting the highest degree of difficulty on the continent, the Dark Labyrinth.
It’s said that only a single person had ever conquered it. In a certain meaning, she was even more unreasonable than Ria.



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