Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 33

Battle for the First Time


Training began the next day.
That said, since the village’s men were also its labor force, they couldn’t afford to only train. They could just devote early mornings and the evening to it at best.
The coach was Carlos. Ria didn’t participate in training the group’s training. Even in her previous life, she had nothing but the knowledge in her head.
But as a knight, Carlos had personally experienced subjugating thieves. Moreover, since he’s a knight, he had experience leading and fighting with soldiers.
And even going by appearance, Carlos clearly looked like a knight so the villagers obeyed him.
“Be that as it may, where did all these spears come from…”
Carlos answered the village chief’s question in a tone that refused speaking more of it. He was similar to Ria in things like that.

The five others undertook strengthening the defenses of the village itself.
Cutting down the trees surrounding the hillock, their view was improved. Ria tried out her new katana on the tree trunks, cutting though many of them. Gig also helped after shifting his grip on his axe, while Serge stored the lumber with space-time magic to transport the harvest.
Lulu and Maal were further away, setting up traps on slopes leading to the village. Maal, who had hunted for her own village, drew things out of her memory to help correct the village’s hunters. Though they wouldn’t be lethal, it might be enough to deprive them of fighting strength.
“Hmmm, though the trial went well…”
Ria was dissatisfied. She couldn’t create a better katana than Nagasone Kotetsu, the first one she created and one she’d personally held in her previous life. Though it was the same as Nagasone Kotetsu, just sharper, she couldn’t tune it.
Still, it was a much sharper katana than the one she’d gotten from the Ogre King, as expected from something called genesis magic.
Since there were just tiny openings, Serge reinforced the fencing by covering it with a magic wall of soil. Though it wasn’t that strong, with this it could block arrows.

In the end though, the training was mostly meaningless.
Midday after just two days, Ria sensed troops coming from the distance.

One of her Gifts was the Divine Protection of the War God, allowing her to sense the presence of massess of soldiers. Though it was definitely a cheat since it prevented surprise attacks, this was the first time it had been useful.
“Serge, sound the alarm.”
When Serge informed them using space-time magic, the villagers sounded the alarm. It was even made of metal parts from Ria’s magic. The bell rang loudly, getting villagers out in the fields to seek shelter within the mud wall.

When signs of the enemy appeared at the top of the hill, the village had already completely readied its defensive system.
Every man who could fight had either a spear or a bow, outfitting themselves in armor. Despite this being their first fight, their faces weren’t painted with fear.
(I wonder, is this the power of the Gift…?)
When she secretly used Identify, their abilities had went up across the board. It was probably the other effects described in the Gift.
(My soldiers…)
Her blood was boiling. Even if it might become a life and death struggle after this, she didn’t feel guilty for it.
This. This was the nature of war. To keep their dignity as people, to keep their independence, they had to fight.

Looking from the top of the lookout, there was a single horseman coming.
Maintaining a sufficient distance from the village, he started giving a speech.
For some reason, this village had not paid tax up to now. They were drafting the villagers as an alternative. If they resisted, they would be punished for treason.
If Ria knew the real reason, she would probably laugh with scorn at them.
Due to their slave hunt failing, moreover losing a large amount of soldiers, they were trying to come up with a pretext for it somehow.

Trying to commandeer things like rations, those that resisted were exterminated. They lost soldiers in the process.
Though she doubted they would escape from them carrying out punishment with that pretext, it seemed a battle was inevitable.
She reviewed their victory conditions.
To the last, the Cordova soldiers had to dominate this village and pin it as part of the country.
It was already just to try and save the commanding officer’s own neck, they needed a scapegoat. Then all she had to do was kill the commander. After that the officer would probably withdraw the soldiers.
If they still didn’t retreat, she would thoroughly kill all of their commanders. If just soldiers were left, they would run away without taking leadership.
And another important thing, minimize the damage taken by allies.
If possible, don’t let a single person be killed. In order for that, she made the spears and the earthen wall was erected. If even a single person died, it would be difficult to be seen off smiling.
“First of all, should I kill that person with the loud voice…?”

Ria created an oversized Fireball, aimed at the solitary knight continuing to give his speech, and fired.



After the knight turned into a pillar of fire, the battle began.
Although Cordova’s army shot from their bows, the village was on a hill to begin with. Because the earthen wall was made, they wouldn’t take damage unless they blundered greatly.
(Poor horse…)
She didn’t regret killing the person at all. Jumping from the lookout, Ria leapt onto the earthen wall.
The arrows concentrated towards the figure that suddenly appeared. However, not a single one hit.
Though the wind was weak, the shots all went astray. Maal used her spirit magic.

Cordova soldiers climbed the slope towards the village. A few of the bows from here found their mark. Some of them were repelled by their armor, but it decreased their enemy’s numbers somewhat.
Serge’s magic burst in the area where the enemy gathered on the path. Excalibur was shot horizontally, dissecting the entire enemy unit, as well as leaving a huge scar on the ground.
The enemy was no longer able to assault from the front. Avoiding the road, they spread around to both sides at the gates.
(Though it would have been serious if the enemies had a magician, but isn’t it an easy win like this…?)
Just how much damage had the villagers avoided taking?
Ria looked towards the enemy’s base.



From the top of the lookout, he just continued to fire off Exploding Fireballs, simple work.
Seeing the fleeting image of large shields being prepared, Serge shot magic.
He dropped a Fireball where people were gathering in groups. Not even armor or shields could prevent the flames. This was more efficient than rapidly firing off Excalibur.
“I’ve gotten used to this huh…”
He muttered. He really had grown accustomed to killing people.
Originally, there wasn’t much guilt from killing with magic. Holding memories of his previous life like Ria, it was more abnormal to kill people with weapons and feel the resistance in your own hands while maintaining your calm.
Nevertheless, there still was some guilt. Those soldiers could have been commoners like Serge, gathered up. In order to kill them, he needed some excuse.
Ria ordered him.
He was ordered, so he is killing them.
When all of the responsibility was taken him, even if it was just the official story, even if it was just an excuse, Serge’s guilt was offloaded.
Additionally, this was a defensive battle. Not a fight of aggression.
For self-defense, he would protect everyone’s everyday life. Therefore, he would fight.
Serge didn’t notice that he was also inside of the range of Ria’s Gift.

Carlos and Gig were each like non-commissioned officers, taking command in order to eliminate enemy soldiers as they tried to scale over the earthen wall. [1]
Carlos would shoot arrows at enemies that occasionally appear over the wall. Gig was even better with throwing stones.
Maal asked the wind to weaken the arrows’ strengths, doing her best to concentrate. Lulu waited on standby for medical duties. She really wanted to use offensive magic, but Ria prohibited it.
At any rate, there wasn’t much friendly damage.
Against the enemy forces that exceeded one thousand, it was a miracle.
However, it might have been possible if it was Ria. He thought so as well.

About nine hundred enemies spread around the village to surround it.
At best, there were about two hundred prepared for combat on the friendly side. Even so, they were just amateurs that could barely be called troops.
However, morale was high.
Considering that they would defend their village under normal circumstances, they were also under the influence of Ria’s Gift. If it came to a fight, it’d probably be neck and neck.
However, being on par with each other was no good.
They would lose a large number of people. If they invaded the village, they would definitely suffer damage. That couldn’t be called victory.

Therefore, she would crush their head.

“Time to go?”
Getting off of the earthen wall, she hopped on Matsukaze that she’d prepared. Matsukaze was wearing horse armor. Though it was made based on her memories, it would probably be useful. In order to not increase the weight, Ria was wearing her usual leather armor.
Then, Ria charged together with Rudolph. Could a standard soldier stop the power of a level 45 demon?
“Open the gate.”
A villager hurriedly unfastened the latch. Then, Ria rode out on Matsukaze.
Just one horseman.
No, including Rudolph, one horseman and one animal.
Rudolph leading, the soldiers were sent flying by his large body. Cordova’s soldier’s weapon was a common pike, but it couldn’t pierce Rudolph’s fur and body.
Following behind, Matsukaze galloped.
Ria held a cross spear with a long handle, killing soldiers that got in the way. Though horsemen sometimes came at them, they couldn’t get close enough to fight against Ria. [2]

Finally nearing the top of the hill, she saw the commander being defended by infantry. Since Cordova’s commanders wore red cloaks, she immediately knew who it was.
He had an incredible countenance. Definitely someone who had encountered true monsters on the battlefield.
“Y-you son of a bitch, the f*ck are you!”
“Want to know!?”
Her spear flashed. The battalion commander’s neck was severed.
The surrounding knights, probably officers, didn’t have time to react.
The battalion commander’s body tumbled off his horse. Finally reacting, they brandished their weapons toward Ria.
“The one responsible for the slave hunt is dead. Still eager?”
Rotating her spear, it audibly sliced through the air. Behind her, Rudolph overran the infantry.
Companion to a Hellhound, killing their commander in a single blow, she was still a young girl. Even if they lowered their visors, she understood by the voice.
“The f*ck are you!?”
If was the same question as the commander, this time from a senior officer. Probably the adjutant. Ria answered properly this time. [3]
“I am a hired mercenary for this village. I don’t intend to give my name.”
Feeling Ria’s intimidation, the officers drew back, the horses frightened. The horses understood the feelings of their riders.
And this adjutant was a wise man. Having grown old, he knew there were existences one shouldn’t act against.
“Sound the bells of retreat. We will return to the garrison.”
“That’s better.”
Ria turned the horse around, running down the hill. This time, Rudolph followed behind.
The euphoria of running through a battlefield pulled her. The sounds of bells rang in a constant rhythm from the top of the hill.
It echoed throughout the entire battlefield, signalling the end of the fight.

Cordova’s soldiers pulled back.
Within them, a single horseman dressed in black returned to the village.
Cheers of joy sprang up from the village. While listening to them, the only thing on Ria’s mind was if anyone had died.



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