Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 29

To the Surface


It was a beautiful katana.

The blade reflected light as calmly as the moon, while the ridged pattern of the blade reflected a strong and dark brilliance.

Ria looked at the katana in her hands from various angles, looking at it for who knows how long. At last, she nodded.
“It’s Nagasone Kotetsu.”

After starting to make the sword with genesis magic, half a day had passed.



By the time Ria was finally satisfied with the katana she produced, most of her magical power had been exhausted.
It required tremendous concentration, as well as greatly affecting her endurance, yet she still continued on to make the next one.

This time, she wasn’t focusing on the Nagasone Kotetsu in her hands. She focused on a knife she’d appreciated in a museum.
Using almost the same amount of time, magical power, and endurance, she created it.
Again, viewing it from multiple angles, Ria nodded.

In the meantime, Labyrinth asked Serge to teach her magic.
Although Labyrinth could use the ultimate magic called genesis magic, she couldn’t use other types of magic. Since Serge excelled at everything from fire and water magic all the way to space-time magic, he taught her the techniques.
“Nee-chan, did it work?”
When Serge called out, Ria cheerfully put the produced katana at her waist. She had an expression of satisfaction on her face.
“I’m grateful. With this weapon I won’t be defeated anymore.”
Even her tone was somewhat like a samurai. Labyrinth was also amazed.
“Though I thought you would understand how to use it, imagining it and constructing it is the same as other magic. It’ll likely become faster to make after you are accustomed to it.”
Ria nodded with a smile.
“But I really would like to speak with you again.”
“Same with me. You are the first guest I’ve had in a long time. But don’t you have people waiting for you?”
The three reincarnated people looked at each other’s faces.
“I’ll come back once in a while. Let’s talk about a lot of things when that time comes.”
“That would be nice. Well, since the Great War should be happening soon, I might go out at that time as well.”
The Great War, also called the Millennium, was a clash between demons and mankind. Two thousand years ago and again a thousand years ago, many of the continents became scorched earth. Ages of darkness, reducing the population below a tenth of the current.
“Will it be soon?”
Though Ria was worried as expected, Labyrinth shook her head.
“It will likely happen within this decade. However, what I don’t know is how much power the demons have recovered in the far reaches of their frozen soil.”
The demons always invaded near the Millennium. When humans force them to the other side of the permafrost, it’s a win.
The more the demons could gather their strength, the greater the harm.
“That’s why I want everyone to come to the labyrinth for lots of training.”
Labyrinth shrugged. Since Ria agreed, Ria would talk to her father, the king, about it.
Adding on to that, Labyrinth continued speaking.
“When you return to the surface, don’t reveal my identity. Since she didn’t see my appearance, that includes that kitten-chan. You two reincarnated people are exceptions.”
Though she still wanted to know about things like Labyrinth’s history, since Serge heard about it to some extent, she could get it from him later. Her comrades were certainly waiting anxiously.
“Even so, I have a favor to ask…”
As Labyrinth waved her hand, a huge Hellhound appeared.

With sharp fangs and red eyes, it wagged its tail.
“You tamed this child right?”
She tamed it? Though she certainly remembered patting one as it rolled over, she couldn’t make out any individual differences.
Panting with its tongue plopped out, it watched Ria in a sitting pose.
“Since it got used to humans, it can’t be used as a labyrinth demon anymore. Though it might be troublesome, will you take it?”
Ria folded her arms and considered the unexpected request.
The Hellhound’s red eyes stared at her.
“Well, it can’t be helped, huh…”
Though the dog had a large build, it could be kept in the royal castle’s garden. It wouldn’t be a problem so long as it didn’t attack anyone. Rufus also made a demon his familiar.
Though the problem would be whether or not the horse was afraid of it, since it’s Matsukaze it probably won’t be a problem. Johnny and Donkey would just have to get accustomed to it.

“Well then, I’ll send you off.”
Ria and Serge got on the Hellhound’s back, who was now wearing a collar. They then waved goodbye to Labyrinth.
Wrapped in a pale light, the animal and two people were teleported.



“Well then, I wonder how much she’ll be able to approach Ars’ strength? It wouldn’t be strange even if the demons held the advantage though…”
Musing to herself, the mischievous fairy smiled.



The real sun began sinking behind the mountains in the west.
They were on the slightly elevated hill with the door leading into the labyrinth. It was the place they’d used to teleport with the mirror.
There were groups of explorers using it to return near them. Overlooking the flocks of explorers heading to the inn, there was a small curtained tent on the way.
The problem was what sat beside the tent; it had the figure of a small cat beastkin.
Calling out in a quiet voice, Maal reacted in a big way.
She jumped up and ran to her. However, she stopped on the way.
It was understandable since she caught sight of the Hellhound. Ria descended from its back, ushering Maal closer.
Embracing each other, Ria held Maal’s sides and hoisted her into the air, spinning round and round.
Maal, who’d had a slightly concerned look on her face, quickly began to smile, laughing loudly.
Of course, the figure of the large Hellhound couldn’t not attract the eyes of those coming and going.
“Nee-chan, we’re standing out too much.”
Serge sighed deeply.

Maal quickly explained what happened after she teleported back to the surface.
When Maal went outside, the three who were crushed by the Cyclops seemed to have woken up in the guild’s medical room.
Since those other than the three that had been killed didn’t appear, they judged that they’d withdrawn. Looking at it from that point of view, that was natural. After deciding to wait at the guild in shifts, Maal returned.
Lulu, hearing Maal’s story and who knew of Ria’s absurdities the best, acted like a senior and was of the opinion of waiting.
But Maal, not wanting to spend the time doing nothing, set up a tent here and waited for Ria and the others to return.

On their way back to the mansion speaking about things like that, Ria and Maal held hands. Behind them, Serge just listened in while riding the Hellhound.
Though she wondered about reporting the labyrinth completion to the guild as normal, she thought of the turmoil that would happen, deciding to wait till the next day.
As soon as they returned to the mansion, Lulu showed Ria’s leg that had been put on ice. Since she couldn’t use magic to recover a completely lost body part, she needed to hold on to it. Of course, she was surprised that the leg had sprouted back.
“Anego is still as awesome as ever.”
What’s so awesome? Not knowing what happened, Gig was honestly admiring her.
“Since she’s the descendant of a dragon, maybe that’s why she can regrow her limbs? Even so, returning to normal in a week is too fast.”
Lulu said she would incinerate Ria’s frozen leg since it became unnecessary.
Since that meant the leg in front of her would be barbecued, it was quite a horror.
“Apart from that, what do we do with that dog?”
“It’ll be good if it hunts demons while we travel. After we return to the royal castle it’d probably be fine if it becomes a watchdog?”
Though Ria thought about it simply, Carlos’ common sense said they couldn’t take a demon to the royal castle. Absolutely not. But lying down wisely, the Hellhound watched and waited in that posture. It couldn’t be helped.
“It’ll be hard to get Johnny and the others accustomed…”
Saying those words, Carlos accepted that the number of travelling companions would increase.

Returning to the mansion, Klaus was surprised in many ways.
A gigantic Hellhound, a regenerated leg, and a big magic crystal larger than a head that Serge had taken out.
“Well really, in all the time I’ve lived so far this is the first time I’ve been so surprised.”
It was a considerably restrained way of speaking.

After that, to celebrate the success of their labyrinth exploration, they decided to hold a party at a later date. By convention, it would be held at the mayor’s mansion.
“For a while after tomorrow, the whole city will be in a fuss.”
Klaus said so happily. Also wanting to be an explorer when he was a child, he’d studied the sword. Growing up and getting a party together, he challenged the labyrinth. Discouraged by dying early in, he took over after his father.
That was his history.

Entering the large bath leisurely, Ria put Maal on her lap and began to caress her.
“Ah~, baths refresh the spirit!”
“Ria-chan always says that.”
Moving Maal in her arms, she embraced her gently.
“It’s my favorite phrase~. But I don’t think I say it all the time.”
“… Ria-chan, did your chest get bigger?”
Since there was nothing like a bra type of underwear in this world, she didn’t notice. But after confirming it herself, they certainly were getting bigger.
Incidentally, it was the same with the length of her clothes as well, they’d become slightly shorter. Apparently, she didn’t just regenerate in the egg, but grew as well.
“I see, I’ve also gotten more beautiful!”
Looking into the full body mirror, Ria admired herself.



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