Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 26

The Giant’s Attack



Its strength was overwhelming.

Not that it was a violent strength. More than being violent, it was aggressive.

It wasn’t attacking, it was simply removing obstacles.

It was that kind of a simple and pure strength.



The Cyclops’ movements were faster than you’d imagine something with that gigantic of a figure could manage. If it weren’t for Serge’s acceleration magic, it could have been an immediate checkmate.
But apart from being able to avoid its attacks, what could they do?
Even if they attacked all out, they couldn’t even reach the giant’s knees. Even if the giant’s skin took a blow from Gig’s warhammer, it was elastic enough to repel the attack.

Serge’s magic cut through space. But it only went as far as slicing through a single thin layer of the giant’s skin.
Boosted by her magical power, Ria’s magic bounced off the surface of the giant’s skin.

Ria’s nodachi, completely reinforced by magic, was also barely able to cause the giant to bleed.
Though even so, it probably still felt pain. The giant bellowed once again, beginning to retaliate in a rage.

A blow from its maul smashed the ground open, scattering debris through the room. Even when Ria built baths, she didn’t damage the materials.
As a small fortune, the giant’s weapon and limbs were unable to catch anyone in the group. Of course, they were still under the effect of acceleration magic.

The giant was furious.

It didn’t have the gods’ wisdom, it had their strength.
Whipping up a gale by swinging its maul, the debris became bullets. They weren’t able to prevent it at all.

Ria roared. By using Body Reinforcement, she endured the stones bashing into her.
Rotating, she swung her blade at the giant’s ankle to sever the tendon.

It was useless.

The steel-like skin absorbed most of the slash’s power, only being made to bleed slightly.

Still, Ria didn’t give up. Without hesitating, she coated her blade with the venom she got from the Hydra. She continually slashed at the same spot over and over.
But she still couldn’t see any effect. It resisted her Identify.

“Serge, use Identify!”
“Sorry! I can’t see it!”

Even Serge’s Identify couldn’t see through it. As a descendant of the fallen gods, it held abilities worthy of being called that.

The giant’s attacks continued in the meantime.
With one of its attacks, an innumerable amount of rocks flew towards Lulu. She couldn’t avoid it.

Carlos intercepted the debris. The impact was enough to distort his shield.
But Lulu was safe. Carlos’ arm as well, it was just numbed.
“Are you alright!?”
Towards Carlos’ question, Lulu tried to answer.
Tried to.

The giant swung its arm, blowing Carlos away.

Like swatting an insect, it was a movement of casual irritation.
His shield was blown off, his armor crooked and warped from the strike.

Striking against the wall, the knight vomited blood.
Lulu’s recovery magic flew. However, the distorted armor prevented his flesh from being restored.

The giant followed him in pursuit.
Crunch. Carlos was crushed.

It was an instant kill. That was probably for the best.
Turning into particles of light, Carlos’ body disappeared, leaving behind the flattened armor. It was stained with blood.

His sword went somewhere.
Lulu thought of such an inconsequential thing. While she thought, she screamed.

How dare you.
How dare you do that to Carlos.

She had completely lost her cool. Though it wasn’t pointed out much, Lulu was simplistic and hot-blooded. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have left her hometown and come along with Ria on her journey.
Her aggressiveness was usually pinned down by her logic. Even so, someone just died in front of her. That’s all she thought about.
Refining her magical power. Composing the magic formula.
She raised her cane.
“White Flame Prison!”
An advanced fire magic that held great strength in this world. White flame serpents struck the Cyclops’ chest.

The giant bellowed. It was a cry of agony.
Its chest had reddened red-hot like minerals.
But that was all.

The giant loomed over the magician that bestowed such agony to it, brandishing its maul.
As Ria’s cry reached her, the maul swung down.

Splat. Her body crushed, only the cane remained.



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