Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 116

Descent of the Demon King


At the moment that the Demon King had declared he would arrive, the Japanese parliament building was filled with people.
There were the heads of various countries in direct attendance, diplomats, and even people watching the assembly hall through monitors.
There were also authorized mass media personnel from around the world standing along the wall.
This situation was relayed to many nations across the world, with the audience rating within Japan already exceeding 80%.




“Good job.”
It wasn’t that the parliament building’s guards were negligent.
It was simply that Ars and the others teleported there like illusions.
Wearing a golden mask and a black outfit, this was definitely the man that had appeared in the sky that day.
The guards that had tried to stop him found themselves unable to move. Ria’s Dragon Eyes had been invoked.
Having entered the building, Ars found another of those security guards and called out to him.
“Could you show me into the assembly hall?”
The guard was bewildered, but seeing that they weren’t carrying any weapons to speak of, he managed to muster his courage.
“This way.”
His legs trembling the whole way, he guided Ars and the others there.
The final door opened before them, the group made their way into the hall.

The moment that Ars showed up, the hall was filled with noise.
The one to take the lead was the gold mask-wearing Demon King Ars. Following him was a dark elf, Rei, and a three-eyed man.
After then was King of Lemdria, King Hollyn, and his son, Prince Sion. Then followed the chief of the centaur race which had formed an alliance with Lemdria.
Coming third were Ria, Carla, and the ogre king.
Seeing races that were obviously not human, the hall was boiling.

“They could have at least prepared some chairs.”
Even while Ars grumbled that, eight chairs appeared out of thin air.
The various races coming from the other world gave their backs to the chairs, but the male centaur remained standing.
“Now then, once again, hello, everyone on Earth.”
With the effect of the natural law magic [Translation], his words resounded through the assembly hall in all of their languages.

“I am Demon King Ars. The person who rules the largest area of that other world. This here is King Ryuke Hollyn, and this is Archduke Ryuke Riana. They are the second and third most powerful nations’ rulers of that world.”
After introducing them in a rather relaxed manner, Ars sat down.
“And now we can begin our discussions.”

The first to ask for a statement was Japan. By the way, the one to serve as speaker of the hall was Japanese as well.
“Your Majesty Ars, I would first like to ask you for your true intention behind your statement several days ago.
Ars inclined his head. He didn’t have any hidden reason, that was all.
“I don’t understand the meaning of your question. To survive, we will destroy Earth. Because we will do that, we will also allow a potentially great number of immigrants to immigrate to our world. That’s all.”
The assembly grew noisy. Among them was America’s ambassador making a remark.
“In other words, you are declaring war on the Earth?”
“Yeah, you could think of it like that I suppose?”
Ars smiled wryly beneath his mask.
“It’s better not to think of it as a war so much as a struggle for survival. Besides, the victor is already decided. Us offering the ability to immigrate is a kindness to the humans of Earth. The destructive power of the weapons we use is much too different, it wouldn’t be a war. Or perhaps, does Earth have a weapon capable of wiping out a planet that I don’t know of?”
The United States’ ambassador fell silent.
“You say that you will accept six hundred million immigrants, but there are seven billion humans living on Earth. Do you intend to end more than six billion lives?”
Another person spoke up, but Ars’ answer was unwavering.
“Correct. Not only humans, though. We will also destroy the rest of the planet’s fauna and flora.”
Ars responded in a relaxed, cold tone.
“To put it in a monotheistic sense, I suppose this would be the Last Judgement?”
Ars’ words caused many to make the sign of a cross before their chest. There were even those who muttered god’s name.
“By the way, our rule has genuine gods. I do not recommend for those who believe in monotheism to migrate over to it.”

In response to the information given by Ars’ words, the ambassadors of the various countries moved to report to their home countries. Or perhaps they were talking with the countries of the seats near them.
Ars looked at them with a despondant expression, believing it pointless.
“Could I ask a question?”
“What is your question?”
“Is it not possible for us to maintain our two planets’ state of being in contact? Although it is scientifically unbelievable, the fact is that our planets’ atmospheres are in contact with each other.”
“It is impossible. Not to mention the repulsive force between fellow words, we are only maintaining the current state with the influence of mana from our world. The moment they truly connect, our world’s gods will destroy the Earth. The one stopping that is me.”
“How long can the current state be maintained, then?”
“Forty-five days.”
In other words, the Earth wouldn’t exist in forty-five days.
The largest clamor thus far filled the hall.
Who would have thought that the planet’s destruction would ever come as suddenly as this?
“Bullshit! Mana and magic doesn’t exist!”
Before the representatives that now engaged in heated discussions, Ars teleported in an instant.
“That… is magic.”
Speaking in a whisper, he once again returned to his seat.
All humans in the hall had seen it. Magic.

“Now then. As you should easily see now, our world’s technology outstrips Earth’s. Based on this, I would prefer if you complied.”
“Before that!”
There was a man who drew attention to himself through his loud voice.
“You say immigrants, but how would they be distributed!? You aren’t intending to have the advanced countries monopolize them, are you!?”
“I am not.”
Ars denied it immediately.
“As a result of immigrating to our world, your level of civilization will fall for a time. It could be called a harsh environment for humans that are unable to do physical labor. Given that, it might be considered easier for them to have them die in an instant.”
“How arrogant…”
How ironic, perfect, thought Ars, seeing that the person who said that was white.
“Arrogance? I believe you should reflect upon your own history. Do not think that I am ignorant of what happened on the North American continent, nor what happened on Australia.”

According to the premise, Earth was overwhelmingly defeated.
Not only in terms of war potential, but even, it appeared, in information. Earth, as a planet without reincarnation and teleportation, sorely lacked information on the other world.
“How you thought about how the immigrants will be assigned? Will you do so according to the proportion of population density?”
“No. I will not allow those who hold ideologies that I believe to be harmful to our world to go there.”
“Racial distinction, then?”
“As you can see just by looking at us, we are of entirely different races. Racial discrimination… isn’t much of a matter.”
“That is to say… it doesn’t happen often?”
“Right now, this Earth has people who harm harm those of other races and nationalities. We will screen to sort those out.”
There were people who paled, but they were paying for their own mistakes.
“Even so… forty-five days is much too short for that. Unless you could send tens of millions of people a day, there isn’t enough time.”
Ars placed his hand on his chin, looking as though he was thinking. Even if he made use of the floating continent’s ability to transport people, it was an impossibly short time. The God Dragons probably wouldn’t cooperate. What would he do then?
It was easy. He could just reduce the number of those that would immigrate. The continents other than the Dragon Bone Continent could be filled with immigrants from the Demonlands. It’d be a great help if they could use the six hundred million people’s food provisions they had prepared.
“That will depend on your efforts then. We ourselves have no pressing reason to accept Earth’s immigrants, after all.”

At that moment, Ria stood up.
“My country can move tens of thousands of people per day through teleportation magic.”
With Ria and Carla’s mana and Serge’s space-time magic, it was certainly possible. In theory, at least.
“Still, that wouldn’t scratch six hundred million! This is virtually a declaration of war!”
An angry voice shouted out, more voices following it as the shouting continued. Ria succumbed to her irritation, but Ars still sat calmly.
Ah, so it happened again.
I got played by him, again.
“Forty-five days? I didn’t hear anything about that.”
“You didn’t ask.”
Although Ria started to unsheathe Gallach on reflex, she stopped herself just in time. If she swung it, all of the humans nearby would die.
Calling her name, Carla put her hand on Ria’s shoulder.
The woman, believing that Ria’s anger had calmed down, used pacification magic on the crowd that had started a shouting match.
Releasing blue light, the men in the assembly hall went quiet and sat back down.
Standing before them, Carla spoke in her bell-like voice.
“Gather in a wide, flat area with minimal baggage. When you are ready, we will teleport you.”
Carla looked back at Ria, who could only nod.
“If you are still dissatisfied, you can resort to force. For us, you all are not essential.”
Carla hurt herself with her words. Carla hesitated even in depriving the lives of her enemies. It was inevitable that saying that before innocents would do that to her.
“Your Majesty Hollyn, what will you do?”
Ars asked in a comfortable manner. Hollyn responded casually while fiddling with his beard.
“To begin with, I am not interested in this world. I will consider it if you want Lemdria to lend its mages if it’s harmless, but I will keep my neutrality.”
Behind him, Prince Sion nodded as well.
As a ruler, his judgement was proper. A king should think of his country over all else, so although this might cause billions of people to die, he would prioritize the well-being of his own country.
Those unable to bear it the most were those who still held fresh memories of Earth: Ria and Serge. Ars’ memories had been weathered by a thousand year gap.

“Let’s follow up on this discussion at the same time in three days. There probably won’t be much of a significance to it, though.”
Ria was unable to oppose this man that had summed it up like that.
This man… wasn’t evil. No, his existence couldn’t be summed up as simply as that.



The nine of them had teleported to Manesh’s court. There, Ria was glaring at Ars with a frightening expression.
“You… you aren’t a Demon King. Not as simple as that…”
His mask removed, Ars quickly moved away from Ria.
“I really didn’t know about the forty-five day thing until just beforehand either. I was really preparing clothes, food, and housing for six hundred million people.”
Was it the God Dragons’ fault, then?
The only one there was Ohma. She was sitting on the floor in bad manners, eating a roasted nut.
“What? I didn’t know either. The other God Dragons probably knew, but there’s nothing to do about that yeah? I think even Valis thinks moving six hundred humans is impossible.”
Hearing Ohma’s words that had no ill-will to them at all, Ria was at wits’ end.
What could she do?
Using the floating continent and teleportation to transport them, they’d only save less than a million at best. Seven billion humans… as well as far more animals and plants would entirely disappear.
“Should I have caused a human-demon war…?”
In terms of military might, the Demonlands were overwhelming. However, if Ria killed Ars, the Demonlands would collapse and the humans might just be able to put up a proper fight.
Even if 99% of humans and demi-humans would die as a result.
Rather than sacrificing the Earth altogether, wasn’t that the better outcome?”

“Then, king of Lemdria, I’ll send you to your castle.”
“Thank you.”
Ars teleported, along with sending the demons to the Demonlands.
Those left in the area were the leaders of Ogress and Ria’s personal friends.
“What’s wrong?”
Irina came and asked. She, someone who would eventually be a God Dragon, probably hadn’t been told anything either.
Feeling despair, Ria told her what Ars said.



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