Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 114

To The Earth…


“Kuh… smells…”
The firs thing the two people felt upon arriving on Earth was the odor in the air.
“Eeh, was Earth always like this?”
Serge pinched his nose exaggeratedly.
“Well, it’s true that Tokyo’s air is worse than the country’s… but there’s practically no air pollution in our world.”
There was the distinctive smell of charcoal smoke in the dwarven village, but even that wasn’t this back.
“Never mind me… are you alright?”
Having Dragon’s Bloodline, Ria also has Stench Resistance. It was usually something meant to help for visiting active volcanoes though.
“Yeah, well, I’ll get used to it.”
Using the mask he’d originally brought to hide his face, Serge responded.
“Even so… you put us right in Tokyo?”
The two were currently in a back alley between two small buildings. They didn’t know what time it was, but it was definitely night.
“It turned out alright… but it’s a bit cold, isn’t it? I wonder what month it is?”
He felt the winter’s cold through his thin cloak. Serge quickly warmed his hands through fire magic. He was a bit worried about it, but it appeared that he was able to use his magic even on Earth.
Ria had no problem with the temperature because she was resistant to extreme temperatures. Casually jumping, she leapt onto the building’s rooftop. Serge followed behind her through teleportation.
“There’s the Tokyo Tower and the Sky Tree there… so the Setagaya Ward is over there?”
“Going to you parents’ place first?”
“No, my parents are in Yokohama. I’m going to the place I am indebted to from my previous life. That person has a lot of influence in both the political and financial world.”
“… Nee-chan, what sort of previous life did you leave behind?”
“It was just a chance meeting. By the way, it’s also the person that gave me Nagasone Kotetsu. Japan’s fixer.” [2]
Serge nodded. It wasn’t so strange for an eccentric person like Ria, who had spent her entire life in Japan learning martial arts and swordplay, to also know such a scary person.
“So, shall we fly?”
Dancing through Tokyo’s night sky, Ria flew while Serge used flight magic.




“Here it is.”
What Ria guided the two of them to was a Japanese house that gave off the feeling of being a splendid estate. There was a gate, but to be honest, it was different from the luxurious castle Serge had been imagining.
“Here? I thought it’d be a bigger house…”
“I was already half retired before my death, after all. I was going back and forth between this house and Kamakura. Now then, is he here…?”
By the way, it was currently 9 PM. They’d confirmed the date and time on the way here as they passed by a convenience store.
Ringing the intercom as one usually would, they received a response a short while later.
[Yes, who is it?]
[Excuse me for the time. If you don’t mind, I would like you to convey that the one who had once been given Nagasone Kotetsu has returned from the world of the dead.]
[… Is this a prank?]
[No. Your voice, are you Maeda-san? If it’s not a good time, I could come back tomorrow, but I would like you to convery that I came concerning the matter of the world you can see in the sky.]
[… Just a moment, please.]
Before long, the gate opened. An elderly woman Ria hadn’t seen in a long time appeared.
[… You are?]
Even her suspicious gaze was nostalgic.
Ria lowered her hood, exposing her true face.
[It’s been a long time. I look like this, but I am Yuzo Tamura.]
“Nee-chan, so that was your name…”
Ria’s former name finally made its appearance, yet Serge only had a slight reaction to it.
[Tamura-sama died in an earthquake four months ago, though…]
[Yes. However, in that world there.]
Ria pointed toward the world floating in the sky.
[Around twenty years have passed since then. It might be hard for you to believe, but I was reborn in that world. I came here so suddenly hoping that we could borrow your influence for the matter concerning our two worlds connecting.]
Saying that, Ria pulled out Nagasone Kotetsu from its sheathe at her waist.
[I made this by mimicking Nagasone Kotetsu in that world. I was hoping that Ozen might understand by seeing it directly.]
[… For now, please, come in.]
Despite becoming completely expressionless, the maid guided the two of them into the entrance way.




[Please wait here.]
The two waited in the room they had been guided to.
“Nee-chan, my legs hurt.”
He hadn’t been sitting in seiza since being reborn, so keeping up his posture was difficult.
“Don’t push yourself. He’s friendly.”
Saying that, Ria was calmly sitting in seiza. She was accustomed to the position due to there being techniques for drawing one’s sword from the position.
Soon after, the sliding door opened and a man appeared. From his appearance, he looked to be around forty.
[Which one of you is calling themselves Tamura?]
[I am. Kikuchi-san, long time no see.]
This man was also someone that Ria knew. Right now, that man was looking at Ria with a certain blood thirst.
[If you’re Tamura… try unsheathing this guy.]
He passed back Ria’s Nagasone Kotetsu. Staying in place, Ria unsheathed it without showing even a single opening.
[Aren’t you better than Tamura?]
[I’ve been training over there, after all.]
Kikuchi nodded, waited for a moment, then left the room again.
“That guy’s a bodyguard?”
“You figured it out?”
“Setting aside his level, his skills are really amazing.”
He truly was a fit opponent for Ria in her previous life. Their abilities were practically equal.
His swordplay level was lower, though. In exchange for that, his bojutsu level was higher. [1]

A short while later, an elderly person appeared in a relaxed manner. He was wearing a kimono and a pair of sunglasses. He looked considerably old, but his back was straight.
At that moment, Ria moved from the floor cushion she sat on and placed her head against the tatami mat.
[It’s been a long time, Ozen.]
[… Tamura, you’ve become a woman? A fairly beautiful one, at that.]
The old man laughed. It was the kind of laugh that could even be said to be like heartfelt delight.
[It’s not as though I’m a complete woman, though. Allow me to introduce you. This is a friend who also reincarnated there from Japan.]
Serge stood up and greeted him formally.
[My name is Sagittarius Crystal Crowley. Please, call me Serge.]
He waved his hand to have Serge sit, he himself also taking a seat, causing Ria to raise her head. Kikuchi stood by his side.
[Being born again is quite an event, is it not? What happened?]
[The flow of time between this world and that one is different. I even know some people who reincarnated from the 21st century two thousand years ago.]
[What’s your name? That’s likely changed as well, I take it?]
[Ryuke Riana Crystal Casalia Ogress. It’s a long name, so please call me Ria.]
[Hoh, that sounds like an important name. Are you a noble over there?]
[Yes. There are practically no countries with a democracy. I am currently the ruler of the third most powerful country.]
[So Tamura’s a ruler! Now that’s a surprise!]

The conversation between the two continued on for a while. They talked about how Earth had been, much like they were comparing their memories.
Following that, the topic turned to what exactly happened after Ria died in her former life. She was single, but it wasn’t as though she didn’t have a family. Hearing the story, Ria felt as though a heavy burden had been lifted from her shoulders.
[So, what did you come here for? Surely it wasn’t simply to reminisce?]
Compared to thus far, the mood suddenly turned heavy. It was something Serge had often felt in his new world, the majestic gravity of a heroic figure, the feeling of intimidation.
Ria pointed toward the sky, continuing to talk as though the pressure didn’t exist.
[I believe you heard the Demon King’s words as well.]
[Yeah, that bullshit story. Destroying the Earth… is it really possible?]
[It is. There are beings there with enough power to do so… the God Dragons. If it’s destroying the human race, even I could do so myself.]
[Dragons… no, before that, did you just say you could destroy the world alone?]
[I’m a bit off that myself, but if I had a month’s time, I think I could cause all major cities on Earth to fall.]
[How? Not even you could cut down hundreds of millions with a sword.]
[I would use magic. As you could see by the projection having its words translated to the world’s various languages, that world has magic. There is even a person there who can use magic with similar destructive power to a nuclear explosion by himself. If the work was divided into a group of people, there would be many more.]
[Magic, that shady-sounding thing came up again. What do you mean by it?]
[That’s why I brought him along. Serge, please do a short teleportation.]
Consenting in the language of the other world, Serge performed a short distance teleportation.
[Astonishing. Truly astonishing. It’s not some illusion?]
[Would you like me to destroy a small country somewhere as proof then? How about that certain north country, the one that’s so annoying to Japan?]
[No, wait. It was a joke.]
Ria waited. It didn’t take too long for him to organize his thoughts.
[So, allow me to ask again. Why have you come here?]
[That world will be allowing immigration, but Demon King Ars intends to give Japanese people the highest priority. This is because he is Japanese as well. Moreover, he wasn’t reincarnated like I was, he was summoned there as a Japanese citizen.]
[Then why is he wanting to destroy his birthplace?]
[He lived in Japan for fifteen years, but he’s lived in that world for one thousand. As far as he is concerned, that world is more important. Moreover, there is no other choice.]
Ria put strength into her Dragon Eyes.
[It’s unfortunate for the countries that aren’t Japan, but this is was the Demon King has decided and is what I agreed to as well. More than ninety percent of that world’s leadership has recognized the decision.]
[Really now… He said that the sick and elderly will not be allows, what of that?]
[It’s as he said. Basically, it’s planned for anyone sixty years or older to be refused. Setting aside influential humans like you, we do not intend to also have to deal with age-related issues.]
The explanation put him at a loss for words.
[… Setting aside elderly like me… There would still be quite a number of people that can work beyond sixty though?]
[That’s why I said basically. Those with special skills or who are doing certain research will be screened by us.]
[… Tamura… you’ve become an extremely important person…]
He muttered in a low voice.
[Unilaterally saying that you would kill, unilaterally saying that you would choose, do you think that we will consent?]
[We have no need for those humans that have too much pride in their position. Humans working on-site and some leaders to guide them is enough.]
[There is no such thing as basic human rights in that world. Other than the Demon King, not even the various countries’ rulers would understand. Other than the Demonlands, there are very few democratic countries and most would laugh at the thought of human rights in derision.]
[Damned if we do, damned if we don’t…?]
[And now that we’re back on topic, I would like you to lend me your aid in screening the immigrants.]
[What absurdity… what about the Americans…?]
America’s engineers and scientists are planned to be given preference after Japan. However, humans that believe in Christianity might be somewhat difficult to manage.]
[Far from difficult, it might be impossible. Even for Japanese, it’s a question of whether or not they’ll want to go… you know that this will be war, right?]
[Likely so.]
[Don’t say it so lightly… are there many wars in that world of yours?]
[There was a war between humans and demons up until recently, but it is peaceful now. There are some small fights, but it’s the same on Earth.]
He folded his arms and started considering. Ria looked at him quietly, but Serge was bored. He used magic to look around the place, but gradually grew tired.
[In any case, I can’t decide on this alone. For now, stay here for the night. Is there anything else?]
[No. Well then, I’ll accept your offer.]
With that, Ria and Serge slept on a futon for the first time in a long time.
Borrowing sleep-wear, they gazed up at the wooden ceiling. His eyes closed, Serge spoke.
“Nee-chan, it looks like it’s a hard decision for him, huh?”
“Yeah, but what else would you expect after suddenly being told your planet was going to be destroyed? I don’t think anyone would be able to handle that easily.”
Despite the nostalgia she felt, Ria quickly fell asleep.


  • Bojutsu -> using a stick as a weapon. Return
  • I have no idea what ‘fixer’ here is meant to mean. It’s said in katakana, too… Return



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