Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 109

A Choice


Ars handed magic tools capable of communication and teleportation to the various countries’ leaders.
His intention was to make it so that their relations would improve, but setting aside communication, teleportation magic tools weren’t things that they could make. Once again, the Demonlands’ technological prowess was demonstrated to the various leaders.
He even placed one in front of Ria.
“If you do come up with a better way, please, let me know.”

Ria watched him leave with very unenthused eyes.
A while later, she leaned back into her chair.
Gently placing a hand on Ria’s shoulder Carla called out her name.
“Let’s go home and think about what to do.”
She leaned over to whisper into Ria’s ears.
“There’s still some time left.”




Once the two had soared back to Manesh at full speed, they gathered up all of their domestic big shots with the help of Serge’s magic.
This included the Ogre King, as well as the beastkin and dwarves’ chiefs. The most noticeable among them was an elf with faintly shining golden hair.
“I’m pleased to meet you all, humans and demi-humans.”
The elf bowed and greeted everyone gracefully.
“My name is Labyrinth. I am the person who manages Labyrinth City’s labyrinth.”
Yes, this was the true form of Labyrinth, who usually took the form of a fairy.

“Still though, our opponent is going to be the Earth…?”
“I give up…”
As reincarnated individuals, Serge and Labyrinth both sighed, but that wasn’t even the main course.
“What does two worlds colliding even mean in the first place?”
When Guinevere asked about something important, Ria urged Serge on with a look.
Serge began explaining from the vague video remaining in his memories, the hall was filled with noise for a long while.




“So, can we win?”
The Ogre King, perhaps the most hot-blooded person in the room, spoke up.
“We should be able to. At any rate, Earth doesn’t have any weapons that could destroy a planet… at least I think not?”
Serge and Labyrinth nodded in consent, backing Ria’s claim up.
Earth’s destructive weapons were very likely better than this world’s norm.
But it should be impossible for them to destroy a planet as Valis would be.

“At the very least… the troops of the place heroes are summoned from can defeat anything other than the Dragons. It should be a different story if we use magic, though. If you want to take on their armies physically, you’d need to be as strong as Nee-chan or Carla-san.”
Even ogre warriors would be riddled with holes after taking on machine gun fire.
“Anti-tank rifles should be able to even take out a giant, and there’s tens of thousands of them. Our country’s troops wouldn’t stand a chance.”
When Serge explained with a shrug of his shoulders, noise once again filled the hall.
This world’s military couldn’t even begin to dream of competing against all of Earth’s developed countries’ militaries.
Even if they only took America into account, they’d still probably be defeated.
That’s excluding the demon troops, though.

However, there were existences that flipped everything on its head.
Dragons. The God Dragons in particular.
How would Earth be able to deal with existences that could destroy planets?




The report done with, everyone took a break.
Ria laid down onto her cushioned sofa when she returned to her office.
“Nee-chan, what are we going to do?”
The ones to come into her room were Carla, Guinevere, Serge, Labyrinth, and Irina. It’s besides the point, but most of them were women.
“What’s your thoughts on it?”
“Honestly… for me, as long as I can save the people I knew in my previous life, I don’t mind if the Earth is destroyed.”
Even when Ria looked at him in amazement, Serge looked serious. It didn’t appear as though he was joking around.
“Me too. My home is that labyrinth.”
Labyrinth agreed as well. Two of the three reincarnated people there believed that the destruction of their birthplace was something that couldn’t be prevented.
No, if you included the Demon King and the rest, wouldn’t that make Ria the odd one?

Was she the one in the wrong?

“But Nee-chan, if you take another path, I’ll support you. Probably.”
Serge smiled as he spoke. He was a bit vague, but he’d definitely be her ally.
“Ria, as you said there, I believe that if you cause another millennial human-demon war, we can avoid the Great Collapse, even now. If Ogress declares itself an enemy of the demons, Casalia and Lemdria might do so as well.”
Carla was aware of the struggle taking place within Ria, which is why she said that.
“I don’t believe that would work.”
But Guinevere disagreed with her.
“Both King Hollyn and King Reyas should know what is best for their country. It would be impossible for humans to win a fight against the demons the way they are now. Besides, Ria.”
She looked at Ria not with her usual teasing, but with sincerity.
“Right now, you carry this country on your back. Regardless of your previous life, Ogress’ everything has been entrusted to you.”

Oh, right.
The spirit that was herself. What let her be her.
What was it that gave Ria the will to stand? What was it that was deep within her core?
Even in this world, she’d dashed out of the Royal Palace to go on an adventure.
It was her craving for strength. Her will to survive.
It was something she’d cultivated in her previous life. She was different from the others who had reincarnated.
So long as there was no other option, Ria would not abandon her affection for Earth.

She was of two minds on it.
Regardless of her previous life, what she now was was something of this world.
Even so, she could not cast away her hesitation.
She needed something to sever her hesitation. What was needed for that?

In the end, Ria chose to fight.




Ria picked up the communication machine she’d received from the Demon King.
As a joke, it was shaped like a cellphone. He probably hadn’t chosen to make it look like a smartphone since it wasn’t advanced enough?
With a method of operation she’d long since began to forget, she managed to get in contact with the correct individual.
[Hello, this is the Demon King speaking.]
“It’s me.”
[That was fast. Did you think of something good?]
“Please fight me.”

There was a long pause.
[… Run that by me again?]
“It’s just the type of person I am, it’s the only way I can think.”
That was the conclusion Ria had arrived at.
[Don’t wanna. There’s no advantage for me.]
“If you win, you will have Ogress Kingdom’s full support. Carla and Guinevere included.”
She pointedly ignored the agitated Guinevere standing behind her.
[Still not enough. There’s a good possibility that the demon army will collapse if I die. With that, various races would rampage around and might even bring about a massive war between humans and demons. That must not happen.]
“If you refuse, Ogress will use everything it has to eliminate the demon army. You cannot refute the possibility that Casalia and Lemdria will follow suit, can you?”
[… The possibility of that is low.]
“But it’s not zero, now is it?”

There was yet another long pause.
[… Why are you so stubborn… Even if Earth was your previous life’s birthplace, aren’t you a human of this world? Since you know which side will win, isn’t it best for you to protect your country?]
“Sorry, but that’s just who I am. I have to do it.”

The silence continued. Ars sighed deeply.
[A one-on-one duel?]
[Do you mind if I specify the time and location? Also, anything goes with weapons and magic?]
“I don’t mind, but the sooner the better. Please decide right now, if you can.”
[Such a hasty person…]
“Sorry, but that’s as much as I can concede.”

This was Ria’s decision.
This fight would decide not only the destiny of Ogress, but also the destiny of both Earth and this world.
Self-mockingly, Ria admitted that she was just that kind of person.

[Three days from now. Noon standard time. The skies above the former Imperial Capital. Two witnesses each. Sound good?]
“Understood. And that’s fine. Thanks.”
[… Don’t mention it.]
With that, the communication was cut.




“And that’s what happened.”
What Ria saw as she looked around to everyone were various kinds of magnificent expressions.
“I’m going with you.”
Carla spoke, a calm smile on her face.
“Really, I don’t care anymore.”
Guinevere held back her anger and shrugged.
“I’ll go as the other person, then.”
Serge was as candid as ever.
“I don’t think anything will change even if you win, though?”
Labyrinth’s brows knit.

“Ria-chan, why are you going to fight?”
Appearing as though she truly did not understand human behavior, Irina tilted her head to the side.
To answer that, Ria replied:
“Because there is a mountain.” [1]


  • This is a reference to what Ria responded to Guinevere with way back at the end of Chapter 58Return



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