Musings — Technical Difficulties

Small post, but:

  • My site has a memory leak on Chrome. I don’t know why or even what’s causing it, but it does. Seems to work fine on Edge and Opera, though.
  • My menu bar is inaccessible for people on apple phones. Also no clue wtf is causing that. To my knowledge, it was working until recently, and I’ve changed nothing.


I’ll probably reconstruct my website in a month or two. Not sure what I can do until then without entirely removing the dark mode button. Blah.

Musings — Are You Still There?

Yes. Just been having a minor case of absolutely no time. Translations should resume tonight. Been having to meet with instructors to work out homework issues, followed by midterms, followed by car issues, followed by lice (again, yay). They obviously aren’t valid reasons in a vacuum. Can’t give the rest of the explanation, sorry.

Heya everyone. Before this absence, I had decided on changing release schedule to a wheel/cycle/etc. Sticking with that. ICO – FH – LDM – MG – GCR – LDM. Two LDM per cycle due to it being the vast majority of my readerbase’s main interest. Currently FH up next.

MG v3 is out. Illustrations will come (cleaned and translated) over Spring Break. So will many chapters.

Does anyone have the running count of chapters I’m behind? I lost track around January. I’m still intending to catch up. Want to put a dent in the >80 chapters I’m behind.

Have a good week, all.

Musings — Small Update (Sick)

Hey guys. I’m behind again, as ever. Just want to let you all know what’s going on–I’m sick atm, have had a headache past two days and haven’t exactly been up for translating, since it’d definitely make the headache worse. Almost finished a chapter of ICO earlier this week though, I’ll try and finish it and something else tomorrow.

^^ Hope you’ve all had a great week.

Musings — Why Forsaken Hero (LN) is a Different Experience

Raw (Same between WN and LN):


WN (OLD translation):

Recently Hamakaze has taken a rather aggressive attitude when it comes to that. Also why is it I need to know your feelings, understand mine.
I have a body that can be discarded at any time.
It’s this thought that is exacerbated by her right now. I’ve been down this road before.
Play a clown so that I’m not disliked. Suffer through wearing many masks.
This physical contact with her is part of it. So it shouldn’t be strange that above all, the painful one is Hamakaze.

LN (NEW translation):

Recently, Hamakaze’s started to take a more proactive attitude. I knew why. I knew what she felt, too.
She’s in a position where she could be abandoned whenever.
That thought was definitely pervading her mind. Even I’d been like that in the past.
Playing the jester so that you won’t be hated. Wearing however many masks you need.
Her skinship here is just another part of that. That’s why I’m not hoping for anything weird. Right now, the one who’s hurting the most is Hamakaze herself.


¡Ziru’s Musings, ahora también en español!

¡Hola a todos! Aquí Ziru. Hace cási una semana, alguien me preguntó si podría utilizar mis traducciones para traducirlas. Dije que sí, por supuesto, sucede frecuentemente y no tenía motivo para decir que no. ¿La diferencia? Me preguntó si podía subirlas a mi sitio.

Yo.— Uhh… Eso es nuevo.

Así que, versión corta de la historia, ahora hay una versión en español de algunas cosas que traduzco, ¡así cómo mucho, mucho más por venir en el futuro! Asegurense de criticarlo si encuentran errores, ¿si?

(~’.’)~ ¡Bienvenido, Khay! ~(‘.’~)

Ziru’s original message.1

¿Es mi turno ahora? Wow, estoy sintiendo la presión de estar en el centro de atención… ¡Holas! Soy Khay, el raro ese que decidió empezar a traducir el contenido de Ziru a español. Si se preguntan el por qué de esa decisión, la respuesta es bastante simple~ Llevo estudiando japonés por un tiempo y tengo ganas de mejorar mis habilidades lingüísticas (en japonés, inglés, y español), así que decidí elegir una de mis novelas webs preferidas, y traducirla. Pero, bueno, mi nivel de japonés no es suficiente como para traducir directamente desde los originales, ¡allí es donde las traducciones de Ziru entran a escena! Me sirven de guía al momento de traducir el contenido a español, y me permiten aprender un poco sobre cómo interpretar textos japoneses.

Yyyy, bueno… Ah, ¡cierto! Actualmente estoy traduciendo Perezoso Maestro del Calabozo y La Recepcionista Trucada del Gremio. Eventualmente planeo hacer las otras también~

El plan actual para las traducciones en español sería algo así:

  • 2 capítulos viejos de Perezoso Maestro del Calabozo, semanalmente. (Del Arco 1 en adelante.)
  • 1 parte de La Recepcionista Trucada del Gremio, la cual trataré de mantener semanalmente.
  • E intentaré alcanzar a Ziru en el contenido actual de PMC, el Arco 23. Trataré de traducirlo a la par que Ziru.

Espero que mis traducciones sean lo suficientemente buenas como para evitar ser brutalmente asesinado, ¡que nos vaya bien!


Si usan RSS, pueden seguir las actualizaciones del contenido en español aquí.

Khay’s message, in English.2



Musings — Schedules? Show me da wae!


My mind’s been in a bad place lately. All I can say is sorry for my lack of updates, because in the end, that’s the only think that’s kept me mostly in bed the past few weeks. I think I’m good now, but yeah.

I switched Novel Updates away from linking new Lazy Dungeon Master releases to Moon Bunny Cafe, so all LDM traffic should be sent here from now on. Better website layout, no more redirect ads for readers, better reader experience… I hope. On that topic, I added a footnotes plugin just earlier today, so keep an eye out for the hover-notes that’ll be appearing from here on (there’s an example of it being used in LDM ch 263 for those curious).

No actual schedule for this week, though, as I’m just scrambling to release chapters right now. Probably an ICO tomorrow. Proper schedule on Sunday.

Announcement that should be interesting for my Spanish-native readers is set to come tomorrow, too, so look forward to that.

… I made a thing.

Musings — Did a Thing After Doing No Things

I added an audio book version of Magus of Genesis v1 – Prologue to its page.

What are your thoughts on that sort of stuff? Worth continuing with? Yes, no?

It was a bit fun~

Quick link for ease. Just press play at the top.


The past week was finals week. Should be caught up for last week’s stuff by this Tuesday’s finish, moving into this week’s actual meal through the rest of the week. (Including ICO and GCR. Still not sure when I’ll be dealing with Forsaken Hero.)

Musings — All The Things

I’ve been absent–both in presence and in mind–lately. This post will hopefully shed some light on where I’ve been lately and what I’ll be doing. As usual, bullets incoming to allow for a measure of brevity.

  • No time…!
    • Dad got job recently
      • First time since I was born
      • He has no vehicle
        • I have vehicle, I need vehicle
          • I drive him, ~2 hrs each day total (30 min x4: there, back, there, back)
      • He’s getting vehicle very, very soon
        • Getting my 2 hrs/day back
        • Still have to drive his girlfriend’s kids to/from school (1.5 hrs/day)
          • Reasons I can’t divulge
          • Will be ‘fixed’ in about 2 months
    • Issues with college classes (16 units, required by the EOP program I transferred in through)
      • Worst I’ve done in a semester, ever
      • #feelsbadman
      • No time to do homework even
  • “Figured out” (read as: always knew) I need to continue translating to actually pay rent
    • Making time for it has been… well, it’s been something (read as: nonexistent)
    • Going to translate despite not having time
      • Important: No ICO/GCR until end of semester.
        • Yes, I know I should feel like shit about this. Yes, I feel like shit about this. Just writing this part is making my stomach churn.
          • MG/LDM are simply easier to translate. By far, even. 2-3 times faster on a per-word basis…
        • When winter break hits, so shall a dam of chapters overflow
          • Going to try to get 7 chapters out this week though!
  • Important: (For non-NovelUpdate readers) Got e-mail from the ad plugin devs
    • They said it’s fixed
    • It’s not fixed (WordPress not updating to the newest release grah)
    • Disabling plugin, will figure out wtf later
  • Been sick af the past week
    • No barfing, thankfully
    • Going through 2nd week of midterms with a fever… f*ck
      • 68% on one of my midterms, 49% in another class (on a presentation worth as much as a midterm)
        • Neither teacher cared about my fever, pointing to how the syllabus explicitly stated injury (stuck in hospital) or death in the family as the only reasons for postponing them

… Yeah.

Thanks for the patience, sorry for my everything, and hope you’ve all had a good past few weeks.