Atelier May Ch. 5



My throat was parched by the time I finished storing away all the Potions.

When I went to the kitchen to grab a drink of water though…

“Oh, isn’t that a measuring cup for alchemy?”

The cup came as a set with the alchemy pot and I don’t have a normal drinking glass. Speaking of, the recipe for a glass was in the alchemy book wasn’t it. Well, guess I won’t have one till I make it, ain’t that right.

I have a kitchen with running water, but no dishes or cooking utensils. Not even any ingredients to cook.

“How am I supposed to make rice!?”

There are fruits and veggies in the garden, but no meat or grain.

Could it be I have to make it all with Alchemy!?

“Cooorreeect!”, Ermine said as he clapped his paws together.

“Oof, seriously?”

“Yup yup. But I think most of the ingredients listed in that recipe book can be found here in the garden.”

“Is this iron ore, or obsidian?”

“…Probably?”, as expected, this Ermine who’s tilting his head is a useless piece of junk.

“So how can I get that iron ore?”

“Well, let’s see, you could just scoop it into a bucket with this shovel.”

Shovel, to get iron ore…?

Not sure I get it, but let’s give it a shot!

“…I’m going to go explore the garden now.”, I mean, if I don’t know what’s available I won’t know what to eat for dinner.

We decided to go back to the garden to explore a bit.

“Let’s see~, this area’s for medicinal plants, there’s the mushrooms. And over there is the mineral area, and that’s for fruits and vegetables.” The garden seemed to have been laid out with one side for alchemy recipes and the other for foodstuffs centered around the water fountain.

“Let me see, the first cooking utensils I wanna make are a saucepan, a frying pan, and a kitchen knife… No wait, before that, I want something to put all the materials I harvest in.”

I returned home after checking out where most things were located.

“First off I need to make a basket. For that I’ll need three tree branches right”, how do tree branches even become a basket… Guess I’m about to find out.

And so I carried three suitable branches in from the garden.

“Put them into the alchemy pot and stir them up~.”

Alright, let’s do this thing~!

Stir, stir.

Stir, stir.

The branches started to make a clanging noise inside the alchemy pot.

“Am I really going to make a basket like this…?”

“You’re doing fine~.”

Clang, clang.



There was a loud noise and the stir stick fell out of my hands.

And then something huge popped out.

“It huuuuurts!!!”, and I who was wondering if I had succeeded got smacked in the face by the basket that came out.

“Oh, I forgot, but if you’re making something big, it’ll jump out of the pot, so be careful ok~.”

“Like, I, said, tell me these things fiiirst!”

Ugh. I’m not making popcorn here y’know!

When I calmed down and looked closely, I had a completed basket.

“Isn’t alchemy amazing?”

“Ain’t that right~. May, hurry in raising your skill level so that you may become an outstanding alchemist!”, saying that Ermine pattered over to check the finished basket.

“Pretty normal, isn’t it?”

“Is there anything besides normal?”

“A dud comes out pretty rough you see~. If you try to use it, it’ll likely fall apart instantly. Normal products just work as expected. High quality goods on the other hand sometimes hold a different effect in them~.”

“A different effect?”

“Yep. Take that basket… Yeah. Wouldn’t you be glad if it came with a preservative effect?”

I’d probably be very glad about that.

“Then if I raise my skill do you think I could make something high quality?”

“But of course~.”

“Alriiiight. Let’s get making lots of stuff~!”

I got in a groove and started making all sorts of things. A cooking knife, cutting board and frying pan.

A cup, dish and soup bowl. Finally a fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks.

…I didn’t expect there to be a recipe for chopsticks.

“I’m exhausted~. It’s about time I made a meal ain’t it, what are the recipes for cooking?”

Imagine my surprise, it seems like food can be made with the alchemy pot.

“Hey. Bread can be made from two stalks of wheat and some water. Vegetable soup… Even corn pottage can be made. Isn’t this great? I want some pottage, but it says I need milk. Do we have cows?”

“As expected the only living creature around here is Cocco. If by some chance you get the idea of using him as an ingredient for Roast Chicken or something it looks like you’ll get the tables turned on you and be his dinner instead doesn’t it.”, Ermine who is shaking at the thought seems to be afraid to anger Cocco.

Of course, I too wouldn’t have such a reckless thought as to fry Cocco.

“Well that means we can’t eat ham either doesn’t it?”

“That’s true~. If you don’t go buy some meat at the store you can’t use it~.”

“Are there any shops nearby?”

“Since this is the Witch’s Forest, there shouldn’t be any nearby.”

“Then how am I supposed to buy meat?”

“Hmm.. Isn’t it fine to hunt the animals in the forest? Look, you can make a sword with alchemy.”

“Yea, that’s not happening!”

We’re not living in the stone ages here, I’m not about to go hunting!


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