Atelier May Ch. 4

Ermine the Guide


“Hey, Ermine. What kind of person is the World-Crossing Witch?”

“I don’t know her either y’know. I mean, I was just born and all~”

“Hmm… That so.”

I thought Ermine was like the World-Crossing Witch’s right-hand man.

“Cocco was originally a chicken that the World-Crossing Witch decided to keep so he probably knows her well.”

In other words… Cocco’s her pet? Even though it’s so ferocious?

Whether it heard the mutterings of my heart or not, Cocco cried out with a “Coc~”.

“May, that’s no good, your hand stopped moving~. It’ll fail like that y’know.”

My hand stopped moving with Cocco’s intimidation. That’s no good, me.

“Ermine, you were just born here right?”

“Right. The letter you read is my core.”

“The letter? So it seems that was magic… Well, now that you mention it, the World-Crossing Witch using magic to help her out seems obvious, huh”

“That’s right~. I feel she’s a witch with enough power to go beyond the world’s boundaries. And I was created by her, umm… A familiar? Apostle? Well, I’m something like that y’know.”

Too complicated…

Well, ain’t it fine to just agree that Ermine was a creature created by the World-Crossing Witch’s magic and leave it at that?

And Cocco…

Looking over I locked eyes with Cocco.

Cocco is Cocco, that’s fine, right? Yep.

When I returned to the alchemy pot, the leaves had finished dissolving some time ago.

“Wow, it’s been ready for a while!”

“That’s good, that’s good. If you put it into a bottle… wait, there’s no bottle. Then if you use alchemy to make it… oh, but the alchemy pot is being used for the potion right now, what to do~”.

“Hey, tell me that first!”

Maaan, how many times is that now.
Ermine’s supposed to be my guide, but I can’t bring myself to rely on him.

“Sorry, sorry~. As an apology I’ll prepare the bottle~. Yep.”, and with Ermine’s words 10 bottles materialized on the tabletop.

“Bottles can also be made with Alchemy?”

“Yeah. Any intermediate level alchemist can make them.”

“…And in the meantime?”

“Oh? You can’t make them huh. What’ll we do~? If you don’t make a bunch of potions then you can’t get to that level.”

Ain’t that a big problem!

“…Until I become an intermediate-level alchemist can’t you just keep pulling out bottles?”

“Well, can’t be helped~”, Ermine said while cutely scratching his cheek.

I can’t rely on him though.

Oof. I’ll try to pet that fluffy fur someday though. I start pouring the potion into the bottles while vowing that in my heart.

“Well, let’s drink it. The quality is.. That’s right. It’s pretty normal~.”

“Coc~”, said Cocco as he ran out as if to voice his disappointment.

It’s my first time making anything, isn’t it fine for my first time?

After filling the next bottle I put my hand on my waist and chugged it, “Whoa… It doesn’t hurt anymore?” I felt no pain at all from where Cocco kicked me earlier.


Freaking lit!

I got in the zone and before I knew it I’d made a bunch of potion.

“May~, there’s no more room on the tabletop y’know~”, Ermine’s voice startled me and made me come back to reality.

“…Maybe I made too many”, yea~. What am I going to do with this…

“I’ll make a warehouse… Oh, that’s not good. I’ve made too many bottles, I don’t have the energy anymore~” Wooow, this fluffy thing is seriously too much of an airhead~!

“Well, I guess there’s only this option~”, said Ermine as he pulled out… A silver bracelet?

“So, you see… I was told to hold onto this unless you needed it. I think it’s pretty convenient since you can store a lot of things in it.”

“Given by the World-Crossing Witch?”

“Yep, that’s right.”

“But you’ve never met right?”

If that’s how it is, then how could he be told to hold onto it?

“Yeeep. How do I explain. I’m your guide right, so I’ll do my duty of helping you when you’re in trouble. But if you got all the helpful items from the beginning wouldn’t it kill both our motivation? That’s why I can only provide such useful things when they’re needed.”

“I’m not sure I follow, but that’s basically the rules?”

“Yup yup. That’s how it is~. This bracelet allows you to store a lot by thinking of it. For instance, it’s ok to just think ‘I want to store this potion’. To take it out you just have to recall the item in your mind, you got that?”

Ehhh… Well ain’t that convenient~.

“But keep in mind that if you forget what you put in you won’t be able to access it ok. Be careful~.”

“Ok, I got it. When something gets put in and forgotten it’ll get moldy anyway right, do not want.”

“That won’t happen~. Anything stored is preserved with magic in the same condition it’s stored in. Your potions won’t degrade y’know~.”

“That’s nifty!”

“I know riiight? Try putting something in~.”

“Alright”, and while thinking ‘store it’ I pressed the potion in my hand to the bracelet.

Then, the potion in my hand vanished.

“Whoooa, amazing.”

“Then, this time try pulling it back out.”

“Let’s see… Potion where are you..? Oh, it came out”, The potion returned to my hand like some sort of magic trick.

Not like a magic trick, it’s actual magic.

Whoooa. Magic is freaking siiiiick!


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