Atelier May Ch. 3

Cocco the Guardian


What I saw looked more like a spacious park than a garden.

In the center was a water fountain surrounded by herbs and flowers, there were even fruit trees planted farther out.

Woooow, isn’t this amazing!

“This is the World-Crossing Witch’s prided garden after all. The magic in this place makes it so that anything harvested is regrown and ready to harvest again by the next day

“That means I’m free to take as much as I can, right?”

“That’s right. What’s more watering is unnecessary, just take care…”

And suddenly Ermine cut himself short

“May, RUN!”

“Huuuh?”, while I was shocked by Ermine’s sudden outburst, I felt something pressing against my back. And with that I was laid out flat with something bashing away on my back.

…Or more precisely, it’s stepping on me?

I timidly looked over my shoulder, where I met eyes with the offending chicken.



The rooster with a splendid cockscomb started trampling all over my back once again.

“Ow, that hurts! Ermine, help!”

But when I looked to where Ermine was I couldn’t see him anymore.


Could it be? I was abandoned?

“That’s just mean…”

While I was grumbling to myself something sparkly zoomed past me.

“Coc~”,the chicken on my back jumped and grabbed whatever it was in its mouth.

And now the chicken started munching on it while still on my back.

Hold up. What’s going on here?”

“Sorry, sorry. It looks like Cocco gets fiesty when his stomach’s empty. If you give him this golden fruit he should calm down though, remember that.”

“Tell me that sooner!”

“But it’s my first time meeting him too y’know~. Nice meeting you Cocco.”

Ermine bowed while Cocco crowed in greeting.

And yet again, Cocco started thumping on my back.


That huuuurts! Wasn’t the golden fruit supposed to make him well-behaved?

“Ah, Cocco mustn’t forget his manners, won’t you greet May properly too~.”

“Say that sooner!”

As usual Cocco just kept stepping on my back.

“Cocco, you can call me May. It’s nice to meet you!”, I yelled while eating dirt as I got stepped on.

Suddenly the weight on my back disappeared and a crowing chicken faced me.

“Oh, May should give him this~”


I held up the golden fruit from Ermine and handed it to Cocco.

Cocco opened his yellow beak and gulped it down with a snap.

…Instantly, I thought it’d take longer.

It’s a just a chicken, but it’s too intense.

“Cock-a-doodle-doo!”, Cocco sang out as he puffed out his chest in greeting.

Gah, my ears!

Cocco started smugly preening itself while I cupped my ears in pain.

“Ain’t it nice, you two are getting along~”, or so Ermine said.

I-I see. So that was a happy cry was it.

Anyways, I’m just glad the attacks on me are over.

Ermine came and laid on my shoulder as I tottered back onto my feet.

“You’re probably starting to get tired huh~? …Ah, yeah. Why don’t we get this potion-making practice over with soon?”

The recipe for the potion was in the book Ermine gave me wasn’t it. Umm… Healing Grass and water right?

“That’s fine… is there Healing Grass here?”

“Of course. Oh, that’s right. There’s a golden fruit tree next to the fountain, be sure to leave one when harvesting so Cocco doesn’t get upset.”

That’s too scary. I can’t go forgetting that.

I vigorously nodded my head.

“Well anyway, Healing grass is right there~”, Ermine said as he pointed right beside the house.

“Pick around 10 of these rounded leaves~.”

The round-leafed grass looked like plain weeds at first glance, but if you pinched a leaf in your fingers it gave off a minty fragrance.

“So I’m supposed to mix this with water in the alchemy pot right?”

“That’s right. It’s pretty simple, so I think you can get it right away!”, and with Ermine’s seal of approval I grabbed some Healing Grass and returned home. For some reason Cocco came along too.

Don’t tell me, Cocco is coming to check if I have the talent for Alchemy?

D-Do your best, me.

I Placed the alchemy pot on top of the table and added the Healing Grass and water while using a stir stick to stir it up round and round.

Can you really make a potion with the leaves mixed in as-is?

Somehow the leaves turned into powder in the boiling water similar to an extract, or that’s what it looked like to me.

“Whoa… the color changed.”

And the leaves are being dissolved even more

“You’re done when there’s no more resistance while stirring. That’s right, good, good. As expected of the World-Crossing Witch’s successor.”

The World-Crossing Witch huh…

I wonder what she’s like

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