Atelier May Ch. 1

The Story’s Beginning


​ Oh, I died.

​ I guess that’s the only thing that could happen when you skip up the station’s stairs during a typhoon.

​ But like, I absolutely had to go see the concert, y’know. After all the times I applied to the online raffle for them I wasn’t letting them go to waste.

​ The group was already pretty popular to start with, but once their theme song to a movie became a smash hit, tickets were just impossible to get.

​ So there I was, skipping up the stairs trying to reach the concert venue.

​ Yup. The heavy cascading rainfall made getting up the stairs a no-go where it flowed.

​ I recalled slipping along the way; the scenery passing me by in slow motion.

​ I heard the sounds of the train; the sound of water and people’s shrieking.

​ I felt my head collide with something hard while I was falling.

​ Aw man… I so wanted to see the concert…

​ With that feeling in my heart, I shut my eyes.



​ Somewhere, I heard a bird singing.

​ Yeeeeah. That’s a chicken, isn’t it?

​ The sucker’s crowing with an overly energetic voice.

​ Hey wait, wasn’t my plan to go to the concert today?

​ Right, right. Because of that I slipped down the stairs…

​ I suddenly popped my eyes open.

​ What was reflected in my eyes was a blinding light. Outside? That’s not it… a room then?

​ Which would mean, somehow I was saved right? Well, having said that, I must’ve been taken to a hospital.

​ But I mean, I hit my head pretty hard y’know.

​ Well considering I’m alive, why don’t I try moving my body?

​ Got to gently put strength into my fingers.

​ Yep, they’re fine.

​ Now to bring my hand in front of my face.

​ My feet… Seem okay too.

​ After worrying about my neck a bit, I looked around. What I saw was a grand room, but far from any furniture, there weren’t even any curtains.

​ No matter how I look at it, this doesn’t seem to be a hospital. The heck is this place?

​ Since I struck my head, I was careful in raising it up.

​ Am I dizzy… doesn’t seem like it.

​ But man, even though I smashed my head real good falling down those stairs, I’m just fine.

​ Yet again, there went that chicken crying outside the window.

​ Beyond the window, I could see clear blue skies dotted with trees.

​ For reals, the f*ck am I.

​ Oops, let my language slip there. But this situation is so out of the norm, couldn’t be helped!

​ …Wait, that’s not it at all! What in the f*ck happened to me!?

​ While I furtively glanced around me, I found a letter placed down beside me.

​ I was kinda afraid to read the words written there, so I frightfully reached for it.

​ I mean, the thing had “To the stranger waking up in this house” written on it.


​ To the stranger waking up in this house:

​ How do you do, I am the World-Crossing Witch. Waking up in such a strange place must be quite shocking, am I right?

​ My apologies dear, I would have loved to explain things to you in person, however I had to immediately head out on a journey, so we’ll just have to settle for this here letter.

​ Well, let’s get on with it shall we.

​ Regrettably, you’ve already passed away in your home world. You could argue that right now you’re only a soul.

​ There were three conditions I had set for the summoning:

– To be a soul on the verge of departing.
– To hold an aptitude for alchemy to inherit this house.
– To hold no animosity towards the world.

​ Please forgive my selfishness in dragging you to this room.

​ However, after going through all the trouble to make this miniature garden, I absolutely had to find someone to take care of it in my stead.

​ As for my journey, it involves this and a separate world. That’s right, perhaps it would be better to call it “Another World”, wouldn’t it?

​ Haha, well, I wonder if you’ll believe in such a thing as other worlds.

​ But hey, it’s the truth you know. I’ve been travelling through various worlds for a long time now.

​ To tell the truth I crossed into that world the same as any other, but it was just so comfortable that I ended up staying a while.

​ In order for you to live comfortably here I’ve gone ahead and left you with the ability to use Alchemy, along with an aide for you to make use of.

​ Your strength, along with the guardian’s should be enough to protect the garden, don’t you think?

​ Cocco, the guardian, is a moody child, but if you give him his favorite golden fruit from the garden I think you two will get along just fine.

​ If there’s anything you don’t understand, asking the guide will be fine…

​ I went to great lengths to keep your memories as untouched as I could, but I had to take some that might shake you emotionally. Those would just exacerbate the wounds on your soul and cause you great pain.

​ My apologies for asking for forgiveness rather than permission.

​ Well then, I pray that your life from here on is filled with many blessings.

To you, stranger, with love,

World-Crossing Witch

​ Wait a sec, World-Crossing Witch? WTF is that?

​ Witch, or Alchemy, or whatever, daf*q you talking about?

​ Someone…

​ Could someone explain pleeease!

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