Name: Robert
Age: 23
Occupation: Student (Computer Science)
Hobbies: Reading books, playing video games, swimming, and cooking!

  • The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero (Hiatus)
  • The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist (LN)
  • Dragon’s Bloodline
  • Lazy Dungeon Master


  • The Restart

Contact Info:

  • Skype: Draugexa (Inactive)
  • Discord: Ziru#9045
  • Steam: Draugexa
  • E-mail:
  • Reddit: Draugexa

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  1. Sup!. XD since you are a student you could ask us readers help with your homework… no kidding hahaha since if we can help you finish sooner, then we might get the chapter earlier and get you in good mood =P

    1. The chapters on Google were not translated by me (which is why there are one or two discrepancies with naming)

      1. of course it would play second to your main project, its even cool if you just give it a look on the off time your waiting for the next chapter of Suterareta comes out.

  2. this is a pretty good read, I mean yea Arifureta is similar but the MC doesn’t care enough for revenge, whereas this one I like that he after power for revenge against a “demon in human skin”. Which thanks for the chapter releases been fun to read this. Question is this story done after 4 volumes or the author just hasn’t released any more?

    1. He’s in the process of releasing them… I think? Haven’t checked in a few months. Mass downloaded the chapters into .txt files at the time.

  3. Hey Robert! 😛 If you’d like, I can volunteer as an editor if you don’t have one currently, so as to lessen the burden, if that’s alright with you, ofcourse.

    Here’s my email:
    Or you can contact me in my site:

    Btw, I plan to make the Epubs and Pdfs of Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan from your translations. Would that be alright?

  4. Dear Robert,
    My name is Gastly from Valvrare Translating Team. First of all, thank you for the nice translation.
    We are going to use your project (The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero) as a source to translate it into Vietnamese and would be very glad if you allow us.
    Hope to hear from you soon, thanks again.

  5. If you start translating so many novels, you should start putting them under a drop down tab called “Projects” or so. Since your bar might get too big

  6. Thanks for all your translations! Are the images in the top banners your own and if not where you got them?

  7. Header number nine!

    One: I should probably pick up PSG Just because of that image.
    Two: Did you get that image off of his Pixiv,? Because those are some, umm…. high-end tastes, ya’ got there…

  8. The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero can you give updates of the 2 requirements when they happen? and thank you.

    1. There’s no possible way for me to pick up another series right now, collaboration or not.

      Hard enough keeping these ones going =(

  9. Kewl!!! >.< I effin love [Lazy Dungeon Master] ! I'll check out the other translations once I finish! Nice job in juggling school and translations! 😀 Good luck!!!!

  10. Greatings, I’m ChocoManga
    I’m looking for Japanese Translators for translating Guin Saga. The Novel series is 132 volumes and 22 Side Stories.
    Of the raws, I have 1 to 89 + 96 + 129-130 and 15 Gaiden. As well as Books 1-5 English Licensed.
    Many hands make light work, so please don’t be intimidated by it’s length. I plan to gather enough of a group to make it easier, otherwise, take things one at a time.
    You can consider this a joint project if you’d like, and I’d add your banner to my site.
    This is a one of a kind Novel Series (longest in the world), hasn’t been translated to English beyond book 5, it deserves to be shared.
    Book 1 Licensed:!FY5EzagI!xW6bulGTtMkOyxxcKhyE-SsQi7nUGSsm7Z4b3GrfRyc
    Book 1 Raw:!VdxlHDaQ!8ZdSUmuSfA7uXvWDlggevWJQMFMAQYZ2B_D0M_GKa9o
    Translations will start at Book 6:!ERAkzS4D!mZgYZqilKTeFL2n7bjFb1FfC2PrxjGNmXzti8EB9ur4
    Please E-mail me, or join me on the chat if you’re interested. Feel free to check out the site as well.
    I look forward to your reply (Approval or Denial)

  11. Hi there O/. I came to visist your site and “Lazy Dungeon Master” caught my interest but lets put aside that, i have a smal question if you could kindly anser me. From were is the image with the smal girl in the snow that is crying ?
    I want to see those bastards that made her cry suffer in agony on the edge of death then heal them just to suffer more mwahahahahaha….ahem…. sorry, my dark side took control over me for a second there…
    Thanks in andvance for listening to my selfish question and keep up the good work 🙂

  12. Wanted to leave a thank you for translating “Lazy Dungeon Master” as soon as I saw the title I HAD to read it. Me and my buddy a couple years back had a conversation about making a game with a similar theme but it never got anywhere but I honestly loved the idea! I also saw that you were writing something and was curious if you have it posted somewhere or is it just a project on the side? I’m currently writing something for fun ATM but it’s taking time revising constantly since it’s been so long since I’ve done anything of the sort. Anyways I enjoy reading other peoples works and was curious ^^
    Once again thanks for the translations
    – The Meandering Otaku

      1. Random places around the internet. Reddit, random google searches, deviant art, wallbase, etc.

        Some day I’ll get around to making a page for it all.

  13. I agree w/ coconutsenpaicould we have the headers plz? fullscale would be nice but if you can’t I understand. PLZ? PLZ? Ziru senpai

  14. So I’ve gotten through most of what you’ve translated at this point and was wondering if you know any sites that have similar stories?

  15. can you continued the translated novel from other translation group the title is Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World. it has been a few months they not translated the novel.

  16. Dear Robert,
    I’m Deforestation.
    First, I’d like to thank you for translating the WN Lazy Dungeon Master into English. Its very interesting.
    Also, I intend to translate it into Vietnamese in the near future using the work of yours. So I’m writing this to ask for your permission. As of now, there have been some teams/individuals translating it into Vietnamese, however, their work is either dropped or not in great quality (aka in low quality). Thus, I hope that if permitted, my work would be able to bring readers a better translation.
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

      1. Thank you. It’s very kind of you, I appreciate it.
        By the way, about the “drama” thing, yeah, I will try not to cause much. Thanks for your concern. 🙂

        Oh, and when I start translating and posting, I will let you know – if you ever would like to know about the progress. 🙂

      1. Does this apply to WordPress as well? I am still getting updates through e-mail, but not through the wordpress feed anymore.

        I already wrote about this some days ago, but either it didn’t post that time (was logged in through wordpress and it did seem to have trouble connecting and did end up being posted as “Anonymous”, as opposed to being logged in through e-mail this time), or it ended up being posted and I misremembered where I commented….

        Well, in case the second option applies and you already answered, sorry – I didn’t get any notifications about that either.

        The original comment also contained the information that I stopped getting updates at the start of this month, LDM 243 was the last I got.

  17. Hi, I got a little Problem. I wanted to add your website to my feeds of thunderbird and it seems that the feeds are not valid. Could you take look and check this?

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