Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 399

Long time no see. Devops has been fun. Got into web development in my free time to look to add yet another vertical (and possible pay raise) to my professional life… so that’s cool.

Going to be starting an MM-LLC (S Corp) with my friend for some game development stuff. Been making our website from scratch to learn ReactJS and implementing things one by on (like Google Analytics, dynamic routing, etc etc).

Very likely going to be making a new Ziru’s Musings website from scratch after that since this wordpress site broke sometime earlier this year and it’s a pile of actual crap on my end to try fixing it. This website runs me about $350/yr and I’d rather move to something more simple with a reactjs/AWS-based stack.

Still haven’t managed to close escrow. 10 months in so far… our realtor’s never heard of it taking this long. Neither have weeeee~! $20k in rent wasted (as opposed to about $15k in mortgage payments), yay for putting money in someone else’s pocket.

So… yeahhhh.


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