Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 476

Off topic, but I might have to move again because the local fires put a moratorium on getting insurance policies bound on houses in the area just long enough for my credit report us bank pulled to expire. When they pulled the new version, I suddenly have to pay off around $9k in CC debt. Coming up with $9k in a few weeks? LOL. LOL. LOL. Maybe 3 or 4 months, but weeks? Ugh. Just ugh.

Translating-cum-Antistress-senpai, save me…!

… And so I started thinking.

I keep getting complaints about never reaching the newest released raw chapter of whatever series I’m releasing for. On and on and on and on for years—literally, it started way back in 2015 with my first few releases of Suterareta Yuusha even. My release rate for LDM has on average been the same as the author’s, so I while I still don’t see what the issue is, I decided to say F it. Now that I have a bit more time and can get back to translating more than 1 chapter a week, I’ll make sure to release new chapters from the author as they come out.

As for the gap between my ongoing translation and these new chapters, I’m not sure. You could check out a program called DeepL that I hear is pretty good for VNs and the like. I think I mentioned it in a release post some time ago? Otherwise, just sit back and keep reading as usual and you’ll get a stockpile to read all at once maybe?

That said, I’m planning on upping my release rate a good bit over the next few weeks. Trying to aim for 1/day or so.


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