Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 384

Decided to try out World of Warships. Fun game. Infuriating when your team doesn’t push a flank when they outnumber the enemy side like 5:3, though. CVs are weird, feel strong but also weak. BBs are fun, big guns go brrrrr. I dislike DDs and cruisers, too squishy.

Also got pinged by someone I know on discord about this new DeepL thing. If you want to read ahead on whatever webnovel, google it and use it. From what I saw playing around with it, it’s better than most MTL crap I’ve seen on Novel Updates nowadays. Not too great with Japanese compared to some other languages (Yay for Japanese always just assuming the subject of a sentence from context), but definitely better at it than Google Translate. I wonder if MTL groups will start using that in the near future? It’d be both a good thing and a bad thing for the community though, I feel… Eh, oh well.

Also also LDM volume 13 (English) is out soon/now I think? Crazy stuff. Please go buy it and support the author!


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