Musings — An Update

First, a random fact: Ctrl+L selects your browser’s address bar. Helpful for anyone working support for IT.

Shall we do bullet style as usual? Yes? Cool!

Normal bullets = Strawman-san’s questions. Indented bullets = my answers.

    • In an RV (off and on). And swamped with 60-80hr workweeks for the last few months.
  • RV? Stupid overtime? Wat.
    • Remember the whole inheritance thing I talked about forever ago in an LDM post? No? Well, it turned into land investment. Then it morphed into me moving. So I’ve been jumping through dozens of hoops and working crazy hours to get it going. Have a few more months till everything’s said and done.
  • So that’s been what’s kept you from translating?
    • Yes and no. Yes, the time I normally used for translating was nuked from orbit (gaming too! Seriously, I haven’t played a game in over 2 months and I’m practically dying inside) by the orbital lazer: A.D.U.L.T. (A Dickishly Ultimate Lifestyle Trasher). It’s true that I do have some spare time outside of work and land prep/various meetings for the properties, but like… I’m usually face down on my bed in a brain dead/vegetative state for those 1-2 hours before sleep… so also no. Me not actually being a machine has been keeping me from translating.
  • Okay, so why don’t you just translate in the RV for a few minutes here and there?
    • One, translating isn’t something like a switch I can just flip on and off constantly. At least not for me. It takes me a good 10-20 minutes to get into the groove of it and crank out sentences.
    • Two, the RV has no power. Let me say that again. No. Power. The generator it’s hooked up to is too expensive to just leave running all day and I tend to just use my phone when I’m up there.
  • But like… LDM though. And GCR. And ICO. And MG. When will they get some more love?
    • I can’t say for sure. It’s looking like I’ll have to wait until around the end of Spring before I can start the actual move. Lots of stuff goes into construction loans/contracts/etc. So many ducks to line up. All I can
  • Why are you staying up in the RV in the first place, then? Couldn’t you just… not?
    • Nope! Many reasons, but the most important one is that my job is up in that area and I’m only down here in Sacramento working remote. My work prefers me not working remote all the time, so I can’t.
    • Another reason is that I have to be up there a lot of the time to get certain tasks done, like meet with inspectors and get papers signed for FEMA and the like.
  • Just give up on LDM then. Let another TLer have it.
    • First, no.
    • Second, no, f u. I picked up this project waaaay back, like when there were only 70-ish raw chapters! It’s been with me since way back when I was a really, really bad translator.
    • Third, they’d also have to get permission to continue from a certain publisher. You know, that whole chestnut. Geh.
    • Fourth, please realize that I’ve actually translated LDM at a faster average rate than the raw releases have come out at… so yeah. Please don’t expect there to ever be stupid fast CN-level release rates for this series. It will never happen. The raw material just doesn’t exist.
  • Right. FH exists. What’s up with that series?
    • It was cancelled, so oh well. I don’t see the point of translating book 2 and 3 if it ends without an ending. Geh.
  • Why did it take you this long to say anything and stop being MIA?
    • A few reasons:
      • 1. I’ve never been MIA. I’ve been active in the Ziru’s Musings discord server this whole time. The invite link is in the site footer if you want.
      • 2. Have you ever felt building stress by not saying something sooner and keep feeling like it’s too late? Yeah. That.
      • 3. I’m still busy. Really, really, really busy. Geh.
  • Are you, like, rich now?
    • Lol no. I just went from poor af and stressed for month-to-month bills to poor af with the ability to put all of my time into the possibility of not having to stress for month-to-month bills here soon. For that, I touched none of the inheritance money to actually buy ‘fun’ things. It all went to paying down family debt and purchasing land at a steal (look into the California Camp Fire if you want to know more about wtf the land was so cheap).

Hope everyone’s had a great week so far, have a good one!

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