Atelier May — Chapter 3

Sorry about the lack of chapters last week guys! orz

It’s not that I didn’t have time or was busy with work, I actually had a 4-day weekend, but I got too into Atelier Online on Monday and kept putting translating off till “tomorrow”, and before I knew it, well… Here we are a week later.

To make it up I already have the next chapter translated so rest assured there’s gonna be more shenanigans incoming very soon.

Aside from that I also got a ToC and you’ll notice there’s a PREV|NEXT this time, I’ll edit that in within the next day or so for the other chapters. For now it’s bedtime for me, and reading time for you wonderful people.

Here’s the long-awaited Chapter 3.

By the way, should I make a patreon or anything like that? Just curious what people would think.

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