Atelier May Ch. 2



While I was busy shouting in my head, the letter I was holding up started to roll itself into a ball bit by bit.

“The heck’s goin’ on?”

And with a loud plop…

“… Huh?”

“Good morning, I’ma be your guide~. Won’t you give me your name?”

“… Whaaaa?”

Hold on. Why did a letter become a little animal?

Don’t tell me, this is magic?

I mean, I was reborn into a magical world right?

I don’t get what’s up with this situation!?

“Maybe you didn’t hear me, what’s your name?”

“M… May.”

“May is it~. What a nice name huh? Umm… My name is… Oh, I still haven’t gotten one. I mean I was just born after all, lol.”

Unreal~. A ferret’s talking~.

With a long body and a small face, I feel like it’s a ferret, but…

But ferrets are usually a bit bigger aren’t they? This little guy is only about fifteen centimeters long and he’s all white, either way that’s out of the norm for ferrets.


“I got ya! So my name’s Ermine~. May, it’ll be nice working with ya from here on~!”


Suddenly Ermine became its name!!!!!!

“N, no. Ermine is a type of animal, it isn’t a name.”

“That so? But there’s no such animal as that in this world, so using it as a name shouldn’t be a problem. So just call me Ermine! Nice to meetcha~!”

The pure white ermine gave me a delighted smile. It stuck it’s little paw out, asking for a handshake.

“Ah, yeah, nice to meet you too.”

I unconsciously accepted the handshake, but I mean, Ermine’s going to be my guide anyway.


“By the way, May, are you good with Alchemy?”

“The heck’s alchemy”

“Oh crap. We’re starting from there huh? Is this really going to work out? Can she really inherit the garden I wonder? I mean she wouldn’t have been summoned without the talent, so I’m sure it’ll be okay.”

Ermine crossed his little arms and nodded his head while mumbling something to himself, eventually he broke into a simple explanation about alchemy.

“Simply put, an alchemist mixes two reagents together in a pot to make something completely different. To start with you’ll only be able to make simple things, but as you get better you’ll be able to make all sorts of stuff!”

He held out a blue book to me while saying “Here, take a look.”

As I turned the pages, they all had alchemic reactions written on them.

Umm… Let’s see here.

Potion Recipe

Potion huh, so the thing that heals injuries and stuff? As expected, even I knew that much.

As for how to make it…

Add Healing Grass to water and mix well

Well, that’s simple enough! If that’s how it is, let’s just get to it!

“Here’s an alchemy pot for ya!”

Saying that, he pulled a black pot with gold markings out of thin air.

…First a book, okay, next a pot, alright, where the hell’s he even pulling this stuff from???

“Oh, that’s right! Before we get to it, you’re gonna need a table aren’t you~? May, between a fancy, monochrome, or natural appearance, which would you prefer? Whichever’s fine.”

Huh? He’s gonna pull table out now isn’t he?

If I had to pick between those three, natural’s just fine isn’t it?

“Let’s go with natural.”


With that lighthearted response, Ermine went ahead and pulled something out of thin air again.

I figured he was going to pull out a table or something, but then the next thing I know he’s placing furniture and other accommodations for living such as beds, chairs, and kitchen appliances throughout the room.

And in the blink of an eye a full set of furniture with a natural appearance was set up, making it look like a one-room apartment, just like that.

“This is set up to look like a room in your own world. Is it to your liking?

Seeing a lovely room that looked as if it was pulled out of a home design magazine spread out before me, I unconsciously leaked out, “How nice~…”

“Alright, looks like that went well~. Let’s go outside, I’ll lead the way to the garden!”

Gasp! What!? When Ermine turned around, he had wings on his back.


The wings looked so fluffy, all the way down to their base.

Actually, he was just one little fluff ball.

And without knowing what was running through my head, Ermine cutely flapped his wings as he flew towards the door.

Chasing after him, I took my first step through the door leading outside.

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