Atelier May — Chapter 1

A wild new series appears!

Also I’m not Ziru!  For those that don’t know me, I go by Aurum, I’ve been around the Discord a while (You totally should join if you haven’t already). Ziru’s been open to the idea of having more translators on the site, and well, I’ve been wanting to get better with my Japanese. I’ve been learning bit by bit over the years, but mainly I’m lagging with my Kanji knowledge and just practicing memorizing it one symbol at a time is only so good.

I mean really, if you think about it, whatever language you consider your first, you learn the fundamentals in class through memorization, but then you’re assigned reading homework and you start to connect your alphabet, your grammar and spelling all together and see it put into practice. So I figured, hey, let me try and find something to translate and see how much I can improve that way.

So here’s a story about a female isekai protagonist and her fluffy friends and fluffy life after a pretty not fun death. If you need a little more warm and fuzzy in your life, I got ya fam, the really really basic goal is just 2 chapters per week, with a 3rd every so often, but there’s only 52 chapters so, eventually they’ll start slowing down pretty heavily.

This series isn’t that old, the author just started writing it at the beginning of the year, and as such, no one has touched this series, so I have free reign on how I interpret stuff and how I localize it. Yay! However since I’m a newbie don’t expect as quality a translation as what modern day Ziru pumps out, the advice I’ve gotten from Ziru and others who’ve been checking me has been to be less dry and have more fun with it in general so I’m definitely working on it.

But without further ado, here’s Easygoing Atelier Life ~May and the Fluffy Miniature Garden~ Chapter 1.


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