The Forsaken Hero — V 1 Ch 10

Heya, I decided to translate two of the comments I found interesting on the Amazon page for the novel. (Just skip down for the chapter if uninterested!)

`**` Small Revenge for a Small World

*Bought in a bookstore.
First off, the sentence structures are poorly done.
Additionally, since there isn’t much in the way of world building other than the heroes and those around them, reading it was a chore.
I won’t buy #2. *Just my feelings on it.
*There aren’t any other volumes out and I read it till the end, so 2 stars

Pretty harsh, right? The next one is definitely the opposite.

`****` Cute Heroine and Some Revenge (Some Spoilers)

Be it in a good way or a bad way, practically everyone, even the gods, are all just selfish af lmao
I can’t really say much about the setting so far.
(There’s really just 1 so-called ‘good person’ so far)

Although it’s an isekai where they get summoned from a school, the school bully somehow turned into the enemy.
The hero is the person who the rest of the classmates abandoned and did STUFF to, so he’s aiming to take revenge.

While definitely making sure that revenge is taken,
A good amount of time is spent on the heroine.
Not having any weird pauses or breaks, it being written so well is a definite selling point.
Personally, that’s what got me so into it.

The battle descriptions and how everyone’s personalities interact, well… I think it’s pretty well done~
The story continues like that throughout the first volume. Can’t wait for the next one.

Well, yeah. That’s about it. Just had some fun reading those, thought you all might as well. Enjoy the chapter!

(I decided to change a certain magic’s name that appears in this chapter.)


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