So this happened

At university right now and not fully sure about what happened other than grandma was using my car (freeway) and suddenly the drivers side window shattered. Family is telling me a beebee hit it. Shattered all the way, only held up by tint adhesive layer. Now to somehow get the money to fix it. Yay.


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      1. Yeah, another reason why you don’t want to drive next to a big truck like an eighteen wheeler (aside from their absurdly huge blind-spots) is that any piece of gravel getting caught and squeezed under the edge of their tires can turn into a violently energetic projectile.

    1. BB is a designation for a shot pellet size. Some people use it to refer to airguns of all types, but in this case, it’d probably be an actual metal pellet.

  1. Hope no one got hurt.

    If you were the one that took the picture, we can see your reflection.

  2. So was this a freak accident, or someone with an air gun and a bad case of road rage?

    I guess the bright side to this is that the window tinting held the bits in place, so you’ve avoided a possibly wrecked car and an injured grandma.

    1. My guess is accident. If someone can hit a fast moving car on a highway deliberately with a BB, he’s one hell of a shot.

  3. Check your auto insurance, sometimes windows damaged by road debris is covered by your deductible. Same can be said for parking lot fenderbenders.

  4. Ziru, did you perhaps rub someone the wrong way in a previous life to attract {good} fortune seemingly every other day?

  5. Maybe you was getting ready to be transported to another world and your car windshield was like NOPE.

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