Musings — Why Forsaken Hero (LN) is a Different Experience

Raw (Same between WN and LN):


WN (OLD translation):

Recently Hamakaze has taken a rather aggressive attitude when it comes to that. Also why is it I need to know your feelings, understand mine.
I have a body that can be discarded at any time.
It’s this thought that is exacerbated by her right now. I’ve been down this road before.
Play a clown so that I’m not disliked. Suffer through wearing many masks.
This physical contact with her is part of it. So it shouldn’t be strange that above all, the painful one is Hamakaze.

LN (NEW translation):

Recently, Hamakaze’s started to take a more proactive attitude. I knew why. I knew what she felt, too.
She’s in a position where she could be abandoned whenever.
That thought was definitely pervading her mind. Even I’d been like that in the past.
Playing the jester so that you won’t be hated. Wearing however many masks you need.
Her skinship here is just another part of that. That’s why I’m not hoping for anything weird. Right now, the one who’s hurting the most is Hamakaze herself.



18 thoughts on “Musings — Why Forsaken Hero (LN) is a Different Experience

  1. If we extrapolate this linearly, Ziru shall become the machine that TLs stuff, rather than the one using a machine! The Ziru machine that just spits out hyper-accurate translations!

      1. What about “whichever mask it takes”, then? “However masks” isn’t proper grammar nor is it any accepted slang I’ve ever heard. Overall though, the new translation is much better.

        1. Oh, that’s what you meant LOL. I’d fixed that typo in my working copy but not here I guess. It’s supposed to be “however many masks”, yeah.

          Edited the post to my current working copy

    1. Agreed!
      Rather than shit to good
      More like good to poetic

      The things you guys did is a great service to humanity.
      Sometimes just a good chapter is enough to keep us going through this shity world
      (Im a bookworm and I read translated moon rune all day every day)

      1. Not saying there wasn’t an improvement in the quality of the translation, but I think Ziru’s point is the LN is a massive improvement over the WN. So it’s easier to translate and a better novel altogether.

  2. Thanks for translation. Also, is it just me or are chapters 11 and 12 the same? From the flow of the plot it seems like the page with chapter 11 is a duplicate of chapter 12.

  3. Nah, if you want to see shit translations then go look at Baka Dogenza’s translations, especially his earliest work. He apparently speaks English as his 43rd language and Japanese as his 42nd.

  4. In fact, I see these changes as meaning that your japanese has improved leaps and bounds. That’s always good and something to be happy about. Not everyone would have managed it; or even tried.

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