Musings — Schedules? Show me da wae!


My mind’s been in a bad place lately. All I can say is sorry for my lack of updates, because in the end, that’s the only think that’s kept me mostly in bed the past few weeks. I think I’m good now, but yeah.

I switched Novel Updates away from linking new Lazy Dungeon Master releases to Moon Bunny Cafe, so all LDM traffic should be sent here from now on. Better website layout, no more redirect ads for readers, better reader experience… I hope. On that topic, I added a footnotes plugin just earlier today, so keep an eye out for the hover-notes that’ll be appearing from here on (there’s an example of it being used in LDM ch 263 for those curious).

No actual schedule for this week, though, as I’m just scrambling to release chapters right now. Probably an ICO tomorrow. Proper schedule on Sunday.

Announcement that should be interesting for my Spanish-native readers is set to come tomorrow, too, so look forward to that.

… I made a thing.

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