Musings – Oh hey, it happened

Heya everyone. First off, know that I will be expanding this post this weekend when I get some time. My internship started this past Monday and I’m scrambling to learn a few things the company will be needing over the next few months in hopes of becoming a full hire. I eat, breathe, and sleep cs right now… (will be translating a bit this weekend, not sure how much though)

Lazy Dungeon Master was licensed by J-Novel Club! Woo \o/

Already being called a poacher! Boo!

More people get to read the awesomeness that is LDM! Woo \o/

Probably going to be dmca’d and lose so many patrons (<3 you guys) and site traffic that I won’t be able to pay rent. Boo.

Been with this web novel series since the author released his 73rd chapter of it, well before it had gotten its first light novel release. I’d hate to see it all end because of main stream attention. Japan has web novels and light novels, but from previous examples, western publishers view it as taking away revenue (Probably going to expand this thought later this week, it’s stated rather naively as is).

I’ll be taking down any and all items directly sourced from the LDM light novels as soon as I can string enough hours together to get it done–likely this weekend. This effectively means the illustrations and LN 4 page side stories. I only ever included them due to there being not much of an alternative to access them in the west as an English reader.

(JNC, I assume you’re aware of this blog given that you adopted my working title for the series after seeing it already being popularized. I’m waiting for contact from you all. And sincerely, from a person who’s thought about it for years, please, please don’t call her Niku…)

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