Musings — Are You Still There?

Yes. Just been having a minor case of absolutely no time. Translations should resume tonight. Been having to meet with instructors to work out homework issues, followed by midterms, followed by car issues, followed by lice (again, yay). They obviously aren’t valid reasons in a vacuum. Can’t give the rest of the explanation, sorry.

Heya everyone. Before this absence, I had decided on changing release schedule to a wheel/cycle/etc. Sticking with that. ICO – FH – LDM – MG – GCR – LDM. Two LDM per cycle due to it being the vast majority of my readerbase’s main interest. Currently FH up next.

MG v3 is out. Illustrations will come (cleaned and translated) over Spring Break. So will many chapters.

Does anyone have the running count of chapters I’m behind? I lost track around January. I’m still intending to catch up. Want to put a dent in the >80 chapters I’m behind.

Have a good week, all.

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