Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 294

First step in getting through a mountain of work is to start, so here I am.


Alright, so tl;dr in no particular order: internship turned into a job turned into learning ALL THE THINGS to do job well. Grandpa died. Helping mother through X amount of legal money things. Things might be looking up for the first time ever in about 6 months. Hate that it happened because he died. Sleeping on my friend’s air mattress for a few months seriously messed up my shoulders and I’m now back down at my house and will just be commuting 2 hrs to work BECAUSE REASONS.

Did this chapter during my (extended?) lunch break. Have the entire weekend open to translate more. Please attack me if I don’t release more chapters tomorrow. I entirely forgot to give people that were patrons prior to the JNC thing their passwords the past while. I’m sorry. Many things on my mind. I’m doing that now.

(The person that TLs No Protection Tonight decided to host on another site instead. Khay is thinking about picking up another, easier to manage, series to TL in his spare time.)

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