Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 290

Yeah so that ‘release a chapter a day’ thing didn’t turn out so well. At all… cough.

Let’s try this again.

(Sleep deprived and feeling mostly like crap, but info dump incoming so please bear with me. Trying to rush so I can get to the next chapter asap. Skip to link way below if disinterested!)

  • Life update because why the heck not:
    • The site looked like shit the past few weeks because Discus trial expired. Just paid $100 to get it for a year to remove its ludicrously laggy/offensive ads.
    • While on the topic, also just paid $300 for another year of this site, well, existing. Yay for not cheap?
    • Also, yay for $1700 IRS bill because they disagree with me trying to get out of debt.
    • Also, yay for not being able to return to college this upcoming semester because CRAP HAPPENED (wow, stuff I don’t feel comfortable talking about on the internet, I think this is a first?) and lost my financial aid. I definitely don’t have the tuition cost to attend Sacramento State next semester.
    • I’m pretty sure someone with a big stick out there hates the concept of me wanting to get above the poverty line.
  • To my patrons: Msg me on Patreon for permanent access to prerelease chapters. I can no longer offer LDM prereleases for fiscal compensation, as according to JNC, so I decided to just leave the concept as a permanent thank you to all those who are/have been my patrons before. This will not be offered to new patrons (unfortunately…), because I think that would be poking the bear that is JNC. Although I obviously hope people will not withdraw their support (despite my lack of releases recently due to my internship/jobs taking over my life), don’t worry if you want to. The passwords are permanent, and I’ll do my best to make sure everyone gets an updates one if I ever have to change them. Again, just message me on Patreon about it…!
  • Seriously though, go buy the LDM light novel. No, I wasn’t asked to say it. Yes, I want to say it. The story is amazing, the author is amazing, and it is definitely well-translated (despite Meat’s name being Niku…! GAHHHH.)
  • Internship is going great. I’ve gotten to a point where I’m not having to spend the little free time I have to study Qt for Python, so I’m now able to translate again.
  • It appears another group will be taking over Kuro no Maou (again?). I do not have much information about that, though, so you’ll have to hop on the discord server and ask in its relevant channel if interested.
  • I believe it’s best for me to focus on MG/FH/LDM. But I do not know if I can morally ignore the other two series while attempting to be active on these for an indefinite amount of time. No solution’s come to mind, but I figured I should mention my thoughts on the topic.
    • No, I didn’t die.
    • Yes, I feel like shit for not releasing chapters.
    • Yes, I will be posting more LDM soon. MG, too. Probably FH as well.
    • No, I will not hand over [insert series name]. You want to take over one of my series? Fight me bro! (jk)
      • … In all seriousness though, I’ve translated LDM at nearly the same pace the author has released its chapters since I picked it up. It was chapter 73 when I started at chapter 1. It is now chapter 354 and I am at chapter 296. Keeping up with the author’s release rate for over 3 years now and I’m still getting a few certain discontent commenters, like… really? This isn’t a Chinese novel. If I rush to the current chapter, that means releases will be perpetually unstable on my end as well. That’d be good for no one involved…
    • Yes, I still love translating.
    • Yes, I am severely lacking in time.
    • No, I will never stop translating.
    • Yes, I am aware at how annoyingly amusing it is that it seems like this happens at the end of every month.
    • No, I can’t do anything about that. Coincidences are a thing that exist. Please do not conflate correlation with causation if you are able as it would be much appreciated by my already stressed daily life.
    • Yes, I’ve read any comment ever made on this website. All 48k of them since this site’s creation.
    • No, I don’t intend to stop reading them.
    • Yes, I’ll respond to any and all questions/accusations/rants people comment this post with.
  • Please, can’t we all just enjoy these novels together…?



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