Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 288

First release in a while.

Lots of things happened.

1- I got a full time paid internship (adding on to my part-time stuff)
2- JNC licensed LDM light novel in English.

Alright so maybe not a lot of things, but both have been pretty massive to deal with. As I hope is understandable, my internship’s taken virtually all of my focus the last two weeks. Been focusing on getting into the groove of things. I’ll be having to do a few more things over the next week to cope with the licensing and will try to get you all more information soon. Just wanting to translate a bit more first since this is the first time I’ve had the time for it in a while.

Got a comment that I’m purposely holding my releases to be near the end of the month… like, really man? Did you not see the twenty release week mid-month? You think I chose to get my internship just to spite my patrons? I don’t have a choice in this, it’s either spend my time on the internship or fail to pay bills. All I can do is use whatever other time I have on site upkeep and translating. If you’ve found a way for me to put more time into translating, I’m really, really open to suggestions.

(Note: LDM translations will be continuing even with the licensing. Don’t worry. And please don’t hate on JNC… they’re a business. It’s literally their job to do this.)

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