Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 281

Heya everyone.


Managed to make a game over the weekend (Fri-Mon) with most of the basics in place. Didn’t manage to get it onto the Google Play Store before the interview, but I did manage to package it, so it is playable. Planning on expanding it a bit over this next week.

If anyone’s interested, here’s a link to the .apk you can download and install (android only, sorry…!). Let me know what you think if you give it a go. Planning on expanding it into a game where you upgrade your defenders and base (to the left of the golems, unaccessible in this demo) between waves to keep up with their ever-growing difficulty. This version of the game still has a few bugs (projectiles don’t despawn off screen, so it eventually starts to lag unless you purposely lose and reset being one of them), but it gets the point across! Everything you see in it other than the background was made by me.

Learning how to navigate how UE4 utilizes C++ and mixes with Blueprints well enough over the weekend (as well as diving head first into pixel art creation) while also constantly sprinting to get enough functionality in for a playtest before the interview was interesting, to say the least. The interview itself went well, but yeah.

That aside, hope you all enjoy the chapter! Going to work on Magus of Genesis next, I’m really wanting to get caught up to the third volume as soon as possible.

(P.S: To clear up what I meant about Blueprints being faster, I didn’t mean its execution speed, but rather its implementation speed.)

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