The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist — V 2 Ch 2 Pt 2

Heya everyone. This was a bit delayed due to getting into a dispute with my dad.

Our dog (family dog) has a growth on her foot. The vet said it might be cancerous (it’s pretty massive, didn’t drain despite being lanced, etc) but would need ~$350 to check to see if that was the case, followed by an assumed amount of around $700 to get it treated. I obviously don’t have that money, so yeah. The dispute itself was about whether or not we should still take Patches (the dog) on walks. The vet said to keep her from irritating the general area.

… but she’s a super active dog that loves going on walks. At this point it’s looking like we’re going to have to go with the strategy of ‘do nothing’. Not exactly a fun situation. Thus causing my dad and I to argue whether or not we’ll be taking her on walks or not for the next X amount of time. Bleh. (Note that I’m of the belief that you shouldn’t own a dog if you don’t have the fiscal surplus to take care of them medically. I didn’t get this dog. My dad did a while back, leaving her at my house.)

Well, enjoy the chapter.

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