The Forsaken Hero — Light Novel

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Good evening, Yujima Ran here.

It’s finally just two weeks until the release of…
[The Forsaken Hero]!

The cover was released!
It was done super cool and cute!



The person featured on the cover is the hero. Katsuragi Daichi and the heroine, Hamakaze Shuri.
The background’s awesome, too.
I truly can’t thank the illustrator, Teffish-sama, enough…!

Next, the character design!



From left to right:
Hayase Fuuko, Hamakaze Shuri, Katsuragi Daichi, Tamaki Yuina (Shield), Akina Leadred
All of their features were captured amazingly, they’re all wonderful…

All of these splendidly drawn characters are illustrated within the book as well, so everyone, I definitely think it’s alright for you to feel hyped!

Every picture is amazing! My lord…

[The Forsaken Hero: Volume 1]’s release date is December 20th.

You can now reserve it at Amazon and others, so thank you!

Now then, excuse me.


Translator Comment:

First off, I made two edits to the original post to reduce confusion:

  1. The proper title of the novel is [The Forsaken Hero Who Returns From Death Becoming the Demon King]—everyone who reads my translations should know that I dislike long titles by now, so I will only ever refer to this series as [The Forsaken Hero].
  2. The novel was released on November 30th, but not online until December 20th, so I will be unable to do anything further until that date.

Now, everyone, while I do intend to translate this series—I’ve promised as much multiple times in the past—I can not say for sure what date I’ll be fully picking it up. I have other series to consider, obviously.

I will certainly be buying the eBook and setting up a ToC as soon as possible. I will also be translating whatever images I can, as well as clean and typeset them as I’ve recently done with The Magus of Genesis: Volume 2‘s illustrations. It may become a seldom updated series until I get caught up(…-ish) on everything else.

But, for now… the hype is real. ^^

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