Schedule of the Week

Heya everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the LDM chapter flood. I really liked that arc… Ended the week a bit late, but hey, I still got the chapters out right!? Haha. Well, we’re getting close to the next goal on my Patreon, so maybe I’ll be releasing 3 LDM chapters per week here soon!?

Here’s to hoping~

Other than that, going to try and clear out more of the old donation queue for GCR. Should be finished by the end of next week at the current rate. ^^

  1. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 199
  2. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 200 (Patreon)
  3. Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Chapter 5 (Part 2)
  4. The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist v2 — Chapter 2 (Part 5)
  5. The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist v2 — Chapter 2 (Part 6) (Extra)
  6. The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist v2 — Chapter 2 (Part 7) (Extra)
  7. Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 98 (Patreon)

Extra Info

Lazy Dungeon Master

Those chapters were just too good for me not to do them all at once. Really.

Rokuko’s turned into quite the schemer…


Dragon’s Bloodline

And so the explanation of what the Great Upheaval is finally begins…!


The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist

Man those last two parts were crazy in the exposition department. The raws had a crazy complicated sentence structure (for me at least), so untangling them was rather difficult. If any particular part seems off, please point it out.


Inside the Cave of Obscenity

I can’t help but picture Frederica as the girl from Mirai Nikki now. Geh.


Recommended Series