Schedule of the Week

Did my best to shave away at the donation queue last week. Let’s see if I can’t do it again this week as well…? :3

  1. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 176
  2. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 177 (Extra)
  3. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 178 (Extra)
  4. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 179 (Extra)
  5. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 180 (Extra)
  6. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 181 (Extra)
  7. Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Chapter 2 (Part 3)
  8. The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist v2 — Chapter 2 (Part 1) (Extra)
  9. Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 91
  10. Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 92 (Extra)
  11. Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 93 (Extra)

Extra Info

The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero

Regarding redoing the fourth arc: The author finally resumed releasing chapters, with the first new one since March on Dec. 7th! He hasn’t posted anything since then, not even a life report on his blog. Here’s to hoping? (~’.’)~

As of 2017/3/26, still no new updates.

Read this for more information.

Lazy Dungeon Master

Man, I can’t wait to see how Keima’s new dungeon messes with intruders. His traps, in particular… XD

I wonder how many people are interested in reading more retranslations of the first few chapters…? Thinking about going until around chapter 12 or so.

Dragon’s Bloodline

Serge is never going to shine, is he?

There’s been so many chances for him, too… Will Chris ever see the light~?

The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist

Just like last week. Great to read, hard to translate. Over seven hours for the one chapter, crazy stuff haha. Hope everyone enjoyed the ending to the super long first chapter of the book!

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

Slime… mind… break…~

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