Schedule of the Week

Yeah. Definitely didn’t release anything last week. Spent more time than expected on midterm studying. Did worse than expected on the midterm. 5 questions, 3 answered with a ~95% grade, 2 answered with a 0% grade aka I couldn’t put anything. Turns out the class average on those two questions was below 15%. Large class, no As, three Bs, majority of the class got a D on the test. Least I somehow came out with a 35/50. Was in a pretty bad spot for a few days there and really couldn’t make myself translate, sorry.

Will try and do the catch-up chapters this week. Will likely have to do the DB catch-up chapter next week, maybe GCR as well. I know I said that it would be out last Sunday… blah. The downside of taking on so many (too many) series.

  1. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 164
  2. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 165 (Catch-up)
  3. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 166 (Extra)
  4. The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist v2 — Chapter 1 (Part 15) (Catch-up)
  5. Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Chapter 3 (Part 2)
  6. Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 89 (Catch-up)

Extra Info

The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero

Regarding redoing the fourth arc: The author finally resumed releasing chapters, with the first new one since March on Dec. 7th! He hasn’t posted anything since then, not even a life report on his blog. Here’s to hoping? (~’.’)~

As of 2017/3/14, still no new updates.

Read this for more information.

Lazy Dungeon Master

Aaaaand I’m not sure about you guys, but need my LDM fix.

Dragon’s Bloodline

Man, just 31 chapters to go. We’re closing in on the final quarter!

 The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist


Inside the Cave of Obscenity

Wooo for ICO this week.

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