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Lots of extra LDM chapters last week, huh. Went through an entire arc in one go! Definitely not happening again this week, but it was a fun ride right? Well, I’m not too sure about how much time I’ll have this week with midterms around the corner for my Physics class, so yeah… Well, I also want to play For Honor a little once it is released on Tuesday but I’m not even sure if I’ll have time for that.

Well then.

  1. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 159
  2. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 160 (Extra)
  3. The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist v2 — Chapter 1 (Part 13)
  4. The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist v2 — Chapter 1 (Part 14) (Maybe?)
  5. Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Chapter 3 (Part 1) (Maybe?)
  6. Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 86 (Super Maybe?)

Extra Info

The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero

Regarding redoing the fourth arc: The author finally resumed releasing chapters, with the first new one since March on Dec. 7th! He hasn’t posted anything since then, not even a life report on his blog. Here’s to hoping? (~’.’)~

As of 2017/2/12, still no new updates.

Read this for more information.

Lazy Dungeon Master

Yay for Haku-san making another appearance and here’s to hoping for some more Meat-focused scenes in the near future! ^^

Dragon’s Bloodline

Very likely none for this week, but man. Did someone catch the license plate on the storyline that ran me over last chapter? I think it was doubling the speed limit…

 The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist

Anyone notice how there’s a ridiculous number of parts in this chapter? I mean sure, I’m the one splitting them, but man this is a ludicrously large chapter. It alone is half of the volume!

Seriously, this chapter is huge… It’s a bit soon to say it, but once Dragon’s Bloodline is completely finished being translating (Chapter 120–should be about July?), I’m intending to pump a lot more of this series’ chapters out. I might even pause updates on ICO once I finish its second volume to put a bit more time into GCR.

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

Looking to maybe get something released for ICO this week, but as I don’t know exactly how much time I’ll have free, I am not sure.

14 thoughts on “Schedule of the Week

  1. If you want to take time to game instead of translate is totally fine with me. You’re doing lots of extra stuff alongside your upcoming exams anyways. Best to do whatever is relaxing.

  2. Anticipating… last week is a good week
    Many wn and ln have good release, ofcourse some translator impudently giving away 8 surprise chapter on one tittle are one of my happiness for last week, thx u for your hardwork

  3. Well, if you can’t get chapter 3 for ICO done, do you think you could post the illustrations of Volume 5 which will be released this friday?

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