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Danbooru will be putting Lazy Dungeon Master Volume 5 on the market on June 25th.

The contents of the fifth volume goes up to the third dungeon battle, but I’m not going to be talking about what happens in the main volume this time.

This has nothing to do with the main story. Yeah, I’ll be talking about the [Afterword].
The post script is always decided by the page count. Finally, after proofreading is finished and the number of pages is decided on, I get asked [Please write X pages].

“Please write 4 pages this time.”
“Haah, 4 pages?”

Like that, I have four pages this time.
… I’d gotten a pretty big degree of freedom for their content since this is the fifth volume, so—well, it wasn’t like I even wanted to just do whatever in the previous volumes despite having freedom, but this time I have even more ‘free’.
At any rate, the afterwords for volumes 1-4 were all 2 pages by chance.
And now I have double that, 4 pages.
That means I can write twice as much!

… And so I had a thought.

“Could I use a page for a crossword puzzle?”
“Sorry, could you say that again? I don’t think I heard you right.”

Of course he’d respond like that. It was at the level that if he’d actually responded with a [Sure, go ahead!] I would’ve thought there was something wrong with his head.
This wasn’t a magazine’s sweepstakes page, this was a light novel’s—a [Novel]’s afterword we were talking about after all.

“Well, maybe I could put in some illustrations I drew then!”
“… Are you insane?”

I was just being playful.
But well, it was obviously a joke. My illustrations are at the level of being graffiti, having them put in the same book as Youta-san’s beautiful illustrations would be a bit embarrassing.

But still, it’s an afterword. Yeah, an [Afterword].
I realize that I’m an author and can write whatever I want in the [Afterword].
To start with, the stuff written in the [Afterword] has to be written by the author. In other words, this is an author’s [Privilege] for writing the book.

Then shouldn’t I make good use of that privilege?
Even though it’s a privilege, wouldn’t it just be dull if I didn’t it too seriously?
What kind of things do readers request to see in afterwords? When I was thinking about that, I suddenly realized the answer.

The readers, concerning the afterword,

H A V E N ‘ T A S K E D F O R A N Y T H I N G!

If I was forced to say something, I guess it’d be that there are some comments about seeing a sidestory or inside peek at another pov.
But that stuff belongs in the book. Or in the illustrations.
In other words, the afterword is [A space for the author to do whatever they want after all]!—that sort of thing.

Back to my point.

Well, that’s why I decided to play around with the afterword. And so I spoke to In Charge-san again.

“Yeah, let’s go with a crossword puzzle.”
“… Eh, you’re serious?”

Furthermore, I don’t really have much time to put aside for the afterword. Naturally.
Authors have to do all of the page adjustments after all. I can’t postpone that even for the afterword.

“Umm, I’d like it on the weekend, but I need this done too…” (* This was on Thursday)
“Eh. Hmmm, what to do…”

Craaaap—is what I thought for a moment. I mean, it was just a sudden idea I had, so I still needed to actually make the crossword puzzle.
As a writer that has a dayjob, I didn’t have time to write the afterword during the weekdays.
However, even if it’ll be hard, it’s not impossible—you can do it. My ghost whispered to me.

“Aaah, well I might do it in the next volume and on, so would you ask whether or not I could do that? By tomorrow.” (TN: This line is weird. Might be off.)
“Eh—… well, alright, I’ll ask.”

And so it was decided that he would ask.
What would happen to Volume 5’s afterword?—No one really knows right now.

With that, the answer will be in Volume 5. You can even reserve it on Amazon right now!


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