Musings — Update on Disaster

Hi. First, for a tl;dr — Releases resume tomorrow. Not much impact to the week’s releases

Bullet time!

  • After making the disaster post, back end of my car started squealing. Fun stuff, right? Well, I had it taken to the dealer etc got things done to it.
    • Went through a scare after being told $500 to fix.
      • Turned out $345 of that would be to change break pads. Uhh no I got that myself k.
      • Doing that tomorrow
    • Why was back end squealing even without using the breaks?—I asked, very confused.
      • Because “they’re free-floating <jargon jargon jargon (I don’t remember)> and that’s why”
      • Only have to make sure to resurface the rotors after changing break pads. Apparently my car is 30 (front) 70 (back) for breaking because of the car’s ABS (the average car has the exact opposite—which is why I didn’t think this would be the issue…)
  • Went to SHRA (housing office) this morning instead of yesterday because of the car scare. As for what’s going on with that ludicrous $400 (40%) rent increase:
    • They can’t do anything about the weirdness going on and discrepancies with the letters we’ve gotten from the landlord.
    • Told us to wait and see, worker will be calling us some time in the next few days.
    • Yeah.
  • Finally settling back down. Far behind in releases this week. Still have to make a trip to the auto shop tomorrow and buy brake pads & actually replace the ones on my car as well…
  • As for how this will impact my releases—
    • Friday/Saturday I’ll be making sure to finish:
      • The last LDM release for the week.
      • At least one of DB and ICO each.
    • Saturday/Sunday(Late) I’ll try to finish the:
      • GCR release.
      • Second DB release (unlikely, but depends on how many hellishly difficult lines I hit in GCR)
    • What I don’t finish will, as ever, be pushed over to the next week. Here’s to hoping that won’t be necessary, though! Already hoping to have extra time next week to catch up on the 4 ICO Patreon Goal releases!


This has been an interestingly annoying week, hah. Hope you all have been having a better one!

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