Musings — Time Went Awry

Thought I’d have Saturday open to translate GCR — didn’t happen. I had accidentally forgotten about another commitment I’d set up for today. They’ll be translated and released tomorrow though.

Well, hope you all had a great week!

(PS: There’s a new Receptionist-san side story out for LDM, it’ll be on the schedule for next week ^^)

Update: Went serious business mode talking with family about finances for the next few months and wound up only getting half of a release translated (read as: did things I would’ve normally done despite using extra time on that). Hmm. Looks like this week is just going to be a GCR college focus week instead. 

12 thoughts on “Musings — Time Went Awry

  1. Always take care of your health
    Don’t stay up to late
    Drink plenty of life potion
    Don’t overextend
    And yes loli, no touch!

  2. About time, the receptionist san’s story got updated. N-not that I have weird tendencies, its for uh… development… yes character development. *sweats profoundly*

  3. Hope you’re well Ziru, take all the time you need. We seriously appreciate the fact that you’re translating this at all!

  4. Hi Ziru. I love the fact that your translating these stories. These translations make my day. I totally understand the real life troubles that can arise, despite being the denizen of the internet that I am, and so I hope you’re doing well and have no serious issues, and I urge you to take all the time you need! Thanks for all the hard work until now, and we’ll see you when you get back! Love ya! ;D

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