Musings – Technical Difficulties…

So I’ve run into a pretty big problem.

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I can’t actually load my LNs right now. Everything I’ve tried in ~4 hrs cumulative attempts haven’t helped at all.

Not sure what to do, but I can’t continue translating GCR or ICO until I fix the issue… =/

UPDATE: Fixed. Yay. Had to reinstall Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable.


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  1. Than that means…..MORE LDM!! WOOT!!! also if it is a regional site you might have to switch your local to Japan

  2. Have you tried setting up a virtual machine and running the application from there? If it works you get access to your books and know that the problem is your windows installation (or a broken component) if it does not work … well that would be an interesting problem, but the error message indicates a system related error.

    The BookLive application is written in C# so you could also take a look a recent C# related installations (runtime etc.).

    And as a last resort you could use the web viewer on the BookLive website but I’m not sure whether or not you can properly attach a hook (if needed) there.

  3. That error…. it maybe anti virus acting up, try disabling your anti-virus ? Recently kaspersky being an ass with my pc, many program got autoblocked with no reason.

    If not probably some internal update like the one above me stated.

  4. Try updating everything first in windows updates, sometimes can help fix things.

    Try resetting to default settings for the program.

    Try reinstalling your .net framework if this uses that.

    If that doesn’t work, you could try reinstalling activeX specifically.

    Looking at google about this error, seems to be something wrong with the program itself; most suggestions and people raising the question are for programming, and their solution was to create a control for activeX (instance.createcontrol()) but you probably can’t alter the program easily. Still, the program shouldn’t have changed if it was working before (try checking for an update just in case though), so something is preventing the control from being made. Microsoft mentions that the instance must be visible or it will fail.

    If all else fails, you could try checking a system restore point and seeing what changed/going for the restore.

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